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B128 Hotfix 4 (26.11.2020) - Discussion


Preview 1 (05.10.2020 17:30 CET)

Complete map rework:
- Map was completely overhauled. Map contains dynamic country borders colored by affiliation, names and major events marked in, that change accordingly to the current war stage.
- Three skins of map to choose from: default, desaturated top-down and semi-realistic.
- Kriegsmarine grid system is now fully implemented with a complete sub-grids division.
- Port icons are now centered on one of the docking spots of each port.

New ships:
- Added Hunt-class destroyers to the game.
- Added E-class destroyers to the game with their own name pool. They are being recognized as E/F-class, as both classes are not distinguishable from each other. E/F-class undergone a complete rework. They now come in 5 different variations and look much better than before.
- River-class frigates from the last update are now actually used by the navies.
- Added Polish Navy, Free French Navy, Royal Norwegian Navy, Royal Netherlands Navy, Free Belgian Navy and Royal Hellenic Navy warships loaned from Royal Navy.

Visual changes:
- Screen Space Reflections effect was replaced with a new implementation. The new version is consistently faster, more precise and has a more uniform load on the graphics card.
- New graphics feature: raycasted contact shadows. It's meant to produce detailed shadows for small scene elements like character hats, where regular shadowing techniques tend to produce blurred results.
- Added small intro to each scenario.
- Crew now has various body shapes defined by muscularity and weight. On average all crew members are more heavily built than before. These characteristics are editable for each character on the customization screen.
- Character faces look slighty older as they age.
- Reworked official uniforms with more detailed versions.
- New cloth added to the customization screen: "Sweater 02".
- Radio and listening room equipment now partially stays visible in the section view to avoid playing animations in the air. Radio was also improved graphically.
- Reworked camera placement for the section view.
- Temporal anti-aliasing blurring of the scene geometry onto the water surface during fast camera movements was eliminated for the most part.
- Increased sun shadows resolution on the maximum shadow quality settings. Optimized VRAM usage by the shadows on low quality settings without changing their look.
- Fix: Some shadows were flickering inside the u-boat on "Good" shadow settings preset. It's no longer the case.
- Transparent objects like glass weren't rendering correctly in a fog and were visible from a far away.
- Caustics effect was redone for a better look and performance. It's now visible also above the water as in real life.
- Surface wetness effect improvements. Also sweat effect rework.
- Water waves would sharply scroll in a single direction without apparent reason, after zooming out the map view above a certain threshold.
- Improvements to u-boat's interior textures quality and fixes to various small artifacts. This shouldn't affect overall VRAM usage as these textures are loaded on demand to fit a set limit. It may impact the framerate just a bit on some GPUs, but switching to a lower texture quality should still result in a better quality than before with the same performance as before.

- GBuffer rendering optimizations on the GPU-side that improve performance in the section view in ports and land areas.
- Most in-game shaders were rewritten to work with the new SRP batching feature in Unity that considerably improves performance in CPU-bound scenarios.
- Terrain is now instanced on the GPU.
- Cleaned up many meshes by removing material separation meant for utility effects that were abandoned and are no longer used in the game.
- Data sheet files are now converted after each detected change to a more performance friendly binary files. It speeds up the loading time and reduces memory usage during startup of the game.
- Special textures that were previously unaffected by the texture quality settings now conform to them. This saves some VRAM on quality settings lower than the maximum and leaves more space for other textures. Removed unused textures from the built game files.
- Major memory usage optimizations done by precomputing various data for the in-game meshes and freeing them from the memory instead of calculating such data on the fly. Please note that despite these optimizations it's not guaranteed that the final memory usage will be consistently lower than in the previous version due to new features, but it's still likely for most quality settings.

Tutorial 2.0:
- Added 7 training missions. They are all accessible through a dialogue with the leading officer.
- Added quick introduction intro to the tutorial missions after the first launch of the game.
- Removed the old tutorial from the game.

User interface:
- Each interface now has a help button in the upper right corner that explains the usage.
- New fonts.
- Completely reworked mission notifications.
- Reworked new campaign setup screen.
- Character name bars are now displayed in 2D to improve their readability.
- Fix: Upgrade list UI was displayed on top of another UI. Some buttons had overlapping positions.

Quality of life:
- Friendly NPC units no longer block high time compression nor start terrain generation. In realistic travel mode it works simply as described, while in the dynamic travel system they are met on demand by clicking a dedicated button.
- Pathfinding algorithm is now quite good at avoiding coastal areas to avoid loading. It also plots paths around port structures. Doing that manually is no longer necessary.
- Path preview to the target location is now displayed in realtime while holding a right mouse button on the map.
- Time compression no longer stops, when friendly units are spotted and the time compression is 48x or lower.
- Switch power orders with no specific character selected, can be now issued without pressing CTRL, by simply clicking on the devices in the scene.
- Crew now automatically plots an optimal route to leave the port after undocking.
- Mission objective pointers now have distance to the target displayed in the orbiting camera view.
- Interception courses are now plotted with a warning label, if the target group is faster and/or too far rather than failing silently. They are also refreshed more fluidly.
- It's no longer necessary to specify a number of bought or sold items in the warehouse, if they are not stacking items like the torpedoes.
- Added light color control buttons to the TAB view.
- Clicking on a new message notification, opens the journal directly on the relevant page.
- Docking is much more forgiving when it's clear from the plotted path that the player wants to dock on a given spot.
- Uboatopedia button now opens the wiki of the game on fandom.

Technical overhaul:
- Unity engine update from 2018.2 to the latest 2019.4.
- New optimizations that use features or diagnostic tools from the updated engine.
- Minor graphical improvements all around, usually related to the lighting.
- Experimental: introduced SSE/AVX compiled code to the water physics for a better performance. We will appreciate feedback from the owners of older CPUs, especially AMD Phenom II X4 965, if the game launches fine after this change.

- Patrols are now performed on smaller sub-squares. The target area was previously too large and undefined in our opinion.

Naval simulation:
- Hydrophone and radar detector are now much better at narrowing down position of enemy ship groups.
- Early sonars now have a 200 yard dead zone.
- Royal Navy now upgrades ASDIC devices installed on the warships to newer types as the war progresses instead of using a one type for the whole war. Rebalanced ASDIC devices to a more realistic level. They are much worse than before at the beginning of the war, but better in overall by the end of it.
- Increased hydrophone range for the surface ships to a more realistic range, that is also better for the balance since we increased space inside convoys drastically in B127 and previous hydrophone ranges weren't enough to detect u-boats hiding inside the convoy.
- Radars are now equipped on enemy ships since 1943.
- Improvements to ballast tank blowing simulation. Added varied throughput to each tank and ensured that all tanks are drier than before, before stopping the process.

