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Fyst  [developer] Jun 30, 2015 @ 2:48pm
(Update March 30 2016) Sins of a Dark Age Ceasing Further Development
To the Sins of a Dark Age community,

Today we made a very difficult decision. Unfortunately, Sins of a Dark Age is not currently sustainable and we are ceasing all further development. Very soon we will launch an update with all outstanding bug fixes, optimizations, balancing and release ready content. We will continue to run servers until at least September 30 2015. All future proceeds will be used to keep the servers alive for as long as possible.

We'd like to thank all the dedicated players that helped craft the game into the great experience it is today. We know that you had other choices but we are honored you decided to play with us and help build the community.

While we may never know the outcome of the great Veric vs Wood Imp War, we had a lot of fun and great moments playing, chatting and spending time with you.


(Update March 30 2016)
Sins of a Dark Age is no longer available on Steam and all servers will be disabled shortly. We managed to keep it running an extra 6 months past the original shutdown date but unfortunately the time has come to end the great Veric and Wood Imp War. Thanks again for all the support.
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