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[TUTORIAL] Ballistic Workshop Maps
Would like to create your own map and play Ballistic on it with your friends? Here's how you do it!

Your First Map

To start creating your map open the tutorial link below "Getting Started to Map Development of Ballistic Overkill".

We highly recomment that you follow this tutorial strictly before you start to work on your own map. If you are new to map development or even if you're familiar with the process, you can struggle for months on modelling, texturing and other details, and never reach a point where you are ready to export your map. Most of times, this isn't because map development is hard. New modders haven't experienced "the whole process of developing and exporting a map" and get stuck on the development of their own ideas ( "is this path cool?" "will this texture fit?" "this doesn't look like I thought it would"). So, most of times finishing a map isn't a problem of capability/criativity, but the lack of technical knowledge. Specially because you can't test your map if you don't know how to export it!

When following this tutorial, focus on learning the right way to export maps. Undestanding the whole process makes it very easy to test your own ideas. The faster you export a map, the easier designing and creating your next maps will be.

There are no secrets to know of after reading this tutorial, but you can improve your skills. After reading it you can focus on learning how to create great maps by reading forums, pages and blogs of level designers.


A complete guide of map details of Sunnsquare can be found following this link to the tutorial Ballistic Overkill Map Guidelines.

Interesting Blogs

Here is a list of blogs to look at good pratices:

[1] I've set up the whole map bound and my map is still all about spawning and getting killed ... why?

Your character is killed because the game recognized that the character is out of bounds of the map. Before exporting your map, you must copy the values of MapBoundBehaviour into the "MapBounds" of you 'mapsettings' file.

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