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SeonR  [developer] Mar 27, 2014 @ 11:49pm
Release Notes - v1.1.7 Build 10.3 - May 18th, 2017
Welcome to Version 1.1.7, Build 10.3

Just a bug fix update, and an increase in build points for the ACK, because why not!

1.1.7 (Build 10.3) Change List
  • ACK build points increased to 10k (up from 8k!)
  • Ranged brigands now default to 10 units for awake radius to match ranged skeletons. Any ranged brigands already placed in adventures will still be set to 6.

  • Fixed the health below 50% event firing when it shouldn't
  • Fixed pressing ESC to get out of TOD VFX node would not bring back the top editor menu
  • Fixed a loot shrine exploit bug - you now can't switch players once you have prayed until you grab your reward!
  • Fixed skeleton king not having white dust blood when killed
  • Fixed enemies constantly moving through teleporters causing character interaction UI to flicker
  • Fixed not being able to set ranged brigand awake radius bigger than 6 units, like ranged skeletons can, now goes up to 10 units
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SeonR  [developer] Apr 1, 2014 @ 10:01pm 
Welcome to Alpha 2.1 - 28th March 2014

Alpha 2.1 change list

  • Added mandatory description field in report UI so users can specify exactly what it is they are reporting (might stop some of the spam we got today for adventures we know are fine)
  • Added hint to map on first play to explain how to start adventuring

  • Tweaked how stamina is calculated from equipped loot and ability points
  • Re-implemented barrel placement logic to prevent character from getting stuck between a barrel and a prop/wall when dropping the barrel
  • Added improved texture maps for some enemies
  • Added improved texture maps for some loot and weapons
  • Added [?] icon for missing adventure icons and a fallback that will try to re-download it again
  • Added report icon to adventures on world map if you reported them
  • Added UGC badge on adventure UI when the adventure was made by a user and not us
  • Make toolbar icon go offscreen when toolbar is not usable
  • Made UI keyboard movement keys match game movement key mappings

  • Added fix for world map not loading when an adventure icon was missing
  • Fixed chat window not getting focus every second time you open it
  • Fixed pressing A on second controller would auto add a character for split screen without opening the character selection UI
  • Fixed bug on keyboard binding screen that prevented re-loading defaults after closing and re-opening the panel
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SeonR  [developer] Apr 2, 2014 @ 11:12pm 
Welcome to Alpha 2.2 - 2nd April 2014

Brand new Jumping and better Climbing

We have completely re-written the auto jumping system in FTD and now guide the character when jumping to better ensure they get a proper landing - we have also re-done the jump and land animations and they look stacks better.

High Climbing has also been greatly improved in accuracy and clipping prevention.

Note: We still get occasions where a character doesn't jump off a tile when they should. It is much less frequent now, but it still does happen and we will continue to improve the jump detection in future builds until it is perfect.

New Props
We have added 2 new prop categories to the Static Prps toolbar:
FACADE A set of doors and windows that are attached to walls to make it look like a building.
INTERIORS A starting set of interior items like book shelves, tavern tables, toilet, fireplace etc...

Check out a screenshot here...

We will continue adding to these categories and making new categories in future builds.

New Difficulty Calculations
We have been revising our difficulty calculation system in the ACK to include some basic accounting for how the environment is sculpted as well as changing some thing around to help "a little" with exploits.

We strongly advise all that all creators reload their adventures and check them and re-publish.

Many of you may find that your adventures that were publishable before are no longer publishable now with the new calculations - So please adjust them.

New Reporting and Dashboard Data
We have now added information about the reporting and blocking state of all adventures to the ACK Dashboard, so all creators can see a realtime overview of the state of their adventures.

Having reports against your adventures doesn't mean your adventure is blocked from download. If it is blocked, it will show that in the dashboard ( currently with a one word with a one word description of why ). We will continue to improve this system to eventually allow creators to see the actual user reports for their adventures to better understand why they have been reported - That will come in a later date.

We also mark adventures that you do have on your map as blocked so they are no longer playable. In a future update we will have functionality to allow you to clear those map spots.

Creator Banning System
We now have the ability to ban creators from publishing. Creators that have multiple adventures blocked will now be at risk of being banned by us. If you are banned you see see a message on your creator dashboard.

We are going to be pretty aggressive with banning, and have already banned our first creator in less then a week from launch - be warned.

