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Epoc Aug 16, 2017 @ 5:32am
Craft N' Escape
I know I'm late to the game (The Escapists was released in 2015). I bought it several weeks ago and found it awesome, and very challenging.

To assist me and make my life easier, I wanted to build something regarding the items. I decided to take a look at the game's files, and was at some point able to extract items data as well as items images.

So with those things I built a nice web page that show the list of all available items in The Escapists (PC version), as well as all their attributes and crafting recipes. The feature I wanted the most: given a list of items I own, show me the list of items I can craft.

At this point I asked myself: hey, why not make it public so others may profit? And there were Craft N' Escape[].

Because everyone loves it when a plan comes together

PS: I hope to also make it support The Escapists 2
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Epoc Jan 28, 2018 @ 6:36am 
Dear escapists,

While you were gathering all of these duct tapes, I totally forgot to post updates about Craft N' Escape (CnE) here on the Steam forums. In fact, everything was happening in this Reddit thread. Inevitably, CnE fell into obscurity. Let's catch up with the delay.

There were several updates since my first message here in this topic, actually too many to list them all. So TL;DR:

- CnE moved to a new address:
- These updates improved many things and fixed many other things
- Support for The Escapist 1 is considered as complete
- Support for The Escapists 2 is available[], but very limited ATM

Support of The Escapists 2 is limited because extracting items data is much more difficult and requires much more work than the ones in The Escapists 1. This takes time. So consider support of The Escapists 2 ongoing.

If you have issues or suggestions, don't hesitate to go back to me!

PS: Future updates will now only be posted here.
Epoc Feb 5, 2018 @ 8:01am 
Hey inmates,

Craft N' Escape just got updated! A little update, but an update after all.

  • It's now possible to search for an item by its ID. Just type an item ID in the Name or ID input at the top left screen
  • Permalinks are now available for each item to ease their sharing. Either click on the icon at the right of the tables to go to the link, then copy the URL in the address bar; or Right click > Copy link on the icon to get the link

That's all, folks!
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iliketurtles14 Jul 6, 2023 @ 9:18pm 
very cool
Epoc Jan 30 @ 12:12pm 
Craft N' Escape will shut down on October 26, 2024.
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