World simulation:
- Added u-boats departing from La Spezia.
- RAF Freetown base is now operational and deploys aircraft on the patrols.
- Tweaks to convoy routes around the world. Changed the way these routes are randomized in the code to make shipping on the seas more uniform and less predictable as it was in the real world.

Economy overhaul:
- Prices in ports were adjusted for a better balance.
- Goods become more expensive and sparse at the later stages of war, when German supply chains collapse.
- Economic difficulty can be now configured at the start of a new campaign.
- Modder notice: per-port price multipliers for each goods type can be defined in the Tasks sheet using SetPriceMultiplier tasks. There are also new settings exposed in General.xlsx / Settings / Economy.

Artificial intelligence:
- NPC ships now detect and avoid each other.
- NPC ships can now navigate correctly in ports and plot paths inside them.
- Fix: Groups of ships could move at different speed (usually slower) than intended, if they had a largely assymetric formation.
- Multiple improvements to AI for smarter behaviour.
- Aircraft use flares and searchlights also during the day, if the visibility is low and not only during the night.
- Fix: Repaired a few issues in the code that were sometimes causing ships to travel through land areas.
- NPC u-boats are now much less likely to cross Gibraltar.
- AI difficulty can be now configured at the start of a new campaign.

General fixes:
- Terrain generation could become stuck and cause various issues, including infinite loading screen, if system had no free VRAM available.
- Some meshes in the character screen background scene had wrong textures.
- Tactic buttons visible on the NPC u-boat selection panel weren't in a correct toggle state after changing the selection.
- Headquarters task description popup was persisting on the screen after leaving the HQ map view.
- Two characters could often try to carry a single wounded character to safety. It was causing various animation issues.
- Character batching could sometimes go very wrong and character would have a wrong texture when viewed from the distance of at least a few meters.
- Food in ports is now present in a larger quantity.
- Regular clicks in the section view or map view could sometimes move camera in a random direction, if certain steps were followed. It was most noticeable when playing the game in the windowed mode.
- Improved verbal depth reports from the crew. They are now reporting all depths during a deep dive by 20 meters steps without cooldowns.
- Occlusion culling optimization is no longer used in the free camera mode to avoid artifacts. This camera mode is able to enter walls by design and that doesn't work well with occlusion culling.
- Auto exposure effect speed no longer depends on the time scale. It no longer stops on pause.
- Fixed horizontal shadow artifacts, on flat surfaces like ports during winter mornings and evenings on most settings.
- Characters were permanently stopping a forced break/rest, if they were a target of some automated action like flooding the ballast tanks.
- Increased enemy activity mission modifier wasn't working reliably. There was often no difference.
- Torpedo panel sometimes couldn't be enabled after leaving periscope's manual mode and returning back without changing the target.
- Damage received by some hulls was inconsistent.
- Improvements to aircraft AI. 12x time compression is no longer disallowed during aircraft attacks. Time compression no longer noticeably affects the bombing accuracy.
- Metal hit sounds are much more quiet now.
- ASDIC was only partially affected by depth charge explosions due to an oversight in the code.
- x48 time compression button was sometimes displayed as toggled, even if it wasn't actually enabled.
- Player's u-boat couldn't submerge when 48x time compression was enabled in the map view, because the space around the pressure hull wasn't filling with water at high TC due to an error in the code.
- Wounded sailors were sometimes placed onto beds that were not there, because they were folded during torpedo loading procedure.
- Mission indicators targeting ships, aircraft and ports weren't forwarding clicks to them.
- Various, minor improvements to camera transitions for a smoother experience.
- Sailors no longer sweat when u-boat is detected by unarmed vessels.
- Gibraltar patrols are much more consistent now, rather than randomly keeping far too many patrols there and sometimes not enough.
- Most Royal Navy destroyers are now equipped with ASDIC since the beginning of the war.
- Notifications about spotting a wreckage right after sinking the ship are no longer displayed.
- Technical optimizations to saved game state files size.
- Ports are now marked in on assignment and vacation selection maps.
- Realistic Nights setting now also makes cloudy weather darker.
- Sun no longer lits the scene through a heavy fog, ambient light does that instead.
- Military decorations now have added back polygons.

Modding notices:
- Due to Unity upgrade and the general cleaning of the game's code from the pre-release concepts, scripting mods may need to be checked out on the new version to function properly. Particularly UBOAT.ModAPI namespace was removed and all its classes were moved to UBOAT.Game as the initial motivation behind separating code into separate namespace for mods was no longer relevant in the final mod support solution implemented into the game, since mods have access to the whole game code. com.uboat.modapi.dll assembly was left for compatibility reasons. We made an auto-upgrade solution that should make most scripting mods functional on the new version, but we cannot guarantee that completely.

Preview 2 (06.10.2020 00:53 CET)

- Errors were reported after hulls of certain ship types were broken into parts. One half was behaving oddly.
- There is no longer a reward for reporting spotted friendly units.
- Possibility of loading B127 saved game states was blocked. They are not compatible with the new version.
- White lighting button in the TAB menu wasn't correctly localized.

Preview 3 (09.10.2020 12:30 CET)

Technical changes:
- Updated Unity engine from version 2019.4.11 to 2019.4.12.

Visual changes:
- Brightness adaptation effect is now instant after switching to or from map to another view.
- Lightning strikes emit more light.

- Reduced thread locks to minimum in the water physics code to improve performance.

- Fixed crashes caused by a continuous collision detection bug in the current physics engine version.
- Docked ships were emitting collision sounds during a high time compression. They could also receive damage.
- Kriegsmarine grid could have gaps after a prolonged usage.
- Shells could explode a few times at a time on the new engine versions, because collisions could keep be reported for them after the first one during the same frame.

Preview 4 (12.10.2020 12:50 CET)

- Added some of the missing territories for the southern Asian countries.
- Fix: Aden Protectorate didn't had specified an allegiance.
- Fix: Country territories were incorrectly coloured after loading a previously saved game state directly from the main menu.
- Fix: Some of the islands belonging to Greece and Turkey didn't had a territory displayed on them.

User interface:
- Changed red color in tooltips to a lighter variant for easier reading.

