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MaD_Jens  [developer] Oct 28, 2016 @ 6:06am
Cant connect - troubleshooting steps

Can't connect now but could before the 30/11 update?
1) Press 'Page up' in the connect screen (this should reveal a new button under the connect button)
2) Press the 'alternative login method' button
3) Press Connect

If you can't connect, you can try to follow these steps:

1) Antivirus program active? Try to whitelist / make an exception for Meadow.
2) Antivirus program active and point 1 did not work and using Avira antivirus? (similar steps will probably work on other antivirus programs as well)

2.1. Open Web Protection configuration through it's settings icon (gear)
2.2. Browse in tree view to Web Protection->Scan->Exceptions
2.3. Under "URLs skipped by Web Protection" text box (3rd section on page) enter "*" and press Add button.

3) Antivirus program active and point 1 and 2 did not work? Try to turn off web safety.
4) Antivirus program active and point 1, 2, and 3 did not work? You could try to turn it off entirely.
4) Try using a VPN program.

If it crashes for you when you are loading, you can try this:

1) Before entering Meadow, go to graphics settings and set everything to low. Choose a low resolution and press "Apply"

Can't connect / connection timed out

If you can't connect at all, or if the message about connection timeout shows, sending us the following data can help us to find out what the issue is.

What platform are you on? (Win/OSX/Linux)
Do you have an active and/or installed antivirus program? (and if so, which one and which version?)
What internet service provider do you have?
What router do you have?
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MaD_Peter  [developer] Oct 28, 2016 @ 1:28pm 
Send your information with link to the forum thread and your steam name to:
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MaD_Marc Jun 30, 2017 @ 1:55am 
The game uses port 80, which is what you use to access this page with your browser, so that port is open. But it uses comet-stream (server-sent events) which is what f.ex. gmail uses to send you new mails when they arrive in real-time and what facebook uses for real-time messages in messenger and apparently some ISP/antivirus companies are blocking this wide spread real-time method.

Have you installed something that might block things?

What ISP do you use?

The fastest way to understand what is wrong is to try to change the computer to another connection (if it's a laptop, bring it somewhere else or install a VPN if you know how to do that or use your phone as hotspot) then you know if it's the computer or the ISP.

If changing connection did not work, it's probably the computer, you might have something installed that blocks the game.

Otherwise, if changing connection worked, it's probably the ISP/router, you could mail them and inform them that they are blocking comet-stream (server-sent events).

There are also two pages that should print "noop" every 5 seconds you can try:

If that fails you can try this page:

If this works but not the first you can use the alternative method:

When you start the game press the pg-up key on your keyboard, then click the "alternative login method" text below the Connect button before you click it.
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