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EllaFB  [developer] Dec 7, 2017 @ 2:52am
Known issues and possible workarounds
You can report your bug to the Official Bug Thread. You can also reach us from support[at]frozenbyte[dot]com.

I'm keeping this thread locked so it's easier to read. :)

Having issues starting the game?

1. Check the Game's Files
You can do this by verifying the game cache or by reinstalling the game, which should make sure the problem isn't with the game's local files. Here is how to do the earlier through Steam:
    right-click on Nine Parchments in your Steam Library → click on Properties → choose the local files tab → click the button to verify integrity of game cache

2. Launch the Game's .exe
Please try to launch the game's .exe file through the game's installation folder, its path is the following depending on where you have installed Steam. You could also try to right-click the file and run it as administrator.

...\Steam\steamapps\common\Nine Parchments\nineparchments_64bit.exe

If you have any trouble with finding the file, you can navigate to the installation folder through Steam by following the instructions below:
    right-click on Nine Parchments in your Steam Library → click on Properties → choose the local files tab → click the button to browse local files

3. Update Your Operating System
Please check that your operating system, graphics card drivers and PhysX are up to date. You can find the latest version of PhysX through this link[]

Please also note that it's best to restart your computer if you update any of these.

4. Check Open Programs
Unfortunately it's not uncommon that antivirus or other security programs sometimes interfere with any game's files, so please check this isn't the case with Nine Parchments. You could just in case add Steam and the game to your security program's exceptions.

Please also see you don't have any other programs open that could interfere with the game, for example overlay programs such as Raptr or Xfire.

"Failed to create render target" error message

Unfortunately it seems that there is an error when the game tries to automatically set your resolution. We'll definitely look into this, but in the meanwhile you can set the resolution manually from the options.txt file. You can find it by copying the following to your Explorer: %appdata%/NineParchments

Open the file and look for the following lines. Set them to match your screen.
setOption(renderingModule, "ScreenWidth", 1920) setOption(renderingModule, "ScreenHeight", 1080)
I think above should already help, but if not, you need to change the game to windowed. Look for these lines and set them to match the following
setOption(renderingModule, "Windowed", true) setOption(renderingModule, "WindowTitleBar", false)

This workaround is valid for Steam and GOG.

If the game does not generate options.txt file, you can either
  • Email us as we will send you one. You can reach us from support[at]frozenbyte[dot]com.
  • Add "-windowed" to the launch options in Steam. This will help you to launch the game and generate the options.txt file. Now you can either choose the correct resolution from the game, or set it from options.txt (remember to remove the launch option afterwards if you don't want to play in windowed mode).

Can't continue online game?
You should be able to continue excising online multiplayer game by pressing "resume game". If none of your friends is hosting the game, you become the host and your friends can join by pressing "resume game" too.
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76561198818353027 Mar 6, 2018 @ 11:07pm 
How to Recover the Save file (Steam)
These backups can be found offline from the Steam folder:
...\Steam\userdata\[ACCOUNT ID]\471550\remote
From there you just need to replace the main file (i.e. slot1) with one of its backups (slot1_v1 » slot1_v10) depending on which backup you prefer to use.

This should then recover the lost save and progress.
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