- Important fixes to pathfinding algorithm that should improve the produced routes.

- Tweaks to docking scripts setup in Bergen, Kiel and La Spezia for easier docking.
- Fix: Wrong date was displayed in the upper left part of the UI for up to a minute after loading a game state from the main menu.
- Fix: Time skipping in port now forcefully changes the view mode to the section view to avoid visual glitches (unless game runs in FPP restriction mode).
- Fix: Rain could fall in slow motion after skipping time in port.
- Fix: A black screen was displayed during a few frames on the loading screen due to an error in the code.
- Fix: Patrol distance wasn't counted inside irregular, non-rectangular squares.
- Fix: One of the optimizations mentioned in Preview 1 changelog was previously disabled by mistake: Data sheet files are now converted after each detected change to a more performance friendly binary files. It speeds up the loading time and reduces memory usage during startup of the game.
- Fix: Kriegsmarine grid could occasionally cause errors after reloading a game state that affected the performance of the game in certain situations.
- Minor fixes to reported errors in the code all around.

Preview 5 (13.10.2020 11:40 CET)

- Fix: Labels near path lines were unreadable on a Full HD and lower resolutions.
- Fix: Mentioned labels were also moving vertically when the map was zoomed in or out.

- Fix: Automated path is now updated after player enters a port area to correctly avoid port structures.
- Regression fix: Paths on the open ocean were always composed from at least two segments since Preview 4.

- Tweaks to docking script setup in La Rochelle for easier docking.
- Fix: Character status wasn't correctly localized on the customization screen.
- Fix: Officer was receiving an accomplishment for mining the lost u-boat, even if another option was selected.
- Fix: Map was blurring during a time compression in a dynamic travel system.
- Fix: If a journal or a crew management screen was opened on the map, mission summary would overlap with other parts of the interface.
- Fix: Name of an area in the game state loading interface wasn't localized.
- Regression fix: Certain settings weren't working, if custom music files were provided manually or a mod was installed with any type of assets not packed in an asset bundle.
- Regression fix: Deck gun was turning pink after upgrading the conning tower.
- Regression fix: Time passing in the world was incorrect in a dynamic travel system.

Preview 6 (15.10.2020 15:10 CET)

- Fix: Launcher now starts the game up, in case of encountering any errors that would prevent it from functioning correctly, as long as it started successfully.
- Fix: Version label was cut off for preview releases.

- Fix: Map skin names weren't localized.
- Fix: If player started a patrol assignment, cancelled it and started other type of assignment, previous patrol area would remain highlighted on the map.

- Fix: After pressing SHIFT on the map, previously set path could miss a few segments until the key was released.

- Game now reports the name of the mod in the log, if it couldn't be loaded for any reason.
- All friendly ports now can have defined a custom music, in the same way it's defined for Wilhelmshaven in the vanilla game.

- Group spawn distance now depends on the group size. This should fix an issue with convoys spawning too close to the player in the scene.
- Fix: All enemy activity was stopping after 4th tutorial mission was done. Sadly, this problem is going to be carried on in the saved game states, so please restart the game, if that happened to you.
- Fix: Mouse scroll was making the screen very bright and was changing the FOV, if game was played with first person only view mode restriction.
- Fix: Decreased work performance notification was appearing for a moment, each time the game was quitting.
- Fix: Performance of the game was considerably decreased for some time (35% less FPS was spotted on the tested machine) after reloading a game state near a large convoy as a large part of the NPC ship crews was ignoring LOD settings.
- Fix: After saving a game state, in-game UI could sometimes stop responding until the game was restarted.
- Fix: Side-missions had a missing icon on the new mission notification.
- Fix: Deck gun was becoming black, if it was used during the gameplay session at least once and then conning tower was upgraded. Rewritten the whole damage system to use modern Unity features to avoid this kind of problems in the future.
- Fix: Deck gun wasn't receiving visual damage.
- Fix: Collision detection algorithm used for torpedoes could cause a crash on a time compression near ports.
- Fix: Many fixes to the most common errors reported automatically. They could have various effects in the game.
- Fix: Damage notifications were not showing up for upgraded conning tower guns or in some cases they would not go away instead, after a game state with these upgrades was reloaded.

Preview 7 (19.10.2020 18:30 CET)

- Added emergency ballast tank blowing order to the valves.

- Ships angular momentum is now stabilized on high time compression to avoid jumping NPC u-boats issue.

- Water masking was simplified by removing deprecated features. It's now faster and uses much less memory.
- Mid-quality meshes are no longer generated for characters, if level of detail is set in the game settings to medium or lower in the game settings. This decreases character detail on certain zoom levels, but helps low memory systems to run the game correctly.
- Fix: There was a memory leak in the newly added geometry batcher that was adding up to 80 MB to the memory usage after each exit to the menu.
- The optimizations above will hopefully fix issues with loading game states on low VRAM systems (in relation to the used graphics settings).

User Interface:
- Crew delegated to headquarters now has this indicated in the "Status" column in the crew list.

- Fix: Attempt to make the launcher compatible with Linux.

- Snorkel state can be now switched without selecting any character, like the other devices since this update. It's now also possible to switch its state using the TAB menu.
- Fix: Contacts were remaining on the map for too long after moving out of the detection range.
- Fix: It wasn't possible to take over the observation periscope from a sailor on a watch using an officer.
- Fix: Characters would sometimes have discolorations visible on collars when viewed from the distance.
- Fix: Spot light shadowmap caching wasn't working correctly and could severely affect performance. It was happening usually during nights or bad weather in ports, when port lights were enabled.
- Fix: Snorkel couldn't be lowered, if there was water in the control room.
- Fix: Selling items in port sometimes wasn't working, also sell prices applied to the budget could be wrong.
- Fix: Game could freeze during loading of certain new game scenarios.
- Fix: Fixes to errors spotted in the supplied logs.

Preview 8 (25.10.2020 18:10 CET)

Technical changes:
- Updated Unity engine from version 2019.4.12 to 2019.4.13.

- Third tutorial mission is now always performed during a day.
- Officers to select during the tutorial missions now have arrows above their heads.
- Fix: Arrows pointing devices on board were behaving oddly after zooming out to the orbiting view.

Quality of life:
- Ventilation system is now disabled automatically by the crew after some time, if the u-boat is surfaced.
- Added notification that the electric engines are set to be the preferred engines for the ship. It was often a result of a misclick.

