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amulware  [developer] May 18, 2015 @ 10:01am
Update 1.1 Competition - Play for the chance to design an upgrade!
Hello everybody!

As you may have seen, we released the first big update for Roche Fusion. Among a bunch of upgrades, two awesome new bosses, and some other things, the upgrade also includes two new ships: Lily and the Crab!

In a game like Roche Fusion, balance is very important. That is why we did our best to make the two new ships as good (and hopefully as much fun) as our other ships.

However, we are only so many people, and can only playtest so much. That is why we would ask you - all of our fans - to help us make sure that the new content of the game is as fair as possible.

And for your help - and just because we think you are awesome for playing Roche Fusion ;) - we want to give you something in return as well!

We will give away:

The opportunity to design a completely new upgrade for Roche Fusion, with one of our developers


The two people who get the highest scores with the two new ships (Lily and the Crab).

Small print:
  • to count, your score has to appear in Roche Fusion's leaderboards;
  • to be eligible, you ALSO have to give us some feedback on the new ships and other content of the update here on our forums;
  • if the same person gets both highscores, only the higher one counts, and we go on to the next person for the other ship;
  • the contest will last until Sunday May 24 10:00 UTC (almost a week).

We will announce the winners once the contest is over.

I will then add them as friends through steam, and from there we will figure out how to best design the upgrade together.
The winners can simply give us a few ideas to play with, or talk with us through every step of the design process, until the finished upgrade.
Suffice it to say, we reserve the final say about what can and cannot be added to Roche Fusion, to make sure it is feasible, fun, and balanced.

And that's all the rules. Now get shooting!

PS: Imaginary bonus points (and maybe special mentions) for screenshots and videos of any of the new content, and especially your high-score games!
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Digganob May 18, 2015 @ 10:24am 
amulware  [developer] May 24, 2015 @ 3:21am 
Aaaaaaaaand, if I am not mistaken, the deadline is up!

Congratulations to:

Jack Frost, for 1,748,533,512 points with Lily,


Obvious, for 1,179,587,544 points with the Crab.

I will be sending both of you a friend request, and then we can see about figuring out the details. :)
Unfortunately, I'll be very busy the upcoming weeks, but I'll try to get around to things as soon as possible!

Thanks everybody for playing!
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