Alpha 2.2 change list

  • Added world map tile blocking for blocked adventures
  • We now clear blocked adventures from your local unplaced store of adventures so you wont get them when you click a new tile
  • Added ability to ban creators (already banned one) - notification of being banned is now on the creator dashboard
  • Added a new creator leaderboard (only scrollable on mouse at the moment - sorry)
  • Added new creator rank info on creator dashboard
  • Added new Neutral rating option for rating - This is NOT a "no rating" but an actual rating that effects leaderboards and adventure filters. Neutral mean "wasn't the best, but wasn't crap"
  • Added new difficulty calculations - everyone should check their adventures and re-publish
  • Added new game settings options for VSync On/Off and Cap framerate On/Off (capped to 100fps)
  • Added new range of FACADE props (doors/windows)
  • Added start of new range of interior props (shelves, tables, book cases etc)
  • Added [] keys for camera zoom in and our in ACK (for those with busted scroll wheels)

  • Added descriptions and message to reporting UI to better explain what we are looking for in reports. Please read and respect the rules.
  • Added new message on the publish screen as a warning to creators that create exploitive or offensive content - that we will ban them from making adventures if they get caught.
  • Expanded creator dashboard to also show report counts per adventure and whether their adventure is blocked or not.
  • Reworked the entire jump system
  • Reworked the high climb system
  • You can now marquee select water and lava!
  • Characters are now invincible when climbing
  • Dramatically improved performance cost of fountain props
  • Traps now damage characters as a % of their HP so they scale correctly (this is before your defense amount is taken into account)
  • Added time buffer to prevent climbing right after an attack if attack moved character towards a climbable tile
  • Added more check to ensure creators can't break the published adventure rules (going to be ongoing)
  • Lots of physics optimisation when doing heavy attacks
  • Added hack workaround for broken PING wit Unity & Linux - We now have PINGS!

  • Fixed online adventure count not being correct at game start
  • Fixed being able to spawn multiple characters in your home
  • Fixed potential bug that could cause players to bypass difficulty requirement when publishing an adventure
  • Removed help from bridges about being able to resize them as thats not possible anymore
  • Fixed damage cap being at 100hp (was actually just a visual cap, damage was correct)
  • Fixed lockup/black screen when quitting an adventure and going back to the menu.
  • Potentially fixed bug that would sometimes put you in the ACK when you left an online game

Known Issues in this version
  • Controller mapping on Linux is still un-reliable (we are STILL working with Unity on this)
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SeonR  [developer] Apr 3, 2014 @ 11:25pm 
Welcome to Alpha 2.3 - 3rd April 2013

Alpha 2.3 change list

  • We now hide bridge pieces that obscure the player.

  • Zoom multiplier in settings now goes up to 360x :-)
  • Characters will no longer get stuck on the side of a wall after jumping and hitting the wall
  • Removed loophole in ACK that allowed for multi-heigh sculpting
  • Added improved jumping for when a character is jumping onto a tile higher then what he/she is on.

  • FIXED DPAD ON LINUX!!! We think... love confirmation!
  • Fixed controller right stick on Linux being inverted for horizontal movement.
  • Fixed Pyromancers doing too much damage - woops!
  • Fixed attacking when falling would sometimes lockup the player controls
  • Fixed walking onto a bridge or laval making you jump
  • Fixed wraiths falling through the level if they were repositioning while the player died
  • The new toilet is now rotatable
  • Fixed the points being shown for the cost of loot chests was wrong
  • Fixed deleting a tile with an enemy marker on it not refunding the build points from the enemy
SeonR  [developer] Apr 9, 2014 @ 11:12pm 
Welcome to Alpha 2.4 - 4th April 2014

Alpha 2.4 change list

  • Added more bridge styles

  • Linux : Added some magic that should auto detect controller mappings (if controller has been used before in big picture mode) and sets layout - fairly untested ;)
  • Breakable crate pieces now fall asleep (physics) when they settle increasing performance
  • Broken crate pieces no longer block barrels when trying to drop them

  • Fixed the character spawn on game quit issue
  • Fixed female hair being HUUUUGE
  • Fixed potential player lockup when grinding against walls
  • Fixed busted mesh on one of the bookshelves
  • Fixed a bunch of props that were not locking correct tiles
  • Fixed a bunch of online mode bugs
  • Fixed a "raycast too short" issue on enemies
  • Made bridge visual occluder system network aware
SeonR  [developer] Apr 11, 2014 @ 12:09am 
Welcome to Alpha 2.5 - 10th April 2014

New loot/gold distribution system

We've made substantial changes to our loot and gold distribution system, primarily to deal with exploit maps. You'll probably find that you'll receive slightly less loot overall, especially when playing on loot exploit maps. This is just a first pass, and we expect to be tweaking this a lot more in the future.

Loot distribution is now directly linked to enemies fought, so if you find your self not getting many loot drops, try and fight some enemies! This means that adventures with a substantial amount of chests at the start of the adventure won't drop as much loot, so keep that in mind when you're creating or updating your adventures.