- Small improvements to u-boat's hull model and materials.
- Improvements to LOD2 geometry of various clothing to avoid visible hole artifacts on low graphics settings. This work is going to be continued.
- Added visual effect of water flowing between compartments.
- Fix: Orbiting view camera movement wasn't smooth when time compression was used. It could look like the u-boat would perform sharp movements, but it was actually the camera.

- Improvements to finding paths through coastal areas like Gibraltar Strait.
- Improvement to pathfinding in La Rochelle to make hitting port structures less likely on a way back to the port.
- Fix: Paths to and from La Spezia were often passing through land.

- Numerous improvements to ship behaviour on a very high time compression that solve some issues and improve simulation stability.
- Rudders weren't working well on an ultra high time compression for certain surface ships, causing erratic behaviour. This wasn't directly visible, because high time compression isn't allowed as soon as enemy ships are spotted, but that could completely shatter enemy ships formation in some cases.
- Fix: Rare case of instant-death while travelling in a bad weather, using a high time compression and ordering a ship to submerge.
- Fix: Ships sunk in a port could sometimes be constantly dragged in a random direction.

Naval simulation:
- Fix: Radars could detect a submarine at a periscope depth at a close distance.
- Fix: Many ship classes couldn't get a radar upgrade due to an error in the game data.

User interface:
- Fix: Notifications on the top could be not displayed, if they were triggered during a lag.

- Changed price multipliers for economic difficulty settings from easy 1, medium 2, hard 3 to easy 1, medium 1.5, hard 2.

- Added setting to "General.xlsx / Settings / Map / Unit Indicator Mode" that determines, if unit indicators should have an arrow, if the whole icon should be rotated or none of that. It may be useful for modding custom map icons.

- Tip displayed after hovering the kitchen now explains the modifiers from having multiple food types kept there. It wasn't explicitly explained anywhere else how it affects the overall consumption.
- Multiple copies of the same food in the kitchen no longer provide any bonuses. They have to differ from now on to do that.
- Fix: Game performance could become very low or game could freeze, if there was water flowing between compartments and an ultra high time compression was enabled.
- Fix: If player had a home port set to La Spezia and it has surrendered to the Allies, there was no way to change the home port ever again.
- Fix: Ships could spawn one on another, if there was no free docking spots in the port.
- Fix: Entering some areas, like Scapa Flow, could become looped in an infinite cycle. Their spawn radius was also much too large.
- Fix: Mission indicators could persist on the screen after entering the headquarters.
- Fix: If the game was running in FPP-only mode, it wasn't possible to return back to FPP after entering an upgrade mode in the warehouse.
- Fix: Three memory leaks that could increase the saved game states size incrementally during long campaigns.
- Regression fix: It was possible to generate money by drag & dropping items inside the warehouse window.

Preview 9 (26.10.2020 19:00 CET)

User interface:
- Clicking on a schedule with a right mouse button now loops the associated behaviour in a reverse direction.
- It's no longer needed to drag the dot in the body shape customization interface. The background triangle may be clicked for the same result.
- Fix: Font size of labels near the map drawings now scale to the screen resolution, consistently with the labels near the u-boat route lines. Both types of labels are now bigger and use a consistent font type.

Naval simulation:
- Motor torpedo boat rudders now exert a larger force. They could previously move directly at the coast despite their intentions.

- NPC ships are now much better at avoiding the coast. When they travelled in formation they used a group path, while they often needed an individual path to navigate correctly.
- Regression fix: Coastal patrols were moving too slowly.

- Regression fix: Water elevation sampling was producing results with a small random offset each frame. It was most visible on the Papenberg gauge.
- Regression fix: Ships had too much vertical movement on 12x and 48x time compression after physics changes from Preview 8.

- Fix: For certain schedules, one extra sailor would permanently start working at the engines after each cycle. After some time there was no longer a space for any officer, unless these extra sailors were manually recruited by an officer. Please do so, if this already affected your game.

- Fix: One of the parts connecting a propeller with the hull was missing on the starboard side of the u-boat.

Preview 10 (28.10.2020 14:50 CET)

- Foam textures are now provided in a higher resolution.
- Regression fix: In Preview 6, old models of u-boat guns have made it by mistake into the game. They were reverted back to the new versions.

User interface:
- Clicking on the schedule slots with a left mouse button now swaps the behaviour consistently with the order displayed in the legend.

- More improvements in La Rochelle to prevent hitting port structures using automated paths in the most common scenarios.

- Further improvements to coast avoidance by NPC ships.
- Fix: Coastal patrols often couldn't find any valid patrol target, but it's no longer the case.

- Join flotilla assignments targeting Bergen no longer appear before Arctic convoys start shipping.
- Increased spawn rate of Arctic convoys by 40%.

- Pressure in the u-boat ballast tanks could slightly decrease below the atmospheric pressure on a very high time compression during a bad weather and then gain an extra ballast, decreasing the overall buoyancy until u-boat submerged and surfaced again.

- New campaign scenarios are now sorted by date.

- Fix: Character controlled in FPP was stopping to work on his schedule, after player left to the map. He now gets back to work instead after a 75 second cooldown to give player some time, before his character starts to act on his own.
- Regression fix: If player disabled the engines on a periscope depth with enabled very high time compression, it was resulting in a crash to desktop. It could occassionally happen also with the enabled engines.

Preview 11 (03.11.2020 22:25 CET)

- Saved game states in this version are not compatible with the previous releases. We left B128 Preview 10 on a separate branch, in case that anyone would like to continue an ongoing campaign. We apologize for the inconvenience, but it was necessary to move forward.

- Unescorted transport ships are becoming less common over the course of war, while escorted convoys are much more frequent over time.
- Convoy escort composition is now more varied and some more historically accurate. More countries will participate in the escort duties.
- Escort carriers, battleships and cruisers are now always hidden inside the formation and don't act as an anti-submarine escort.
- Fix: Canadian destroyers loaned from the Royal Navy weren't having upgraded depth charges storage capacity later in the war.
- Fix: Newly added navies weren't using upgraded equipment from Royal Navy. Their ships also didn't carry any depth charges.
- Fix: Player could use 1800x time compression inside a wolfpack attack area. It was impractical and is no longer possible.

- Electric torpedoes no longer leave a foam trail visible to the player.
- Fix: Port and city lights could remain disabled at night in some cases, for example after loading a game state saved at night directly from the main menu.
- Fix: Discolourations due to the used compression algorithm on the u-boat pressure hull framing texture.

