Sky Sanctuary
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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
Which VR devices are officially supported?
With the new version of SteamVR, all headsets must be supported. If you have any issues, please report it to developers and we will do our best to solve the problem quickly.

I have button mapping issue with my headset, what can I do?
It means you're using an unsupported controller. Even if we provide default bindings for all classic controllers (HTC Vive, Valve Index, Vive Cosmos, Oculus Touch and Microsoft controllers) you might want to manually bind your buttons with the SteamVR controllers configuration tool to make the game work with your controllers. It's compatible with the game.

How many are you in your team and how long did you work on the game?
We are a small team of 3 full time people and we are working with freelancers on sound design and internationalization. We have worked full time on the Early Access version of the game during six months in 2016-2017. And we have resumed the development of the release version in 2019.

What are your inspirations for the game
We're big fans of Overwatch and its Hanamura map. We've been very inspired by the cartoon rendering for FX and buildings. The Witness was also very inspiring for us for its warm colors and its vegetation.
In our mind Delios is also some kind of GLaDOS (from Portal) spiritual son. The Lab is of course a good model for Sky Sanctuary with its mini games concepts and its cool hub.

Are you planning to add a storyline in Sky Sanctuary?
No we don't think so, we prefer to focus on providing a high quality mini games collection in a polished environment. Our top priority is the gameplay, Sky Sanctuary is firstly intended for arcade games enthusiasts.

Do you have special accessibility features?
As we speak, Sky Sanctuary supports in its game modes Left Handed and Right Handed mode. The bow can be grabbed from both hands and its nock point is adapted in consequences.
The Tameshigiri patterns are reversed for left handed people.
If you have any other accessibility feature in mind, please make a feature request.

I have an issue / an idea to improve the game, where can I post my thoughts?
We have created two forums on the Steam Community page where you can directly talk to us. If you have any bugs or issues in the game, post a thread in Bugs / Issues, we will look into it.
If you have any feedback or if you have a cool feature that you think should be in the game, feel free to post on Feature requests. You can also chat with us directly on our Discord server:

Will you add multiplayer features in Sky Sanctuary?
We have never had online multiplayer modes in mind during the development of Sky Sanctuary because we think our core concept is to provide solo challenges and trainings. That's why we have added Leaderboards to the game so that you guys can compete with each others.
But we are thinking of some kind of "hot seat" mode to let you play with your friends at home or in VR arcade centers. We're not sure yet if it will be released anytime soon but we are working on something like this right now.

Where can I have an update on what you guys are doing?
You can follow us on Twitter @glitchrstudio and on our Facebook page:

That’s it for the FAQ, we hope we answered the most part of your questions. Feel free to contact us through the community forums or via Discord:
Have fun with the game guys, let’s see how you perform in leaderboards :3.
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