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Chimera  [developer] Aug 10, 2015 @ 7:59am
Post-Release Roadmap
Hi guys and gals! I'd like to share with you our post-release plans for Victor Vran. We will continue to update, polish and add features to the game and we will list upcoming changes in this topic. Also keep in mind that the list is not final and we will add more stuff based on your responses and feedback.

Casual & Hardcore Modes - Free Update (Released)
We plan to add an easier "Casual" mode for less experienced players as well as a "Hardcore" mode. Dying in "Hardcore" mode will switch your character to "Normal" mode and the level at which your hero died will be written in the character summary.

Highlander Outfit - Free DLC (Released)
The Highlander DLC will add a new outfit which grants a fixed amount of Overdrive when you use a special attack, but you no longer gain overdrive from normal attacks. In addition the Highlander Outfit provides a 15% reduction in weapon cooldowns.

Balance Update - Free Update (Released)
Rework for the lightning gun and scythe weapons. New legendary versions of some cards. Balance tweaks and fixes.

New Weapon - The Tome - Free DLC (Released)
This free DLC will add a new spellcaster type weapon - the Tome. The tome is a medium ranged weapon that hurls area attack spells at your foes. The Tome has a special mechanic that allows you to instantly recharge the special attacks of the Tome after you cast them. Thus you can trigger your specials multiple times in a rapid succession for some great combos.

The Tome comes with a set of 5 legendary weapons as well as its own legendary Destiny Card which synergizes well with demon powers.

The Cauldron of Chaos - Free DLC (Released)
The Cauldron of Chaos will add a new endgame map. Each day the game will generate a new randomized path through the map's zones. Heroes will face 3 randomized and difficult encounters finishing with a boss fight in the final zone.

The monsters and encounters in the Cauldron of Chaos have an increased difficulty. Each day the map will also present 5 new challenges which will offer an even higher degree of challenge. The entire run will take 15 to 20 minutes but completing the 5 challenges may require several attempts.

Halloween - Free Update (Released)
We have planed something special, fun and spooky for Halloween!

Emotes - Free DLC (Released)
We will add a set of emotes such as dance and flex. Basic emotes will be always available but you'll be able to find rare emotes as drops in the game.

Local Coop - Free Update
Play with a friend on a single computer.

Multiplayer Matchmaking & UI Update - Free Update (Released)
We will rework the multiplayer UI so that it is easier to form parties, add friends, create and join games.

Digital Soundtrack & Artbook - DLC (Released)
You can now buy the full Victor Vran soundtrack and the 194-page Digital Artbook in the Steam Store.

Motorhead Through The Ages - Expansion
Victor Vran will team up with Motörhead in the first official expansion. Through The Ages will feature a new story and a new world inspired by Motörhead's history and lyrics. The expansion will also offer new challenges, new weapons and new demon powers.
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