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justbiglee Apr 27, 2015 @ 6:07am
How To Report a Bug
Thank you for participating in our Early Access program for DiRT Rally and helping to shape the development of the game, your ideas and feedback are really important to the success of the game.

As we’re sure most of you are aware DiRT Rally is an Early Access title and constantly in development, so from time to time we’re going to hit a few bumps and encounter bugs.

As we continue through our early access period we’ll keep a public list of known issues and give you regular updates on our progress with each of them.

The first part of that process is where you come in and the more information you can provide us about these bugs and your system the quicker we can get to the bottom of the issue.

To report a bug we’re asking that you copy and paste the below form into a new thread and post it in the bug reporting section of the forums so please be sure to give it a clear and descriptive title.

Bug Report Form

System Spec
(Provide as much info about your rig as possible)

Steps to reproduce
(eg Game Mode > Stage > Car > Camera view > distance into stage)

Your recent history of races
(Mode, Vehicle, Track, Conditions)

Which stage were you within the championship\custom event?
(Stage name)

What were you doing specifically when the crashed occurred?
(How and where did it happen?)

How long was your current session?
(how long had you been playing for roughly?)

Which graphics preset were you using?
(you can view this in game from the main menu)


In addition to this (and if reporting a graphical bug) please include a screenshot, to take one simply press F12 at anytime while playing the game.

Save Game Issues

Should you have any save game Issues (missing progress data or corruption) please make a note of the error code which is displayed on your screen and include that with your bug report. We look at save game issues as the highest priority, so after posting your bug report to the forums please send an email to dirtgame[at]codemasters[dot]com with a link to your forum post and Zip the following folder - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\*YourSteamIDNumber*\310560\

To get your DX Diag

  • This can be created by typing “dxdiag” into your start menu, then running “dxdiag.exe”.
  • After the green progress bar has completed in the bottom left, please press “save all information” to save the required .txt file.
  • Email it over to us with the subject “Error 41 Patch 8-5-15”
  • Include in the email a description of how and when the error box pops up
  • Send it to dirtgame@codemasters.com

Obviously please keep in mind that DiRT Rally is still in development and by taking part in Early Access you are helping us to make it a better game for all. Every aspect of DiRT Rally is open to be shaped by you and even this bug reporting process may change in the future based on your feedback.

Thank you all for taking part.
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