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Murf Nov 2, 2016 @ 8:43am
Public Test Beta - Goes Live Nov 16
Good day to you people of the fog!

In a few day(s) if everything goes according to plan (maybe not, you know how these things are), we’ll launch a PTB (Public Test Build) adding some crazy shenanigans to the game. We are implementing some new gameplay mechanics that are either partially or fully built to get your feedback. What we want to know is how you feel about the mechanics and how can you abuse and break them ;).
Here’s a brief description of what’s to come:

Number One: Infinite Hooks!
The sacrifice sequence (the bit where survivors are dangling on the hook) will see the following changes:
  • Increased the initial phase of the sacrifice to be infinite
  • There is a 5% chance to save yourself from the hook during this sequence
  • There is 25% chance to be sent directly into the struggle phase when attempting to save yourself.
  • If you’re good at Math, you already understood that there is 70% chance nothing good or bad will happen when you attempt to save yourself from the hook.
  • Luck positively affects the chance to escape positively, and decreases the chance to be sent into the struggle phase.
“What?! Are you insane?” – Is what some of you will surely say.
Yes, probably a little, but aren’t we all? We believe this to be part of a solution to camping killers and that it will create interesting scenarios. We’re very aware that this will not fix everything on its own (there is more to come). So try this mechanic and tell us what you think and how it affects how you play as killer and survivor.
Message to the face camping Killers: For the love of the Entity, move your ♥♥♥ and go get other survivors you lazy bum! ;P

Number Two: Generator breaking!
We’re adding this interaction to the killer. In the PTB it’ll take this form:
  • Killers can now interact with uncompleted generators by pressing and holding the interaction button.
  • After a short charge action the generator starts regressing “X” charges over “X” time.
  • Survivors who start working on a regressing generator will stop the degeneration process and start working on the generator normally.
Number Three: Hook Auto-Repair
“Holy snap Batman! What the hell is this sorcery?” - is what Sabo-Jake will say when the sabotaged hook rises up again thanks to the entity. We want to make sabotage great again. The idea behind this mechanic is that sabotaging a hook will be strategic and time based.
Here are all the changes to and around this mechanic:
  • Hooks auto-repair themselves after 2 minutes (from both sabotage and sacrifices)
  • Sabotage meat hook time will be reduced from 20 seconds to 12 seconds.
  • Disarm Bear trap time is reduced from 5 seconds to 3 seconds.
  • Trapper Bear Trap Add-on - Fastening Tools –increased the Bear-Traps disable time
  • Iron Grasp - Changed to - Your powerful hold on the survivors causes escapes to be nearly impossible. Effects of survivor struggling are reduced by 40/50%/60%. Time to struggle out of your grasp is increased by 8%/10%/12%. (note that the text in game is NOT changed)

Number Four: There is no number four.
That’s it. Actually we’re also testing a change that should result in faster joining of lobbies as part of this PTB. This is the most important thing to test, but it’s not as fun as all the rest ;)
You can start talking and commenting on the mechanics right here right now. When the PTB goes live, we’ll create an official thread for you to give your feedback.

See you in the fog! -Dave
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