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Four Different Endings
If you take into consideration the sequal Blackguards 2, the canon ending for the game is
Aurelia dead, meaning you never trusted her throughout the game and your main charater also dead, sacrificing himself to stop the Nameless Whisper

But about the other three possible endings. How do you get them?

I do keep getting the one Where Naurim says No more secrets to Aurelia , but how do you get the other two. The one where everyone survives and the one where everyone except for Aurelia. Or are there also endings where one other partymate sacrifices themselves. Such an ending wouldn't fit well in Blackguards 2's continuity though...
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Sasha Sep 7, 2019 @ 3:26am 
I always thought there were two endings, if I'm wrong, please correct me. The hero in any ending dies, sacrificing himself to stop the nameless whisper.

Further options are possible:
(Some achievements do not work, so I will conditionally indicate what they should be.)
1) Aurelia dies (Burn the witch);
2) Aurelia survives (friends forever).

I didn't have any other endings, like someone sacrificing themselves instead of a hero to stop a nameless whisper.

What endings did you have?
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I usually only get the one where Aurelia survives but the hero doesn't because I really can't stand finishing the game with just Zurb as the mage. I never play the main character as a mage becausese I dislike the whole Metal armor supresses Magic casting mechanic. Thankfully it was changed on Blackguards 2 with a set of perks that negate those penalties.

Also, I read an old post on here where someone claimed they have gotten an ending where everyone survives, including the main charater but without any proof of it so they might just be fibbing.
Sasha Sep 7, 2019 @ 6:12am 
Or, if this post was a long time ago, the developers could fix it with updates.

I understand you, in turn, I want to say that I often play a mage, as the game has a very large set of magic skills and I like to pass the game in different ways.

Hero mage, Zurbaran and Aurelia I usually put a full set of leather armor + quilted gloves.
In the quest" beautiful rose Droll "can randomly fall "quilted gloves", so I reload the battle several times to get them.

Also quilted gloves randomly fall out after the very first battle with one guard in Neetha. Third pair of gloves you can buy at the beginning of the third act among traders in Mengbilla.

Set of leather armor + quilted gloves - the best option for your mages.
This clothing does not prevent them from casting spells and resists damage well.

You can also use traps and other interactive objects to trick the enemy and thus reduce the damage. Also, some spells help to reduce the damage received.

And most importantly - when you create a hero mage - do it in the "expert mode". "Beginner mode" is useless.
I'm never overwhelmed with the vast variety of spells as I play offensively. The only spells inportant for me are the single target Fire Spell which I level up to level 3, Healing Balm I get to level 3, the poison cure spell of which Level 3 is optimal in my opinion although I give a maxed version to either mage for the mission in ciliego's house and finally the AoE knockdown spell that Aurelia comes pre-learned with. I no longer care for buffs and debuffs as I prioritize Damage output nowadays.

Also you say you aave scum to get the gear you want. Know any mission\s where the Gambeson Trousers, yes I said trousers as Chausers is an obvious mistranslation, drop. I want to complete the set early on for Zurb
instead of waiting 'til chapter 3 as the look fits him better IMHO. The Hardened Leather set fits Aurelia better seeing as the Leather Helmet kinda resembles her shame mask.
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Sasha Sep 7, 2019 @ 9:02am 
I understand. But I not'm on external kind of clothing, for me it is important what resistance gives armor to every mind damage. How it will look, personally for me, does not matter.

To the third act does not need to wait, you can collect full sets of leather armor in the first act (except 2 leather helmets - you can buy them in the second act). Gloves belong to another set of armor - quilted.
I just recommended for you, also because the other alternatives (wear on hands) does not exist for mages.

In their spells, I try to focus on Buffs. As spell damage and spell weakening do not always work properly + enemies can be resistant to them.
While spells of protection and strengthening always work in full force!
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This combination is a sweet way to start a good fight. Aurelia, because she seems to be the fastest when it comes to initiative, starting off with Wrath of the Elements on a grouped clump of enemies. When the knockdown succeeds followed by any special melee attack, not just Hammer blow, by your melee dudes can quickly dispatch them. If the knockback didn't kick in or only one enemy fell down, following up with the same spell with Zurb can essentially be beneficial. If your initiative setup has Zurb immediately following Aurelia, double Wrath of the Elements is a truly deadly combination and if you're extremely lucky can wipe a group, like two or three
enemies at once in those two moves alone.

Also I feel using traps and throwing weapons are a waste of belt slots seeing as potions are more important. Incidentally the traps skill seems to be bugged for my game as my dudes can never successfully disarm traps unless I max the skill up. But doing so seems a waste of valuable AP I would rather put into more useful stuff. Same goes with the Recover skill, I find it a waste as it still fails unless you max the ekill up. I also don't purchase bandages because of this. I would rather go to a Healer to be patched up for a fee, or in the case of dungeons in late game, level 3 Healing Balm for the wounds recovery.
Sasha Sep 8, 2019 @ 5:21am 
Throwing weapons are sometimes useful, for example, when you need to finish off a strong enemy or stun the enemy at the beginning of the round (throwing axe). Mainly use the soldiers that can't do the spell.
l agree, a throwing weapon takes up a slot on the hero's belt, but you don't need to miss a move by a melee hero to use it. While changing weapons to crossbow will spend 1 action and you will miss a turn.

Thanks for the advice - using the spell "elemental wrath" doubly, I will definitely try it.
I bandages do not buy it, here I agree with you - the skill "healing" is useless entirely.
Skill "traps" if you like - you can do without it.

I want to note that one of the best skills in the game is - "melee master". Although to get it you need to improve 3 melee skill up to 16.
There should not regret the experience points, because this skill uvelichivaet almost all characteristics such evasion, parry, etc., and increasing the damage done in melee.

Combined with level 3 cat agility and level 3 lightning speed spells, your melee hero is able to destroy an army of enemies in a few moves using special attacks.

Lightning speed level 3 is a very good spell for any situation.

About balm healing I want to give you a tip: upgrade it to level 4, I like to use it on the 4th level. 1) he heals 6 moves in a row. 2) he heals even those heroes, which fell. 3) Each turn while active, heals wounds.
Note: While level 4 healing balm works, do not use level 1, level 2, or level 3 healing balm, otherwise it will stop working.
If treatment is not enough - use a bottle of healing potion or another healing spell, for example, "spitting witches".
Such situations are rare and usually additional treatment is not required.
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