- Enemy escorts are much better at deducing possible u-boat position after a torpedo hit, especially at high AI difficulties.
- Complete rework of algorithm responsible for NPC collision avoidance with the other ships from Unity-based implementation to a custom one. The previous approach was working quite well for collision avoidance itself, but was causing some unrelated issues that weren't fixable. These issues are listed in this changelog.
- Improvements to coast avoiding by NPC ships.
- Fix: Enemy ships often weren't taking the shortest path to their target and were adding unnecessary steps in-between.
- Fix: Anti-aircraft guns on NPC units often couldn't target aircraft correctly.
- Fix: NPC ships could in some cases fire their guns at enemies detected not by sight, but for example a hydrophone.
- Fix: Aircraft could sometimes continue to fight after they ran out of ammunition.
- Regression fix: Behaviour for searching for the submarines wasn't working correctly since Preview 10.

- New crew action: Adjust ballast. This action either blows the ballast from the tanks or additionally floods the tanks, to achieve a neutral buoyancy for the ship. It's extremely useful after having a leak on board at a depth where pump no longer works and surfacing the ship is not an option either due to the enemy presence.
- White lighting no longer provides a % penalty to discipline, if discipline falls.
- There is now a modifier to the noise emitted from the ship that represents the noise made by the crew. It's present, only if the white lighting is used as the other lighting colors are meant to tell the crew to be quiet.
- Clock in the control room now points the correct time.
- Observation periscope use is now permitted during a moderate flooding in the control room.
- Actions on the valves can be now ordered without having a selected officer, if the ship has flooded ballast tanks.
- Fix: Camera used for the observation periscope display wasn't placed where the actual lens was after previous model changes. It was placed too low and could also cause the sight range to heavily oscillate as waves moved on top of it.

Naval simulation:
- Vertical steers performance of the u-boat is now noticeably lowered to make avoiding depth charges much harder, especially without an engineer managing the depth steers station and with disabled electric depth steering.
- Added Huff-Duff devices on enemy surface vessels. They are installed starting with 1941 and allow enemies to locale radio transmissions at a range of up to 24 km. Early Huff-Duffs doesn't allow to pinpoint position, but instead only tell that the radio transmission is originating dangerously close. If enemies detect your radio transmission with an early Huff-Duff, they won't know your position, but only know that you are nearby. Better Huff-Duffs will often direct enemies directly at your ship.
- All devices had their noise levels tweaked. Reworked how noise from the u-boat is picked up by the enemy hydrophones. Previously a linear scale was used as the intensity factor in the formula, but there are human operators listening on the enemy ships and logarithmic scale better mirrors the human hearing capabilities. This doesn't change the gameplay dramatically as the final effect is similar in many ways, but that allows us to use more realistic noise levels for devices (as seen in the detection tooltip) without "massaging" them to get the expected result.
- Time needed to send a report now depends on the number of messages to send. It's usually much longer than before.
- Many tweaks to rudder settings of various ship types. Most ships turn faster than before.

User interface:
- Changed budget icon to give it less "gold" look and symbolize better the intended meaning as described in the tooltip.
- Changed icon for a button used to order an officer to raise the periscope and look around.
- Journal entries now contain date and exact hour of receiving a message.
- Fix: After launching the game for the first time, a wrong postprocessing was displayed in the postprocessing dropdown in the Video tab, that didn't match the actually used one.
- Fix: Progress of sending a report in the upper right part of the screen wasn't being displayed correctly on the whole bar length.

Economy overhaul:
- Basic T1 torpedoes, bread and potatoes are now free to ensure that the u-boat will always be able to continue the duty. Only one free type of food is allowed in the warehouse at a time, to disallow gaining discipline bonuses for free.
- Decreased prices of other types of torpedoes to match the new approach. All rewards for assignments and sinking ships were considerably decreased.

Quality of life:
- Time compression is now stopped, whenever a crew member becomes unconscious.

- Fix: A few countries had thin lines inside their territories.

- Countries specified for a spawner can now use a weighted probability of appearance. Please take a look at the vanilla sheets to check the input format. It's optional, meaning that previously made sheets will work without needing updates. This weight currently affects only military vessels, not the freighters.
- Added new sandbox task: SetSpawnerActivityMultiplier. It opens up the possibility to change an activity of a spawner over a specified time span.
- Regression fix: Scripting mods can now access UnityEngine.Input class as in the previous versions of the game.

- Friendly u-boats are now easier to detect by the hydrophone for the player for practical gameplay reasons. We will probably make this configurable in the future.
- Fix: Welding sound made by Wilhelmshaven worker could play inside the u-boat after the first loop.
- Fix: Admiral was standing on a wrong spot, after reloading a game state with him in the scene.
- Fix: There was no way to receive rewards for sinking ships during a free roam until another type of assignment was started and all awaiting reports were sent afterwards.
- Fix: Swapping characters quickly using 0-9 shortcuts on the keyboard wasn't always moving the camera accordingly in the case of a camera orbiting around the character.
- Fix: Swapping characters directly from the manual device control view mode wasn't possible and was behaving incorrectly.
- Fix: After launching the game on Chinese version of Windows an error could appear that wouldn't allow to get into the game.
- Fix: E-class, F-class, V-class, Dido-class and Sims-class weren't spawning in the scene after radars were installed on them by their navy.
- Fix: Fixed one issue that could lead to a capture course flickering between two states. There may be still more cases like this (or not).
- Fix: If player fought with a group of aircraft and more than one of them escaped the fight, it could lead to duplicate keys error, that could eventually corrupt the saved game states.
- Fix: Animations on characters weren't restored completely correctly after they had to be interrupted for any reason. This could lead to playing a wrong animation by character, after his portrait was updated or game state was loaded.
- Fix: After participating in a wolfpack attack, button for waiting for the convoy could remain indefinitely on the screen.
- Fix: Fixes to various automatically reported errors. They probably had minor symptoms.
- Fix: Take items action title wasn't localized in the TPP view of an officer.
- Fix: Improved alignment for the repair animation of the MG C/30 on the first conning tower.
- Regression fix: Water in the main menu submarine pen was oddly transparent.

Preview 12 (05.11.2020 15:00 CET)

- Fix: Character was blurred out in the scene for the duration of one frame, just after his portrait was refreshed. It was rarely visible though.
- Fix: There was a hard edge visible on the sides of stern of the u-boat's hull.
- Regression fix: If character's portrait was refreshed, while he was during an animation transition that involved any item (like newspaper), that item would stick and move with him for some time.

