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Thunderflux  [developer] May 24, 2017 @ 11:31pm
Hotfix Notes : Updated 2 June
2 June hotfix deployed!
Thank you to everyone who's been reporting bugs and issues - this will be the final hotfix before we start a regular patch cycle (roughly) every 2 weeks.

Included in the hotfix are some initial adjustments for the Hacker Malware tree and various fixes and improvements.

  • Logic Bomb Explosion can no longer deal critical damage.
  • Viruses spread by Shareware no longer immediately check again for spreading again, leading to uncontrolled spreading. Again.
  • Reduce explosion and bonus Virus damage of Kill Switch and increased cooldown. Kill Down should be at peak power when multiple targets are suffering from multiple viruses.

  • Fixed a miscalculation of Combo Point damage on Assassination. It should be slightly more appealing now.

  • Fixed a rare bug that could occur when loading a mission save in a position that would trigger a combat.
  • Fixed some tooltips persisting after their menu item had been closed.
  • Fixed display error in menus when a syndrome was affecting Critical Hit chance.
  • Removed a redundant call to clean the scene of unused objects.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a betrayed character to make a sudden appearance at an inopportune time.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a summoned ally to halt combat when facing a certain enemy.
  • Fixed an issue with Madness syndrome that could cause the victim to become immune to damage.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Retrieve missions to destroy the target item when the mission launched, rendering it impossible to complete
  • Fixed an issue with the PAR Camera Drone that would cause it to miss registering misses when on a mission to score misses.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a bonus objective to smash drilling machines for HEHS to create an unattainable amount of objective items.
  • A minimap marker now follows Rai’el.
  • Repositioned hit locators on Mite Swarms.


  • Fixed the booze bug that was causing events to crash. Please drink responsibly!

  • Soldier Best Defense no longer incorrectly requires a ranged weapon
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent Smuggler’s Trick Shot from gaining extra bounces at Rank 3
  • Smuggler’s Bounty skill now heals the lowest ally for 5% of their health, regardless of who deals the killing blow

  • Fixed an issue that could retrigger cutscenes on mission Anomalous Energy
  • Fixed erroneous pipe climbing event in mission Train Job
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent completion of the mission Black Box
  • Aurora Starliners now keeps their word about paying you for returning cores to them on mission Triangulatin’
  • Fixed an incorrect portrait being displayed on the mission To Catch A Privateer
  • Fixed an issue when playing NG+ or NG++ that could incorrectly scale some missions after a load

  • CureAll can now be used to remove debuffs in combat
  • Using the ‘Wait’ hotkey in combat will end your turn without using the popup menu
  • Talrie has secured a Trash Can so you can toss inventory while in the shop
  • GalaxyMart has upgraded their Vending Machines to include a Trash Can
  • Fixed anti-aliasing failing to applying when entering STIX
  • Minor text fixes

Void Psyker
  • Fixed an issue where Torrent could obliterate an enemy so hard that combat froze.

  • Fixed the medbay offering to cure a positive syndrome exclusive to the Prototype.

  • Plugged a leak wherein lying to a certain character would break a key event.

  • Temporarily disabled Chroma plugin until a resolution is found with Razer. If you were unable to launch the game previously because of a conflict with Synapze, give it a whirl now.
  • In menus, Q & E or Left Arrow & Right Arrow will cycle characters.
  • Filch no longer lies about how much it will cost to respec your Ability Points in the medbay.
  • Fixed an issue in mission brief events that could cause the event to not proceed.
  • Fixed an issue with Eye Tracking not acknowledging when a feature had been disabled.

Combat & Missions
  • Fixed a bug with abilities that Stun landing a killing blow and halting combat. (BOLTY!)

  • Fixed an issue where trap damage (Time Mine usually) may not be dealt if the trap does not generate threat for the Smuggler.

  • Bloodthirst passive taunts now correctly apply stacks to Juggernaut.

  • Fixed a display issue with the Degrade debuff.

  • Patched event briefing that could prevent progress to Gauntlent mission.
  • Increased flashlight range & reduced power to make it less blinding when close to shiny surfaces.
  • Disabled FMOD Live Update that could give a false-positive on some virus protection apps.
  • Corps are less inclined to spam your inbox between certain negative rep ranges. They’ll just get on with having you killed.
  • Minor text fixes.
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