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Patwhit01 Oct 27, 2015 @ 4:18pm
Scott, why do you hate Toy Freddy so much?
Scott, why do you treat Toy Freddy so poorly in everything? Why do you hate him so much?

In FNAF2, Toy Freddy didn't do anything unique. Mangle was Mangle, Toy Bonnie had his own unique animation, Toy Chica changed her appearance once she came after you, BB stole your flashlight, Puppet had the music box, what did Toy Freddy do? Well... uh... he has 2 different hallway images? That's cool... I guess.

In FNAF3, the toy animatronics got their own minigames, Chica's Party, BB's Air Adventure, Happiest Day, Mangle's Quest, The Glitch Bonnie minigame (which the design is based off Toy Bonnie) and what did Toy Freddy get? Nothing. Nada. Zip.

In FNAF4, all of the toys got the shaft this time. But, hope! Nightmare BB has been teased! Nightmare Toys???! NIGHTMARE PUPPET! Is this real life?!? NIGHTMARE MANGLE? SIGN ME UP SCOTT! Wait... what's that post? Toy Freddy won't be in the update...?


Even in the keychain merchandise, every animatronic was there from fnaf 1 and 2! Except Toy Freddy. THE GUY DOESN'T EVEN GET MERCHANDISE! WHAT THE ♥♥♥♥? WHY?

Scott, please answer. Why do you hate Toy Freddy and give him no love?
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Skyline Oct 27, 2015 @ 4:26pm 
toy freddy just sat on his♥♥♥♥♥all of fnaf2's night one, he shall get no respect
The Koolest Kid Oct 27, 2015 @ 4:28pm 
He's a very shy guy, Scott didn't want him to be frightened by you theorists giving him an incriminating stare down. ;)
TicTonic1996 Oct 27, 2015 @ 4:34pm 
i feel sorry for toy freddy he is like my favorite
ShanerGamer Oct 27, 2015 @ 4:39pm 
Originally posted by purples the hamshark:
toy freddy just sat on his♥♥♥♥♥all of fnaf2's night one, he shall get no respect
Toy Freddy moves on Night 1...
ShanerGamer Oct 27, 2015 @ 4:40pm 
Toy Freddy is really the least popular character in the series, so I don't expect Scott to give him any more of a position rather than being a Freddy.
§SlipG@mer§ Oct 27, 2015 @ 4:51pm 
He isn't really the most popular, which is surprising cause I hated BB in FNAF 2.
Sleuth Prankster Oct 27, 2015 @ 5:06pm 
It's not that he hates him, it's just that he does not fit everywhere.
Neurometry Oct 27, 2015 @ 5:08pm 
Ever hear the phrase "Apple doesn't fall far from the tree"?
ShanerGamer Oct 27, 2015 @ 5:13pm 
Originally posted by Bonnie Creeper 87 Times 3:
He isn't really the most popular, which is surprising cause I hated BB in FNAF 2.
Which gives Scott a reason to make him a NIghtmare.

To make him more of a nightmare than he already is.
§SlipG@mer§ Oct 27, 2015 @ 5:14pm 
Jakedman21 Oct 27, 2015 @ 6:30pm 
Toy Freddy was always my favorite...If you excuse me, I'm going to go lay in bed and cry for a little bit..
Werhogman (Banned) Oct 27, 2015 @ 6:38pm 
One day, Toy Freddy was walking around in the pizzeria, and had found the kitchen. Then, being the @sshole he is, he ate all the pizza. They had to move the kitchen so he wouldn't get to it. The End!
Jinx ★★★ Oct 27, 2015 @ 10:08pm 
Toy Freddy doesn't really have anything to do with the lore. But, it's true. We haven't seen him in a while. Nor Toy Bonnie and Chica.

Which kind of makes me feel bad because he's one of my favorites.
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FirecrackerTNT Oct 27, 2015 @ 10:16pm 
I honestly never really cared for TF. Yeah, he's a Freddy... yay. Go him. But seriously, this dude is pathetic. Why do you guys like him so much? This isn't met to be a threat, I'm asking because I want to sympathize with TF but I honestly can't. He's practically useless, he's not half as scary as Freddy. He's like the cutesy, fat, dumber version of Freddy Fazbear with a semi-cool design. I honestly want to sympathize with him, honestly I do! But it's hard to sympathize if you don't understand them... tell me, everyone, what makes you like TF so much? And don't say 'because he's the most unpopular'. I will not except that answer. That's complete garbage to me. Give me actual things about TF that you honestly like about him.
tei_has_panfs Oct 27, 2015 @ 11:01pm 
I guess Scott just wasn't Freddy for ready. :<

And amythealpha, chill out! No need to go all Alpha on anybody.
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