Change to character rotation during attacking

A characters rotation can no longer be changed mid attack to help with target locking on enemies. Character rotation will adjust in-between attacks in a combo.

New player spawn marker feature

We have added the ability on the Player Spawn Marker to set the starting rotation for the characters and for the camera. To use, select the SPAWN entity from the menu and go to the marker in the adventure and you will see controls to set the rotations.

New Ability to override Adventure difficulty when publishing

Adventure creators now have the ability to override the difficulty setting for the adventure when they publish. This feature is being included because our auto detect system cannot always gauge how difficult a terrain layout is, so it can often mark it as an incorrect difficulty. Please don't abuse this and mark hard adventures easy ;)

Streamlined Prop tool bar and new variations system

With the constant addition of new props in each update, our toolbars were getting crazy, so we have re-designed how prop variations work. Now, if a prop has different variations, it will show you on the icon in the toolbar, with a count of how many variations.

When you place a prop, you can keep clicking (or pressing A) on that prop to cycle between each of the variations. Just leave the one you want and you are done.

Updated adventure indicator

We now mark each adventure on your world map that has been updated since you last started the game, so you can go and replay them if you wish. The indicators per adventure will only be visible for that session or until that adventure is updated again.

New Props
We have added a new prop category - MINES with a bunch of cool stuff included, as well as adding new stained glass windows to the facade category.

Check out a screenshot here...

We will continue adding to these categories and making new categories in future builds.

Dragon Scrolls
We now only distribute Dragon Scrolls on first completion of any adventure, not every time you complete one.

Alpha 2.5 change list

  • Added new SLUG Melee enemy that shoots poisonous gas and the ability for a player to be poisoned for a period of time.
  • Added the ability to name enemies - Just enter their name in the enemy UI display or leave it if you don't want the enemy named.
  • Added new input switching to the settings panel so players can switch between M&KB and Controller in menu or ACK
  • Added a new error checking system on adventure publishing to try to prevent broken adventures from being published
  • Added new spinning icon to map to show which adventures have been updated since your last pay
  • Added a check for busted adventures when you try and place them on your world map.
  • Added overridable difficulty settings in publish screen
  • Added new set of Mine props
  • Added some stained glass window props to Facade category
  • Added new player and camera direction markers on player spawn marker
  • Added new prop variation system
  • Added new AA setting to graphics settings panel
  • Removed shadows from low quality setting in graphics settings panel to help with performance on older hardware

  • Gates now close faster
  • Added a way of getting back to the start of Logical for those of you that rush through the gates without placing the barrel on the pressure plate
  • Added some MIN/MAX char length info to some text input fields
  • Water now gets darker as it gets deeper
  • Improved character progress saving (in case your computer crashes)
  • Re did ACK toolbars to prevent some funky UI issues
  • Re-implemented keys for network games to ensure they sync correctly
  • We now save all adventure meta data and local users data to Steam Cloud
  • We only award dragon scrolls on completing unique adventures - not on replays
  • Added ESC or [START] to back out of UI when locked on a prop or entity
  • Improved the character is grounded detection to ensure the character doesn't get stuck on the edge of things
  • The camera will now snap back to the item being edited when you finish setting up a logic connection

  • Fixed an error that could cause the world map from not showing
  • Fixed adventure effects settings not being set correctly on UGC - All adventures that use effects need re-publishing - sorry!
  • Fixed the creator leaderboard values being wrong
  • Fixed bookshelf that had it's green selection box left on
  • Fixed some column props not being rotatable
  • Fixed some broken button hover colours in the ACK
  • Fixed adding/removing traps was not updating difficulty score
  • Fixed + HP from potions modifier not being applied when drinking potions
  • Fixed several player ragdoll not sinking into the ground when being stepped on
  • Fixed some interactive items UI not disengaging sometimes
  • Fixed some UI rounding errors on Mana/Rage values
  • Fixed an exploit where players could get through a locked gate by dropping a barrel
  • Fixed being able to play blocked adventures when on controller
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SeonR  [developer] Apr 11, 2014 @ 11:18pm 
Welcome to Alpha 2.6 - 11th April 2014

Alpha 2.6 change list

  • Added new Ranged SPIKED SLUG enemy that shoots poisonous gas projectiles
  • Added 5 second flashing drop in message for player 2 if extra controller available when in an offline adventure
  • Dragon now resets to 1000000 HP left when you kill it... for now until we add more to the dragon experience
  • Added "MOUSE AUTO LOCK" button on settings screen that will turn on/off the new mouse attack locking introduced in 2.5 - This ONLY effects playing with KB&Mouse and the default is ON.

