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TylerGlaiel  [developer] Mar 6, 2016 @ 12:34pm
PATCH 0.15.2
  • Added demonic versions of BunBun, Whacka, and Slime powerups
  • Set a new Saturday Special for today!

PATCH 0.15.1
  • upped singing note limit from 100 to 120 (yes this is only because I had a song that was slightly too long that I want to use. It's my game I can do what I want!)
  • fixed FireBarrel explosion shader not working on opengl (mac, linux) platforms
  • fixed usernames showing up on the screen when a player is behind the camera
  • fixed -map command not recognizing number-only filenames that begin with a 0


(Special thanks to Sven Bergström[] and Andreas Jörgensen[] for filling in for Sven Ruthner while he was in the hospital)

Well... that took longer than expected! This was supposed to be the "February" update but a series of unplanned real-life-related hurdles ended up making it take a bit longer. No worries! We made the patch extra awesome to make up for it! Anyway here's the patch you've all been waiting patiently for:


  • Added Steam Workshop support for custom maps! See here[] for instructions.
  • Custom maps now store the author of the map (For existing maps you will need to open them in the editor and re-save to get your author data saved in)
  • Added "custom map folder" to the create game panel to let you make map sets
  • Added author data for all the default maps

  • Added a new powerup (regular pinata): The Fire Barrel! Kinda looks like a makeshift rocket engine doesn't it?
  • Added a new powerup (golden pinata): Bun Bun! Nobunny crosses Bun Bun...

  • Offscreen indicators now open up to show a camera view of players you have last-hit with a bomb. This is basically a kill cam, so you can always see who you kill even if they are offscreen
  • Player you have last-hit with a bomb now have a highlighted smoke trail
  • Increased the stun-scale when spamming bombs slightly
  • Stun-scale now applies to explosions too (up to 100% extra stun on yourself when you are spamming bombs, from all force sources) (this will not kick in until spamming > 2 bombs per second)
  • Pinatas will no longer spawn until at least 1 player has spawned
  • Stun is now capped to 5 seconds maximum while you are on the ground (no cap while you're in the air)
  • The lava now stops you if you whiff a lucha slam

  • Added 2 new chat commands, "-sing" and "-fancysing". These can be used by anyone as customizable taunts. You are allowed to sing once every 120 seconds, however this timer gets reset if you get a kill. See below the patch notes for more info on how the sing commands work!

  • Default setting for music and sfx volume is now a lot lower (this will only effect new players or playing the game on a new computer)
  • Fixed an issue with sound effects where some sounds being played at a lower pitch would cut off too soon (this noticablly affects fire tiles, and fixes a few pops and clicks elsewhere)
  • Added sound effects for players joining and leaving
  • Added sound effects for getting a kill and respawning
  • Added a real sound effect for the EMP
  • Added a whoosh sound effect to players when traveling at high speed

  • Fixed bat swipes using the old unity tons-of-polygons-quad
  • Fixed a few powerup graphics self-shadowing when they shouldnt have
  • Fixed the 1 pixel white line on the bottom of the scoreboard in some resolutions
  • Block rubble now gets shadowed
  • Fixed the bouncy block spring sometimes not showing up over the correct bouncy block
  • Fixed rocket graphics overriding some other powerups graphics when it launches
  • Oiled up the steroid arms :larm::bombot::rarm:
  • Black hole bomb's particles now more accurately reflect the range of its force

  • Reworked the layout of the tilemap textures to reduce RAM and disk usage.
  • Optimized the file size of a number of assets to reduce RAM and disk usage.

