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ℱormal ninja 7 DIC 2014 a las 12:02
I'm at 99.75% completion, and need one more vehicle. Assuming it's the hovercraft. I can't find one - anywhere. I've scoured the internet, and have taken everyones coordinates on where one should be. I've flown around the map looking for one, to no avail.

Anyone know if the hovercraft counts as a vehicle if it's used in a race? Do the vehicles count towards 100% competion?

If not, where can I find one?
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Mr_Meanie 7 DIC 2014 a las 12:03 
I usually find them near water. Look for the icon on map. Open map legend if you don't know what the icon looks like.
El Johnsoño 7 DIC 2014 a las 12:15 
I think there should be one on the shore surrounding Jalendu Temple, which is the temple on a small island in the middle of a large lake.

Not on the island itself, but one of the shores of the lake, I think maybe the southern shore but I can't remember.

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D1ld0zer 7 DIC 2014 a las 13:15 
i found one early on in the game. then learned the ahrd way that they cannot be parked on water :'(
Sharkie 7 DIC 2014 a las 14:52 
If its the small hover craft its east from the starting village, near the large bridge across the river.
ℱormal ninja 8 DIC 2014 a las 10:25 
I have circlerd all bodies of water to no avail already, and have checked my map over to see if the icon showed up.

I'll check around the temple. The one you are refering to Sharkie is a common one that I see people finding it, but it's not there for me.
ColdFus 18 DIC 2014 a las 9:47 
Go check these locations:
X:454,7 Y:407,6
X:400,8 Y:538,3
X:353,2 Y:531,5
X:339,2 Y:444,8
X:463,8 Y:400,1
RageMojo 18 DIC 2014 a las 9:54 
Doing the film races will take care of this, so i wonder if it isnt something else? Did you use the snowmobile? Big boat?
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Scungebelch 8 ABR 2015 a las 14:16 
There are hovercrafts lying around just about anywhere. I see one every couple minutes XD
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