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Bad Chalk Entertainment  [developer] Aug 29, 2016 @ 7:36pm
Controls & FAQ
  • Arrow keys - movement, menu selection
  • Enter or Space - confirm, interact
  • Esc - back, cancel, open pause menu
  • Shift - hold to walk faster
  • I - open items menu
  • F/b] - make window fullscreen
  • F5 - reset game (does NOT take a screenshot)
  • F12 - take a screenshot through Steam

All controls can be reconfigured by going to Options > Keybord Config.

Troubleshooting & FAQ
What's the difference between versions 1.0 and 2.0?
You can read about the differences here. Version 1.0 was made in RPG Maker VX Ace, and is only included for people who want to finish their playthroughs (as the savefiles don't transfer over.) Version 2.0 was made in RPG Maker MV and has a lot of upgrades and improvements. If you're playing for the first time, pick 2.0! Version 1.0 will be deprecated on 8/10.

I found a bug/have a problem that's not listed here...
Feel free to contact me at support (@) or start a new discussion here! I really appreciate it when people take the time to report a bug or just give me feedback. I'll keep this FAQ updated as well.

How do I play NewGame+ mode?
  • First of all, you have to finish the game on it's Normal mode.
  • Let the credits run, and at the end you'll be prompted to start a NewGame+ file. Choose "yes".
  • The save menu will open. Save on any file.
  • On your new savefile, you'll see the "load" option has been replaced with "NewGame+". Select it and your NewGame+ game will start!

Where can I find out more about the developer?
  • Twitter - updates, gamedev stuff, sales notifcations
  • Tumblr[] - updates, bonus content, gamedev stuff, fanart, question and answers, etc.
  • Facebook[] - major updates only

Any plans for the future of CCD&B?
A spinoff/sister game about Hermina is in the works! You can add it to your wishlist here: Hermina Lumen is Only Human on Steam
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