  • Breakable objects and barrels now update their tiles correctly for pathfinding when being broken or picked up
  • Enemies stop moving around the level when adventure is completed
  • Re-worded the quit button labels to be less ambiguous

  • Fixed online mode bug with keys
  • Fixed an online bug with dropping barrels
  • Fixed an online bug with killing enemies that drop keys
  • Fixed a dragon arena bug that would make the dragon disappear if you dealt it more than 100k damage in a single session
  • Fixed player not falling when knocked off the level from a minotaur charge
  • Fixed minotaurs getting stuck after killing a player
  • Fixed minotaur and troll being able to damage character when not attacking
  • Fixed a bug when continuously switching between controller and M/KB in ACK
SeonR  [developer] Apr 15, 2014 @ 10:28pm 
Welcome to Alpha 2.7 - 12th April 2014

Important! Please read...
This is a quick update to address some Steam Cloud issues a few users have reported that caused them to lose their adventures they were working on in the ACK.

This update has some core changes in how we load and compare data between our cloud saves and local backups we always write. We have taken a lot of care to ensure no one looses any user created adventures with this update and have tested it on 3 accounts to ensure data integrity - but that said, sometimes things happen, so please contacts us immediately via the Steam Forum if you think anything weird has happened to your list of adventures you have created.

  • Added a new file versioning system between local backups and steam cloud to prevent badly synced steam cloud data from being used instead of newer local data

  • Colour coded the shipping demo adventures in the file list in the ACK to make your own adventures stand out more

  • Fixed a potential steam cloud save issue that *might* have caused some players to lose adventures they were creating :(
SeonR  [developer] Apr 16, 2014 @ 9:58pm 
Welcome to Alpha 2.8 - 16th April 2014

Important: Publishing Bug
We think we have finally tracked down and fixed a bug that would sometimes publish the saved state of an adventure, rather than the current state of an adventure. So if you loaded an adventure, made changes and then published without saving first, sometimes it would send the older version instead of the new version.

Can everyone please load, check and re-publish their adventures to ensure players have the latest and possibly un-broken version of your adventure.

Updated Character Class Stats
We have updated all of the per class stats (visible on the character creation screen), including adding a new speed stat. Please review these changes to understand the differences between classes.

New Class : Ice Wizard!
We are happy to announce that our Ice Wizard class is now ready to play. We didn't want to delay this class any longer, but keep in mind this is just a first pass - meaning we will be changing and improving the special abilities over future updates (as with all of our classes).

Important: Class Diversity
Diversity of our classes has been brought up many times on the forums, so I want to address it here.

We agree that our classes need more diversity and that is something we plan to address in future updates. It is by design that all classes can use all weapon types and we don't have plans to change that at the moment.

We will however have modifiers on loot that are class specific. This loot can be equipped on any class, but only the right class will get the benefits from the class specific modifiers. As we develop the classes more we will start introducing these new modifiers.

Continued work on all of our existing classes and new ones is an ongoing thing for us, like all of our game features, where things will evolve over time.

Alpha 2.8 change list

  • New Ice Wizard class
  • Added more audio-fx to various things ( a constant work in progress )
  • Added first new breakable vase to destructible props - more on the way
  • Added new moveable barrel (barrel of fruit) - more barrels on the way
  • Your own adventures now populate your world map before any other content (apart from our initial tutorial adventure)
  • Added new "Least Played" option to advanced filtering

  • New set of per class stats
  • Classes now run at different speeds
  • Skeletons now break apart when you kill them - wicked!
  • Female characters now grunt with a female voice
  • Disabled RB for use with special attacks - reserved for new secret feature
  • Special attacks use mouse position for direction if you’re using the mouse to attack and you trigger the special attack with a key press (1-4)
  • Re-layed out the ACK main menu a bit to make room for new content (coming soon)
  • Reduced Fire Lord mana charge rate
  • Added "Are You Sure" dialog to [NEW] in ACK.
  • Added non-combat idle for characters using a spear
  • Did more work on being able to use more than one machine with a single steam account and having user created data sync correctly.

  • Fixed publishing without saving your changes first would publish old/wrong content.
  • Loot wasn't dropping correctly for guests in online games
  • Fixed dragon arena timer capping at 59:59
  • Fixed +XP loot modifier not always being awarded
  • Fixed some climbing issues on the minotaur
  • Fixed red error message in menu/ACK from not being centre aligned
  • Fixed a spear attack issue that could cause the player to get locked up
  • Fixed being able to block when using fire lord flame special attack
  • Fixed some cases of busted patrol path movement
  • Fixed surprise me "filter" spelling and not working
  • More online bugs fixed
SeonR  [developer] Apr 22, 2014 @ 8:33pm 
Welcome to Alpha 2.9 - 17th April 2014

Update Slow down over Easter holidays
So Easter is upon us and both Jarryd and Ari are taking some well deserved time off over the next 2 weeks, so updates will be less often, though we do have stuff scheduled so everyone will still get new goodies to play with at least on the ACK side.

We wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy holidays (Easter, Passover or whatever holiday you might be celebrating).

Happy Holidays Everyone!

7000 building points
We have lifted building points to 7000. Just a heads up that this is as high as we are planning to go for the foreseeable future. We have played enough user adventures that last for 25-30 mins to be convinced that this is as high as we need to go to ensure we stay inside the aim for FTD - short play sessions.

Alpha 2.9 change list

  • Lifted building points to 7000
  • Added the adventure name, owner and UGC badge to game pause screen
  • Added new "YOUR ADVENTURE" tag to map, loading and pause screen
  • Added new green square icon to world map screen to indicate your own adventures
  • Made special attack keys bindable
  • Allow binding of COMMAND keys on OSX.

  • Fire Lord and Ice Wizard have had their early special attacks re-balanced
  • Made all world map adventure icon's be the correct rotation
  • Added correct head to Ice Wizard (Male and female)
  • Renamed MANA to be EMBER (Fire Lord), FROST (Ice Wizard)

  • Fixed chests not staggering their loot properly
  • Possibly fixed slug not dying issue some players have reported
  • Fixed a few loot items that were not using correct visuals when equipped on female characters
SeonR  [developer] Apr 25, 2014 @ 12:51am 
Welcome to Alpha 3.0 - 23rd April 2014

New Camera Auto-Pitch System
We have implemented a new camera pitch system that will auto adjust the camera pitch when the player gets obscured by the land tiles in an adventure. You can turn this into manual mode in the game settings panel in the menu.

Auto (or manual) pitch only works in adventures, not in the menu or in dragon fights.

New Sculpting modes - Poison and Mud
We have added new sculpting modes like our water and lava.
POISON - Players that move over these tiles get poisoned for 3 seconds at a time.
MUD - Players get slowed down when they move over these tiles. Enemies don't :-)

We have also altered how Lava works... Lava now sets players on fire for 3 seconds at a time.

Extra sculpting height and increased per material tile counts
Now that we have a way of helping players from being obscured by tall environments, we've increased the sculpt height by another full tile.

We've also increased the per material tile count from 1200 to 1350 (a small but useful amount) and we've also fixed the grass materials being hooked into the dirt, so you can now paint grass with 3 grass types, each with 1350 tiles.

New rules for placing enemy spawn markers
You can no longer place enemy spawn markers on any tile other than land tiles. All creators should re-check all adventures and move any enemies onto land tiles or hey will auto-die on game start.

New desert materials
We've started adding new desert styled materials to the paint system (sand, bricks etc) so that creators can start making desert themed adventures. We still have lots more to add to this category plus more props that suit a desert theme (rocks etc) but it's a start.

New EXTERIOR props category and more INTERIOR props
Speaks for itself... check them out, lots of cool goodies in there like beds, arches, mushrooms, um... lots.

Auto download missing adventures from world maps when switching machines
We've spent a lot of time in this build implementing the ability to download missing adventure data on your world map for those that play on multiple machines. On first launch of the game it will check everyone's data integrity and from then onwards it will only check when it detects you are on a different machine than the last launch.

We'd love feedback about this from players that switch between multiple machines :-)

Alpha 3.0 change list

  • Added new AUTO & MANUAL camera pitch ability
  • Lifted sculpting height by 1 full tile
  • Added new MUD sculpt mode
  • Added new Poison sculpt mode
  • More moveable barrels and a bunch more destructible vases
  • Added new desert paint materials
  • Added new fish and wine moveable barrels
  • Added 5 more destructible vases
  • Added world map data integrity check
  • Added a bunch of new INTERIOR props
  • Added a bunch of new EXTERIOR props
  • Added GAMMA setting in Graphics settings in menu
  • Added new colour code and legend to server ping times to indicate which will have more network lag

  • Increased per material painting from 1200 to 1350 tiles.
  • Increased painting with water/lava/poison/mud from 3000 ties to 4000
  • Decoupled grass from dirt, so now you can paint up to 3950 tiles of grass (using 3 grasses)
  • Lava now sets player on fire and does damage over time
  • Added UI indicator for fire damage over time
  • You can no longer keep changing your adventure rating after you set/change it at the end of an adventure, until the next play of that adventure.
  • If an enemy with a key has a spawn place in water and dies, the key is automatically assigned to the player, rather than being dropped where the enemy spawned inside the water.

