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A Guide to Wrecks and Fragments !!SPOILER ALERT!!
==== STOP! ====
==== STOP! ====
I've jotted down everything I can remember to help people out who just can't find that one thing in their oceanic travels and need a helping hand.

This information was gathered in Stable, not Experimental.

This is Early Access so definitely expect anything to change on a regular basis.

While in-game, hit the F1 key to open up an interface that shows you your biome and coordinates.
WRECKAGE with loot/scannables:
- Bloodkelp Trench -1240/-320/-400
contains: Floodlight (located just outside), and desk
- Grass Plateaus 300/-90/450
contains: easter egg poster, wall planter, picture frame, LED lightstick, floodlight (requires Laser Cutter tool), a grow pot, and bench.
- Mushroom Forest -1063/-100/487
contains: wall planter, picture frame, and a grow pot
- Koosh 935/-200/600
contains: grow pots, bench, chair, desk, and LED lightstick

WRECKAGE without loot/scannables:
- Dunes -1430/-300/730
- Grassy Plateaus -640/-80/-5
- Mountains 740/-350/1200
- Underwater Islands -110/-180/860
- Sea Traeder Path (super close to Blood Kelp) -1125/-190/-760

That's all I got for wrecks for now. Highly likely that I've missed or forgotten things. Sorry in advance! But I hope this helps some people!

- Dunes: Cyclops Bridge
- Floating Island: Exterior Growbed, Interior Growbed, grow pots, chair, desk, Living Wall, Observatory, Spotlight, back story, hanging fruit trees (not learned, just gather), purple vegetable (not learned, just gather), and marble melons (not learned, just gather)
- Koosh: Base Filtration around 200m, Modification Station around 200m, also found random chest with a health pack at 1237/-234/464
- Kelp Forest: Seaglide, Solar Panels, Seamoth, Mobile Vehicle Bay (there are multiple kelp forests, visit each one to find what you're looking for!)
- Grass Plateau: Bioreactor, Seamoth Upgrade Station, Cyclops Hull
- Mushroom Forest: Cyclops Pressure Compensation, sometimes Cyclops Bridge
- Safe Shallows: Seamoth
- Crash Site: Seamoth, Cyclops Hull, Cyclops Engine
- Sparse Reef: Thermal Plant, Seamoth Modification Station, Stasis Rifle, Propulsion Cannon
- Underwater Islands: Stasis Rifle, Propulsion Cannon, Cyclops Engine, Power Transmitter around 500m, also this place is infested with Bone Sharks
- Grand Reef: Transfuser, Terraformer, Moon Pool around 300m
- Deep Grand Reef: Nuclear Reactor around 400-500m

That's all I got for fragments for now. Highly likely that I've missed or forgotten things. Sorry in advance! But I hope this helps some people!
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Nice job dude ! thanks for the guide .
I don't know coordinates, I know of at least one more: a wreck in the blood kelp zone in which I found a flood light. There's another grassy plateaus one sort of in between the western mushroom forest and sparse reef, irrc (didn't find any loot in that one) whereas your grassy plateaus seems more middle/easterly?
The Sea Treader path wreck you mentioned is the Sparse Reef one. The BK biome wreck can be warped to with just "goto wreck8". The northern bloodgrass wreck uses "goto wreck1" and the Koosh biome wreck is "goto wreck3".
They must have moved the wrecks around cause according to the camera position I have been to the mushroom wreck and koosh wreck and neither are at the coords you posted. Havent checked any others just found the wrecks and compared to yours r/t loot and position. Someone correct me if I am wrong.
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