- Tweaks to Allied territories colour and placement of various event graphics on the map.

User interface:
- Improvements to the displayed cost aesthetic in the recruitment and u-boat equipment upgrade UIs.

- Clock in the radio room is now functional.
- "Missing sailors on the conning tower" notification no longer appears after each surfacing.
- Fix: Sailors could sometimes play cards without an officer...
- Fix: Clock in the control room wasn't working after loading a game state from the main menu. This fix may not apply to ongoing game states started before this patch.
- Fix: Hands of the clock were not precisely aligned with the rest of the clock.
- Fix: Game could display a message that "the air in the compartment is toxic" as a reason why a station cannot be used, in case of stations that can never be used under the water. This was incorrectly implying that rebreather would allow to use the station.

Preview 13 (07.11.2020 22:55 CET)

Side missions:
- Side mission objectives weren't appearing in the summary during a free roam.
- Lost ship and ally help side mission intro message now states the objective termination date. The former mission also states the name of the lost ship.
- Time limit in the side-missions is now refreshed in realtime rather than every 20 seconds.
- Added "Mission failed" pop-up.
- Mission indicators that point the objective are removed from the scene after mission time limit is up.
- Side mission that orders player to sink enemy ship now requires that the convoy selected as the target is further away from its destination than before.

- Enemy escort ships now behave more rationally, if multiple u-boats attack from multiple directions.
- Fix: Coast avoiding improvements.
- Regression fix: Surface ships were shooting flares much too low, after player submerged deep underwater, since Preview 11.

- Regression fix: Physics engine was often reporting collisions between shells and ships that weren't actually colliding, since Unity update in Preview 1. This problem was common on the high time compression. For example, there was often a collision reported with a flare flying 30 - 60 of meters above the u-boat resulting in a hull hit sound being played and possibly applying some damage. All collisions are currently verified by a custom code, before being used to avoid this issue. We are still investigating the source of this problem, in case if it would be fixable in some other way.

- New textures for maps in the control room with different locations / better suited for the game theme.

- Map camera position is now compensated, so that after each zoom in or zoom out operation, location under the cursor stays under the cursor. It was working like that for the most part already, but not at the closest map zoom where camera is rotated a bit upwards.
- Fix: After leaving the game to the menu and starting a new campaign at an earlier date, map would be in a wrong state that matched the previously left session.

- Fix: Hits received on a high time compression were often inflicting less damage than they would inflict without a time compression.

Preview 14 (11.11.2020 12:00 CET)

Crew management:
- Added preheat and load torpedo task to the crew schedules UI.
- Officers now become tired when their energy reaches zero and they start to rest. They won't take orders until they recover at least 40% of the energy or there is any emergency on board (alarm, leaks, wounded crew or panicking characters).
- Crew is now rested after time is skipped in a port, their energy is refilled.
- Fix: Resupply ammunition crew task wasn't working well and was often interrupted during the execution.
- Fix: When crew was carrying ammunition to the gun, they often selected the same unloading position near the gun, resulting in a clipping.
- Fix: Resupply ammunition crew task was always stopped after the last batch of ammo was taken by the transporting crew, before it was dropped at the target.

- Changes to temporal antialiasing shader to make it work better at the edges between water and non-water scene elements.
- Added "Antialiasing level" to the graphics settings as it's dependent on a personal taste. Antialiasing is now more intense by default.
- Improvements and fixes to u-boat interior and hull meshes and textures.
- Indication of the inclinometer in the control room is more clearly visible now.
- Fix: Foam could become pixelated, if a high time compression on realistic travel system was used long enough. Ambient occlusion was also degrading in quality.

- Sharpness filter used by antialiasing shader is no longer used on the map, improving map look.
- Tweaks to default and desaturated map skins.

- Loading and warming torpedoes now makes noise detectable to the enemy hydrophones.

- Fix: Animation transitions happening directly after loading a game state could be of different duration than normally, usually much slower.
- Fix: Fade in and out animation transitions for characters, for example when they go to sleep on an upper bunk, weren't playing, if level of detail in the settings was set to "Medium" or "Good".
- Fix: Fade in and out transitions for some animations were played in a wrong pose, for example when sailor was leaving the upper bed.
- Regression fix: Cook was often playing an idle animation since Preview 11.

User interface:
- Fix: Underlying user interface disappears during time skipping animation.
- Fix: "Achtung!" label and the red light on the telegraph could remain enabled after alarm ended.
- Fix: Tutorial orders were remaining on the screen, if player loaded another game state while they were displayed.

- Tweaks to torpedo depth keeping.
- Fix: Sunk ships could on rare occassions be displayed as "masts over horizon", if they were out of the direct sight range.
- Fix: Observed ships that were sunk by the other u-boats without player involvement were appearing on the kill list in the assignment summary. Friendly u-boats were also appearing on it, if they were sunk by Allies.
- Fix: Wolfpack attack orders are now added to the current assignment section in the journal to make it consistent with the rest of the game.
- Fix: Damaged u-boat sunk in the lost ship side-mission no longer appears on the kill list in the assignment summary.
- Fix: NPC ships receive less damage from collisions.
- Fix: Total mass of stored goods in the storage could be off, if there was an ongoing transport task to it.
- Fix: Newly promoted skipper could have a missing class icon on the portrait.
- Regression fix: Highlighting target area wasn't working well during assignment selection in a port since Preview 13.

Preview 15 (11.11.2020 20:35 CET)

- Fix: Tired officers could sometimes stay idle instead of going to sleep to recover energy and would stay tired indefinitely.
- Fix: Tired officer indicator could remain on the portrait during an alarm, despite that he was becoming active at that time.

Preview 16 (13.11.2020 18:00 CET)

- Ships no longer zig-zag in sync with each other when they try to avoid torpedoes. Each ship now has an individual pattern.
- Enemy deduction of u-boat position is now less accurate.
- Major coast and port structures avoidance improvements.
- Ships now drop depth charges under the u-boat, if it's at a periscope depth.

Naval simulation:
- Improvements to collision meshes of most ship classes that are more accurate and fix the issue with torpedoes passing through the smaller parts of the ship.

- Fix: U-boat path could sometimes not update itself to consider new obstacles after entering the port area. Reworked algorithm that was updating the path, to work more reliably. It's now doing it silently and skipper won't comment the change.

- Characters now verbally report when they become tired and after they rested.