  • Fixed ability for second player in local co-op to drop in before first player, breaking everything.
  • Fixed a few broken instances where objects where not destroyed properly between adventures
  • Fixed music not resetting to correct volume when switching between menu/adventure/dragon arena and back
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SeonR  [developer] May 5, 2014 @ 12:23am 
Welcome to Alpha 3.1 - 24th April 2014

We know everyone is playing Dark Souls II - but we though we'd push a small but awesome update out anyway, in time for the weekend :-)

Improvements to the Inventory System
We have added 2 new features to the Inventory system...
1. New items now have a green [+] on them to indicate which are the new items you haven't looked at yet.
2. Weapons now have a 1 or 2 hand Icon on the details card so you know if you will have access to your shield or not when equipping it.

New 2 handed GreatSwords!
We have added 5 new 2 handed GreatSwords to the weapon mix that activate when your character reaches level 12. These new weapons are big and have a new set of attacking animations - and they look AWESOME!

Alpha 3.1 change list

  • Show [+] on new items in your inventory
  • New 1 and 2 handed weapon icons on inventory details
  • New 2 handed GreatSwords (more to come in future updates)
  • Added new UI scaling slider to the Graphics Settings in the menu ( let us know if there are any weird side effects please )
  • Added some rugs to the interior props area (more variations on the way)
  • Added additional Broken Arch prop to the variations available

  • Doors that require a key now flash their key icon on top of the door to make it clearer which key is required (as well as the key flash on the UI)
  • Destructible props no longer collide with Characters to stop them from occasionally propelling your character off the level
  • Character names can now be 3 chars instead of minimum of 4 chars.
  • Added more bad words to the profanity detection system
  • Fixed broken WELL prop (now has water) and added a new mud variant

  • Fixed issue when a new character created during player 2 drop in would rename player 1's character by mistake
SeonR  [developer] May 5, 2014 @ 11:08pm 
Welcome to Alpha 3.2 - May 5th 2014

New Unity Engine version
We have moved to a new version of Unity (the game engine we use for FTD) and we have not experienced any issues so far, but keep an eye out for any weirdness please and report to us if you see anything like video driver issues or crashes.

New ALT Weapon Inventory Item
We have added a new Inventory slot called ALT where you can select a second weapon that you can use to hot-swap during gameplay. Controls for hot-swapping are [~] on KB (bindable) and RB + Y on Controller.

New Crossbow ( first player ranged weapon )
We have finally added our first player ranged weapon - The Crossbow - that allows player to shoot short ranged bolts at enemies from a safe distance. The Crossbow also has a directional heavy attack that shoots a spray of bolts.

This is just a very early pass on the Crossbow, but it's lots of fun to use and really mixes combat up quite a bit.

New NPC UI and skins
We have re-implemented our NPC system to allow for different NPC skins as animation sets (Sad, Angry etc.. ) including a new UI panel. The original NPC we shipped is still in there as the default skin so no ones adventures will break.

We have also added a new Sign Post NPC (different Entity button) that allows a non-character message to be placed in game - This panel can only have 1x 140 char chunk of text.

New Creator FOLLOW button
We have added a new button on the Game Over screen where you can start "following" creators you like, based on the adventures you play. Right now we are using this to collect data and so you can prepare your follow lists so when we add the Adventure Gallery, you'll be able to search based on the creators you are following.

We encourage everyone to start following the creators you like now.

Network aware Chests
We have finally made all chests in FTD network aware for online games. What this means is that if player 1 opens a chest on his machine, that chest is open on all players machines, but the loot or items we drop from the chests is still local and specific to the character level like it is now.

This also means that if you join an adventure late, any chests that were opened before you joined will be open already, but you will get no loot or items from them.

Alpha 3.2 change list

  • Added ALT weapon slot to inventory
  • Added ability to HOT SWAP between Primary / ALT weapons
  • Added new Character details panel in Home
  • New NPC system
  • New NPC Sign Posts
  • We now show [REQUIREMENTS] tag on loot on the ground to indicate if you will be able to equip it or not
  • Added new "FOLLOW" creator button on game over screen
  • Chests are all network aware now
  • Added new Large and Small Throne Props

  • Characters can now douse their flames by running in water
  • Re-did a bunch of fire visual effects
  • Pyromancer fire effect now sets player on fire
  • All fire/poison traps now use the new damage over time system
  • Added controller icons to Special Attack UI
  • Removed dragon scrolls and dungeon keys from in game character UI
  • Lots of enemy AI improvements
  • Made KEYS bigger so they are easier to see in game when dropped
  • Added Poison and Mud colours to adventure thumb-nailing system (everyone should re-publish to get new thumbnails)
  • Doors that are now unlocked by player stay unlocked even for enemies
  • Poison now does less damage
  • We show new UI when you are in Prop Logic connection mode to prevent some lockups some creators have had