  • Fixed larger bombs not spawning in the correct location
  • Fixed minor issue with shuffling RNG (used for powerups)
  • Fixed an issue where bomb-player collision wasn't registering unless a player threw a bomb in the past second OR got hit twice in a row with bombs
  • Fixed double respawning if you get a double kill as a ghost
  • Fixed larger bombs not being effected by ice, mud, or springs
  • Added additional error handling and logging in the server code. Please send me a debug log if you were host and another player couldn't connect after being lagged out.
  • Fixed an issue with LeadBomb+Wrecking Ball+any splitting powerup that could orbit you sometimes

  • Fixed map editor being able to sometimes place extra blocks while trying to save a map
  • Fixed an issue in the editor where it would sometimes not save a level (and subsequently break the save dialog)
  • Fixed an issue in the editor where double-saving a file would mess up the path in the save file dialog
  • Added additional error handling to the editor load/save file dialog (should be no more breaking with a messed up path)
  • Custom map sets will now ignore empty folders (you do not need the seasonal folders anymore if you don't want any seasonal levels. Just neutral is fine.)
  • The default built-in custom maps folder has been renamed from "default" to "sample" (because the default setting is now "all sets", which would be confusing) (this effects new installs of the game only)
  • The game will now avoid loading bad custom map data* (too large, too small, wrong filesize for dimensions, wrong file extension) and will hide any "empty" map sets from the list of available map sets.
    *note that this is not actually checking the contents of the map, such as making sure tile values are correct and levels have spawns, so it is still possible to make garbage maps that pass the test. I'm not looking for bug reports related to those, just ones that crash the game or cause it to seizure out when loading.
  • Fixed the game seizuring if it failed to find a custom map

First of all, in sandbox mode there are no limitations or cooldowns songs, so this is the mode you should be in to test these! In a real game, these commands have a 120s cooldown, and can't be longer than 10 seconds or have more than 100 notes.
Try these 2 sample commands first:
-sing {4,2,0,2,4,4,4,x,2,2,2,x,4,7,7,x,4,2,0,2,4,4,4,4,2,2,4,2,0}
-fancysing {(1,0,500),(0,2,250),(1,-2,400),(2,0,1000),(1,3,500),(0,2,250),(1,-2,400),(2,0,1000)}
-fancysing {(0, 3, 0)(0, 8, 150)(0, 3, 0)(0, 8, 150)(0, 3, 0)(0, 8, 150)(0, 3, 0)(0, 8, 150)(1, 1, 0)(1, 6, 300)(1, 1, 0)(1, 6, 300)(1, -2, 0)(1, 3, 300)(1, -2, 0)(1, 3, 300)(3, 1, 0)(3, 6, 300)}

"-sing" is a list of pitches (with 0 being C3). Valid ranges for pitches are -40 to 40, with an "x" indicating a rest. Each note lasts for a quarter second. Simple songs are very easy to make with this command, however if you want better control over timings you'll want to use the fancysing command

"-fancysing" is a list of sets of 3 numbers, each representing 1 note. The format is (sound, pitch, delay). Sound is 0-4, with each number representng a different sound clip to use. Currently it's 5 different "la" sounds, however we may add more in the future. Pitch is the same as in "-sing", however "x" as a rest is not enabled here (just use a delay on the previous note, or a pitch outside the valid range). "Delay" is how many milliseconds to wait before playing the next pitch. You can use 0ms delay to play notes at the same time for chords.

In both commands, the commas and parenthesis are optional, however if you use spaces to separate things the note list should surrounded in brackets {} or quotes ""

I expect people to create and share all sorts of crazy sings they come up with. Eventually I will integrate this into the game better so people can save them and play them automatically as a taunt without having to paste stuff into the chat, but for now this is pretty fun as is.
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owlyoop cockatoo Mar 6, 2016 @ 1:06pm 
I am getting a "item invalid... dunno why :(" error when trying to submit my map :(
TylerGlaiel  [developer] Mar 6, 2016 @ 1:12pm 
screenshot what it looks like in the workshop tool?
qbicfeet Mar 6, 2016 @ 3:01pm 
Wow, this is some pretty great stuff. Especially love the singing, going to have so much fun with that.