Crew management:
- Officers now work less efficiently when their energy reaches zero. Previously they worked at a lower performance, when energy was below 40%, but staying at zero wasn't making further difference.
- Officers become tired faster during an alarm, but only on a realistic travel system. This makes energy more relevant during combat with realistic travel system and is also justified with the added stress. This change is applied only to the newly started campaigns on this version.
- Fix: When officer was tired after an alarm, tiredness indicator could not be displayed on a portrait, making it unclear why he couldn't be selected.

User interface:
- Button that is used to send a report now displays the total message count after a few seconds instead of keeping the last message on the display. Added tooltip that displays all messages awaiting to be sent and the value of each one.
- There is now an indication when gun is used manually that there is no ammo / instead of simply not displaying any ammo on the list.
- Fix: If player set the camera to look at an NPC ship, left to map, left the area so that the NPC ship unspawned and then returned back to the orbiting view, there would still be visible UI that is normally visible only when looking at NPC ships with no portraits being present on the screen.
- Fix: Ammo display could indicate that there is one unit of ammo left, when there was none.
- Fix: When all ammo of a given type was shot out, it would remain highlighted as the active ammo, despite that the other type was becoming active in its place.

- Fix: Motor Torpedo Boats were disappearing too quickly when view was zoomed out and Level of Detail setting was set to one of the lower settings.

- Buy and sell prices are now even on all economic difficulty levels.
- From now on, some of the warships docked in a port may be ready for combat and will act, if enemy presence is revealed. Not all of them will though, they are selected randomly.
- Deck gun now has no targets selected by default / rather than being in the mode of targetting ships automatically by the officer.
- Lowered the reward for minor reports, that include reports of ship sinkings that weren't done by the player.
- Fix: Collision detection improvements.
- Fix: NPC radio transmissions now also stop time compression. Previously only HQ orders were doing that.
- Fix: Non-food items added to the kitchen were affecting the discipline bonus, even if they were not being listed in the tooltip.
- Fix: Anti-submarine nets were blocking sound and vision. It wasn't possible to be detected by enemy ships when hiding behind it.
- Regression fix: Error spam in the log after enemy ship was broken in half since Preview 6.

Preview 17 (14.11.2020 11:15 CET)

- Fix: If player sunk aircraft carrier after he deployed some of the aircraft, they would start to travel in a random direction indefinitely. They would possibly be kept in the game state forever and lead to a massive performance drop.
- Regression fix: Convoy escorts weren't correctly searching for submarines since Preview 16.

User interface:
- Fix: Sailor shift role couldn't be saved nor selected.
- Fix: After editing "Unassigned" officer role it wasn't possible to save it.
- Regression fix: Warnings explaining why radio message couldn't be sent weren't displayed on the button, if there was more than one message in the queue, since Preview 16.

- Fix: Some of the recent economy changes weren't carried out to the realistic travel system.
- Fix: Improvements to game launcher compatibility with more systems.
- Fix: From now on, only time spent on sea counts towards vacation cooldown.

Preview 18 (15.11.2020 11:50 CET)

- Regression fix: Collision detection issues that were present in various forms since B128 Preview 1 should be now resolved. Among caused issues were ricocheting shells, shells inflicting damage to ships that weren't actually on their path or u-boat guns inflicting damage to the crew. We found a workaround that solves the issue at the source in the physics engine.

- Improvements to port AA guns recoil animation.
- Fix: Terrain gaps. They were mostly visible on the map after zooming the view out.
- Fix: When nearby characters were hidden, for example during the use of AA gun and periscope, if hidden characters were holding binoculars, they would levitate in the air.

User interface:
- It's now possible to setup work hours in the schedule quickly by pressing and moving the pointer over any number of slots.

- Probable fix: Player could end up inside port structures after entering the area on a high time compression and having low FPS / performance.

- Fix: Compatibility improvements targeted at more systems.

- Unity mod project template was updated for the current Unity version, which is Unity 2019.4.13f1.

- Fix: After reloading a game state while being the FPP view, it was no longer possible to enter periscope manual mode until the game was restarted.
- Fix: After changing the time compression scale from the keyboard, time compression buttons were remaining in the previous, wrong state. This was happening for example after pressing K and then L in succession using the default bindings.
- Regression fix: AA guns in some ports didn't had linked ammunition and weren't firing.

Preview 19 (16.11.2020 11:40 CET)

- Fix: Aircraft could sometimes behave like it would still have bombs, when it didn't.
- Regression fix: Some aircraft were behaving oddly after they ran our of ammunition and were never leaving.

- Fix: Fixed various compatibility issues with Unity 2019.4.13f1 in the Unity mod project template that were not addressed in Preview 18.
- Fix: Launcher was trying to open the newly created Unity mod in Unity 2018, while the template is now targeted at 2019.4.13f1.

- Added many new backstories for the recruits written by the community.
- Fix: After finishing assignment, notifications could appear about failing side missions that weren't actually started by the player.

Preview 20 (16.11.2020 22:15 CET)

User interface:
- Fix: Displayed total value of queued messages could be wrong and don't match the sum from the tooltip in some specific cases.

- Fix: If player started 7th tutorial mission, when he already assigned all free slots in the HQ to various tasks, it wasn't possible to complete the tutorial as these slots weren't clickable.

- Spanish localization update provided by Tordo562. Thank you!

- Officers now walk to u-boat compartments after they return from the vacation or after including them in the crew, even if they don't have any active tasks.
- Fix: Sometimes it wasn't possible to undock without setting a path first and engines would disable on each try.
- Fix: Characters could spawn being invisible, if player added any character to the crew and had Turm I installed on the u-boat.

Preview 21 (17.11.2020 12:05 CET)

- Fix: War correspondent was asking too many questions on the realistic travel system.

- Fix: Modded General.xlsx sheets weren't working, if realistic travel system was used.

- Fix: NPCs and officers with toggled auto targeting, were attacking enemy ship remains floating on the surface.
- Fix: Rest button wasn't working, if officer's shedule was set to work at the current hour.

Preview 22 (17.11.2020 23:59 CET)

- Improvements to port structures avoidance by NPC ships.
- Docked ship placement changes.

Preview 23 (18.11.2020 10:55 CET)

- MTBs could levitate after colliding with something, when camera was far enough and quality of physics simulation was lowered for performance reasons.

- Optimizations to certain damage effects, that improve performance when many ships are in flames in the scene.

- Fixes to minor errors reported automatically.