  • Fixed issue in MP games where clients wouldn't be able to join a game
  • Fixed house door rotating every time you switched character in home screen
  • Fixed repeating player damage sound when on fire or poisoned
  • Fixed bug where player could stand still in lava and not take damage
  • Fixed bug where enemies no longer took damage from lava
  • Fixed GAMMA being broken on second camera in split-screen
  • Fixed UI hitbox area in ACK Loading UI ( for mouse scroll wheel )
  • Fixed a bunch of online MP issues
  • Fixed Healing Portal freaking out when game went from split-screen to single screen on game over
  • Fixed Healing Portals not being able to be marked for re-spawn if no health was left on it
  • Fixed issue where UI in ACK could disappear when loading an adventure after viewing the creator leaderboard
  • Fixed a bunch of props that were not blocking enemy line of sight properly
  • Fixed some controller navigation issues on ACK publish UI preventing players from setting difficulty
  • Fixed an issue where opening the creator dashboard and then loading a level would make all UI disappear
  • Fixed not being able to clear an Enemy name in the UI
SeonR  [developer] May 19, 2014 @ 12:14am 
Welcome to Alpha 3.3 - May 6th 2014

Just because we can’t help ourselves, and want to get you stuff as soon as humanly possible!

Alpha 3.3 change list

  • Added PREVIEW message to start of Dragon Arena
  • Added controls help bar to world map screen
  • Added new weapon swap sound
  • Pyromancer fireballs now explode on impact and cause damage

  • We now clamp the camera height when the character falls of the level
  • Pyromancer fireball attack got lots of VFX and SFX love
  • Improved accuracy of UI slider controls when using controllers

  • Fixed camera pitch engaging on first character spawn
  • Fixed new NPC dialogue text box not being accessible on controller
  • Fixed not being able to close the Sign Post dialogue box with close button
  • Crossbow bolts now damage the Dragon
  • Fixed broken character inventory UI in the Dragon arena
  • Fixed music volume not being set correctly and prevented multiple tracks from playing at once
  • Fixed NPC’s with no dialogue from showing empty dialogue panel during game
  • Fixed missing tabs on the Static Props toolbar in the ACK
SeonR  [developer] May 26, 2014 @ 10:17pm 
Welcome to Alpha 3.4 - 10th May 2014

So this update took a bit longer than we hoped, but here it is - Enjoy!

Start of our Class Diversification Process
We have spent a loooooong time this update re-implementing how classes work in FTD to allow for much more class diversity - something everyone has been asking for.

We have added the following changes to how classes work:
  • Weapons are now class specific. Mages now can't use 2 handed weapons or crossbows, but now have new 2 handed magical staff weapons that only they can use.
  • Weapons and loot now have class specific modifiers. Items with class specific modifiers don't prevent the item being used on other classes (if it is an item that class can use) but the class specific modifier won’t work.
  • New heavy attacks per class with different strategies in their use
  • Each 2 handed weapon has it's own unique heavy attack

Note: If you already have an item equipped on your character that is restricted for your class, we won’t remove it, but if you ever remove it yourself, you won’t be able to re-equip it again. We did this so we didn’t have to stomp your character data!

So this is just the start of what we are doing to diversify the classes. We have more planned that we will include in future builds as the features are ready.

New Adventure Gallery
We have finally added the Adventure Gallery to the world map where you can search for specific adventures by adventure name or creator name, or use one of our pre-defined search filter buttons to find adventures based on how new, popular or difficult they are.

Results are limited to 24 per filter/search at the moment. We’ll see how that goes for now.

The old behaviour of left clicking a tile to get a random adventure still works as before, but we have removed a bunch of options from the advanced button in terms of how they filter and what you get to include.

We have also added your own adventures to the gallery filter list for ones you have not placed already. Note: We no longer place your own adventures first if you just click on a tile.

You also have the ability to delete unwanted user adventures from your world map. You cannot delete 3 Sprockets or your own adventures.