-fancysing {(3,8,0)(3,24,480)(3,12,0)(2,24,240)(2,25,240)(2,3,0)(3,27,480)(3,12,0)(3,24,480)(3,10,0)(3,25,480)(3,15,0)(2,25,240)(2,27,240)(2,3,0)(3,22,480)(3,15,0)(3,19,480)(3,8,0)(3,24,480)(3,12,0)(2,24,240)(2,25,240)(2,3,0)(3,27,480)(3,12,0)(4,32,480)(2,1,0)(4,29,480)(3,8,360)(2,24,60)(2,25,60)(2,15,0)(4,27,480)(4,39,0)}

EDIT: Since Mr. Glaiel didn't seem too stoked about the above melody I decided to try and recreate one of the better songs from Closure instead. Hopefully it should suit his tastes better.

-fancysing {(1,8,130)(1,10,130)(1,13,130)(1,10,130)(4,25,0)(3,17,390)(3,17,390)(4,27,0)(4,15,780)(1,8,130)(1,10,130)(3,20,0)(1,13,130)(1,10,130)(4,27,0)(3,15,390)(3,15,390)(4,29,0)(3,13,390)(1,12,130)(2,10,260)(2,32,0)(1,8,130)(2,30,0)(1,10,130)(2,29,0)(1,13,130)(2,27,0)(1,10,130)(4,25,0)(3,13,390)(3,15,390)(4,27,0)(3,12,390)(1,10,130)(2,8,260)(4,20,260)2,8,260)(3,15,520)(3,13,0)}
Last edited by qbicfeet; Mar 6, 2016 @ 4:13pm
owlyoop cockatoo Mar 6, 2016 @ 5:25pm 
Originally posted by Glaiel:
screenshot what it looks like in the workshop tool?
TylerGlaiel  [developer] Mar 6, 2016 @ 6:17pm 
screenshot of what your folder structure looks like?
owlyoop cockatoo Mar 6, 2016 @ 7:14pm 
don't really know how to get a good screenshot of this that shows everything, best I can come up with is just the top toolbar :rshocked:
TylerGlaiel  [developer] Mar 6, 2016 @ 7:16pm 
should work fine. are you logged into the steam client while trying to do this?
TylerGlaiel  [developer] Mar 6, 2016 @ 7:17pm 
Originally posted by qbicfeet:
EDIT: Since Mr. Glaiel didn't seem too stoked about the above melody I decided to try and recreate one of the better songs from Closure instead. Hopefully it should suit his tastes better.

haha how did you get the idea I wasn't stoked about that from that tweet? it was pretty awesome
qbicfeet Mar 7, 2016 @ 1:33am 
Originally posted by Glaiel:
haha how did you get the idea I wasn't stoked about that from that tweet? it was pretty awesome
Hehe, I don't know. Probably just from the inevitability and oversaturation of Undertale stuff in general and how it's leaking into every one and another unrelated game. I'm getting a bit worn on it myself, but it was the first tune that sprung to my head as simple enough to try and recreate using -sing. If anything, projecting my own feelings onto that tweet gave me a reason to be ♥♥♥♥ with the second song ;)

Either way, -sing is a really solid feature, and it's one of those pointless things that I didn't know I was missing. Curious to see if/how you expand on it in the future. If there's one thing I'd suggest is a "mute sing commands" or something for when people are having *too* much fun with it, plus maybe making it so that the game lowers the game music slightly whenever a custom song is playing.
Sir Sid Mar 7, 2016 @ 4:25am 
-fancysing {(3,3,800),(3,5,700),(3,-2,500),(3,5,700),(3,7,700),(2,10,200),(2,8,150),(3,7,250),(3,3,900),(3,5,900),(3,-2,400)}

you can now rickroll people while playing bombernauts.

Eden Sep 5, 2016 @ 3:11pm 
-fancysing {(0,2,400)(0,5,400)(0,4,300)(0,0,1200)(0,2,400)(0,5,400)(0,4,300)(0,0,1200)(0,2,400)(0,5,400)(0,4,300)(0,0,1200)}

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