B128 (18.11.2020 16:00 CET)

- Fix: If player moved to far areas not covered by the Kriegsmarine grid, game state couldn't be saved.

B128 Hotfix 1 (19.11.2020 18:30 CET)

- Fix: NPC u-boats could sometimes attack crates from sunk ships floating on the water.

- Fix: Ulleungdo island had a wrong allegiance color assigned on the map.

- Fix: During the fourth tutorial mission, if player switched light to blue before tutorial asked him to do that, it was necessary to disable blue light and enable it back again to continue. It was hard due to time slowdown.
- Fix: During the third tutorial mission, if player submerged before reaching the second freighter, further tutorial orders couldn't be completed.

- Fix: Undocking script could fail in specific circumstances and u-boat would start to move in a single direction indefinitely until the game was reloaded.

B128 Hotfix 2 (20.11.2020 15:40 CET)

- Fix: Tutorials now fix various problems that are not the part of the scenario: officers becoming tired and fuel, energy or compressed air running out.
- Fix: Fourth tutorial at certain stages now forbids diving to stick to the scenario.
- Fix: It's no longer possible to get lost on the sea, while returning from the second or third tutorial mission back to the port.

- Fix: Admiral was moving very slowly forward over a very long periods of time.
- Fix: Evacuated NPC crew on a pontoon could swap between sitting and standing position indefinitely.

- Fix: Exclamation mark that appears above characters when they have something to say, was disappearing in the scene after reloading a game state. It was visible only above the portrait after that.

B128 Hotfix 3 (23.11.2020 22:10 CET)

Technical changes:
- Unity engine update from 2019.4.13f1 to 2019.4.15f1.

- NPC groups were often spawning too close, if player haven't detected them in any way before the meeting.
- Improvements to side-mission frequency and their targets. For example, when player returns from a patrol there is no longer a requirement for side-missions to be contained in the patrol target area.
- Fix: Side-missions couldn't be started in certain patrol squares due to a bug.

- Improvements to NPC u-boat capture course computation.
- Fix: NPC u-boats were still attacking crates from sunk ships that were floating on the water.
- Fix: NPC u-boats could stop their engines for a very long time after the fight was over.

User interface:
- Regression fix: Radio transmission notifications weren't appearing.

- Regression fix: Intended music was often not playing during medal award ceremony.

B128 Hotfix 4 (26.11.2020 15:40 CET)

User interface:
- Fix: Radio notification was remaining on the screen, if transmission stopped.
- Fix: After adding sailor to one of the teams in the management menu, some buttons there were previously on the bottom would appear on top of the UI.
- Fix: Decreased work performance notification was often stacking without need and was appearing when leaving to the menu.

- Further improvements that should prevent NPC groups from spawning too close. This could still occassionally happen, if enemy group was encountered when player was near NPC u-boats.
- Fix: Radio transmissions coming directly from the headquarters were never disappearing, while it was intended for them to last usually around 10 minutes. This was causing some issues, because side-mission message could be received days after it was intended to happen and the target could be already hundreds of kilometers away.
- Fix: Radio transmission could be transmitted for many hours, rather than as intended for around 10 minutes, if a high time compression was used.

Crew management:
- Fix: After compensating the ballast in the compartments by blowing some ballast, another officer was automatically flooding the tanks back again.

- Background stories for recruits are now randomized in such a way to avoid repetitions.
- Sonar ping is audible more often.
- Time compression is now always disabled whenever something on the u-boat becomes damaged or any dialogue is started.

Kind regards,
Deep Water Studio
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Wangtze Oct 5, 2020 @ 8:49am 
nihilcat  [developer] Oct 5, 2020 @ 8:53am 
Please beware mod compatibility issues for the first few days.

We are here to help the mod authors as best as we can.
Sword Oct 5, 2020 @ 9:02am 
@nihilcat [dév.]

Nice to read you again I was worry.
exit.strategy Oct 5, 2020 @ 9:07am 
Looks great. Thanks @nihilcat & team . I am back in testing this cake again. )) But I will always critisize you with love )))
PS Be well. Stay well.
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Recker Oct 5, 2020 @ 9:08am 
I waiting for it !!!!!
garytwinem Oct 5, 2020 @ 9:09am 
Welcome back, guys 👍
nihilcat  [developer] Oct 5, 2020 @ 9:09am 
Originally posted by Sword:
@nihilcat [dév.]

Nice to read you again I was worry.

Nice to read you too, Sword. It was just work, this update needed a lot of scripting and unexpected bugs were behind every corner.

Originally posted by exit.strategy:
Looks great. Thanks @nihilcat & team . I am back in testing this cake again. )) But I will always critisize you with love )))
PS Be well. Stay well.

Thanks. Constructive criticism is always welcome ;)
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Wangtze Oct 5, 2020 @ 9:12am 
Hi nihilcat nice to see u.....

I just startet the new patch b128 but when i wanna quit the game via ESC --> quit the game crashed

Here is the output_log file https://www.dropbox.com/s/mzddzb9772g7dvf/output_log.txt?dl=0

Park Oct 5, 2020 @ 9:13am 
nihilcat  [developer] Oct 5, 2020 @ 9:17am 
Originally posted by Wangtze:
Hi nihilcat nice to see u.....

I just startet the new patch b128 but when i wanna quit the game via ESC --> quit the game crashed

Here is the output_log file https://www.dropbox.com/s/mzddzb9772g7dvf/output_log.txt?dl=0


We are aware of these crashes (sadly). We decided to publish this version despite that as we are probably going to need a few days more to figure this one out.

They don't happen on some computers, while on others they do. We are working on it.
BearJew Oct 5, 2020 @ 9:25am 
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Ruby Oct 5, 2020 @ 9:31am 
Thanks Dev! Great job!

Cheers Ruby
Truly great work, nihilcat :) I'm really, really happy to read from you again. Visiting the forums every day and my heart just jumped, as i saw you posted something new :) also your help for the mod authors is highly appreciated!

Regarding patch: I'm missing the explanation of the mentioned realism settings?

And when can we expect a new modding setup for the new unity version? The existing one was faulty/incomplete and might cause even more errors now.
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Frank Machin Oct 5, 2020 @ 9:35am 
Wow now that's what i can update..thank you devs.
Karl Oct 5, 2020 @ 9:48am 
Wow! The list is long.
Great job - Milion times thank you Guys!!!!

No crashes as far as now ;) Great concept of the new map.
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