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Alino Apr 22, 2017 @ 10:53pm
My review as a brand new player!
Greetings, I have a habit of trying out unpopular games just because I enjoy looking for diamonds in the rough. Anyways, I'll have a much larger review after a few days, but here is my review for now!

Upon Opening The Game
Okay, this is nice. The menu is easy to follow and is pretty simple, I like how it looks. Anyways, after looking around the menu I clicked the 'heroes' tab and was met with somebody explaining how heroes work. It was a pretty good, easy tutorial thing to follow, although there was no video, it was just an image. I know that's not really a big thing, but I suggest replacing the image with a video as you explain.

Anyways, onto the heroes! So, I get past that and I'm met with a hero page, where there are 4 heroes to choose from. That's a pretty small ammount, but I believe this game is in pre-alpha, so it's not really a big deal. It's easy to add on more heroes once you know where the balancing lies anyways.

So, I decided to start looking through the heroes. and I like how different they currently are (Also a polar bear dude is a major + for me) Anyways, I noticed the actual writing could use some work (not 100% clear and a few SMALL mess-ups that very few people would notice. I simply notice it because I've been writing a book for the past 5 years)

So, besides the writing, the heroes themselves LOOK balanced and all look like great fun. The only hero that doesn't interest me is Lyla, mostly cause she's just an elf, although she looks good, that's just ya know, my personal opinion (I like to play exotic looking heroes)

After looking through the heroes, I noticed something that said 'Minion Army' (this could be changed to just 'Army' or 'Warband') So, curious as I was, I looked up and saw the Minions page. Okay, the actual minions could use some work appearance wise, they look like something from a PS1 game. I personally don't care if they look outdated, they look fine to me, HOWEVER, to appeal to a larger audience they'd need a graphics update. Also, I'm not sure how the minions army thing works yet, but I'd limit the number of legendaries and heroic minions per army

So, after that I decided to check out the next tab, and it was the shop. There's not much to say about this because afterall, it is JUST a shop. It looks fine.

Onto A Practice Match
Okay, now to try a practice match with this super cool looking Polar Bear, Bjorn. Okay, so upon entering the match I was surprised to see that the graphics are pretty bad and that they all need some major work, but that's fine, this is pre-alpha after all. So, the game itself is pretty fun, and I enjoyed it. The mechanics felt nice, although I'd like a way to tell what my XP and level are.

So, after the match, I figure I can give my positives and negatives so far

+ Fun Gameplay

+ Feels unique

+ The minion-shop mechanic is cool (although it should probably be told, and it may be in the main tutorial, I dunno)

- Poor graphics

- Didnt' feel super fast (Although I suppose around 10 - 15 minutes is fast for this type of game

- Some things felt kinda slow or fast, but that's fine, it's pre-alpha atm.
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Loktofeit May 15, 2017 @ 1:42pm 
"Fun Gameplay, Feels unique, The minion-shop mechanic is cool..." Yes! The game definitely offered a uniquee approach to battle arenas. Think I might re-install it and check it out again.
Dalton Jun 1, 2017 @ 3:52am 
be cool if they update it atleast once every 3 months. lol
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