Alpha 3.4 change list

  • Lots of work on class diversity
  • Two new NPC (Monk, Robed man)
  • New adventure gallery (only available after tutorial adventure)
  • Added ability to delete unwanted user adventures from your world map
  • Added class specific icons to inventory UI
  • Added proper hair for Fire Lords and Ice Wizards
  • Added new particle effects for Fire Lords and Ice Wizards
  • Added new Magic Fire Staff (more staffs to come soon)
  • Added per class weapon requirements
  • Added per class modifiers to weapons
  • Added new random melee attack animations for skeletons, orcs and goblins
  • Destructible props can now drop coins and bombs - be careful
  • Added new sliding door props with logic hookups (Props/Interactive/Sliding)
  • Added new faster pathfinding framework
  • Added a bunch of new loot item modifiers
  • Added new class specific intro animations

  • Added new help when in Decal mode in ACK
  • Unit health bars now turn off when character is in menu/inventory
  • Improved ranged enemies flee and attack logic
  • Improved the goblin bomb and explosion
  • Projectiles now damage breakable items
  • Enemies will now get a new path if something along their path changes (door closes, trap door opens, etc)
  • Mage’s 4th special attacks have had their damage toned down a bit.

  • Fixed adventure name/creator info on end of game screen
  • Fixed the decals all spawning wrong colour when added in ACK
  • Fixed Slug enemies high climb sometimes not working
  • Fixed stamina resetting when hot swapping weapons
  • Fixed being able to lock up character when jumping/attacking near water
  • Fixed jumping not working when grinding along a wall
  • Fixed jumping not working when too close to the ground
  • Fixed loot being able to fall through closed trap doors
  • Fixed character trying to jump across closed trap doors
  • Fixed being able to click on a world tile when camera was still moving
  • Removed Creator Dashboard issue in Dragon Arena causing crashes for some players
  • Fixed only dropping junk items if someone in an adventure didn't have that item type already equipped
  • Fixed being able to equip items that you have not met requirements for
  • Fixed some items getting 2 of the same modifier types
  • Fixed copy & paste for some props that use more than one tile

  • Fixed crash bug in gallery when closing and reopening when using an online filter
  • Reworded some of the world map help
  • Fixed some silly button navigation hookups in gallery
SeonR  [developer] Jun 2, 2014 @ 12:14am 
Welcome to Alpha 3.5 - 27th May 2014

New TAGS system
We have added a new TAGS system to FTD in this update that allows players to TAG each adventure they play with up to 3 unique tags that they feel best describes the adventure they played.

We have also added mandatory TAGS to the Publish UI in the ACK that forces creators to also tag their adventures on publishing.

We ask that all players take some time to tag adventures after they play them as the more data we get, the better the tags system will work.

These tags are going to be used in future updates to allow players to either find adventures based on specific tags or filter out unwanted adventures based on tags… for instance:

For those of you that don’t like playing PLATFORM style adventures, you’ll be able to filter out all adventures that have the PLATFORM tag.

ADVENTURE CREATORS - Please TAG and republish your adventures!

New Class Passive Abilities
Each class now has a passive ability to help differentiate them even more.
  • The Fire Lord takes 50% less damage in lava
  • The Ice Wizard heals very slowly when standing in water
  • The Fighter slowly earns Rage while it's health is below 50%

Visual State of Equipped Armour
You can now turn off/on the visuals for any of your equipped armour. So you might have an awesome helmet equipped, but don't really like the visuals for it, you can now just SHIFT+LMB on the icon or [Y] on controller in your inventory and turn off the visual :-)

This is of course an important feature for us to have in place for when we ship the character customisation system *sometime in the future* as it will allow you to see your customisations underneath your equipped loot.

This feature doesn't work on weapons/shields. Just wearable armour.

New Mini Boss enemy - The Worm
The Worm is a stationary enemy that has a 2 distance melee attack and a ranged attack where it shoots projectiles that do damage and bog down the players movement for 10 seconds. The Worm has a full 360 degree attack radius and they look uber cool!

Alpha 3.5 change list

  • Added new TAG system for players and creators
  • Added new Worm mini boss
  • Added ability to hide/show wearable loot on your character
  • Added follower count to Creator Dashboard to see how many players follow you
  • Added a bunch of new loot modifiers
  • Added new passive abilities for classes
  • Added new class descriptions on Character Creation UI
  • Added a [DELETED] category to the Adventure Gallery so you can replace adventures you’ve removed from your work map
  • Added new player knockback from Golem stomp attack with some camera shake.

  • Changed adventure description field in the Publish UI to now be a min of 16 chars and a max of 160 - No more 1 word descriptions!
  • Cleaned up the ACK Toolbar UI a bit to fix missing tab backgrounds
  • Decreased the chance of getting Junk and Common loot drops as you level up
  • Improved the enemy hit flash visual to make it much clearer when you have hit/damaged an enemy
  • Explosive scarabs now chase the player when they are about to explode
  • Golem/Minotaur/Troll weapon impact on player should now be more reliable

  • Fixed ACK not picking up adventure data from the cloud if it exists
  • Fixed skittish golem animation transitions
  • Fixed an issue on the alert dialogue box that could block input out after closing it
  • Force Checkpoint & Hint UI to close when quitting adventure
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