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Captain Deathbeard  [developer] Oct 6, 2016 @ 10:01am
Final Feature Plans
I see a lot of posts around where players say that X feature is coming soon or Y feature isn't coming, and they are often mistaken because of my terrible communication. So I think I need to clarify things for everyone, which features are making it to release and which aren't.
Also we are getting nearer to the final release date, which we are estimating at the early side of 2017. This means unfortunately some of the less important "luxury" features will have to get dropped as it's more important to spend the extra time on bug-fixing and polishing the game as it is.

  • -Quests/story
    This has never been a planned feature, Kenshi has always been sandbox-focused. There were however plans for a dynamic "job" system, which would generate small missions like "assassinate this guy" or "steal this item" etc. It's not likely that we will have time to add this feature before release, as I consider it less important to the gameplay than others.
  • -Ranged Weapons
    This feature will possibly have to be dropped, but I consider it probably the most important one listed here so I will quite likely add it in as a freebie AFTER the 1.0 release
  • -Player Town Civilian Population
    I never really intended Kenshi to be a town building game in this respect, so I don't consider it an important feature, however it might be easy to implement if I use something like the existing bodyguard system
  • -Diplomacy system
    I don't think I've ever been super clear on this, so I don't know what people are expecting. Basically it will be a system of dialogue options with faction leaders or representatives that affect their relations and actions. So for example you could tell the leader of one faction that you want to ally with them, they offer you a huge reward if you can kidnap their enemy leader, and as a result their enemy declares war on you and possibly starts launching assaults on your home base.
  • -Limb amputation & robotic replacements
    Would have been great fun but unfortunately is a "luxury" feature so I have to drop it :(
  • -Smuggling & illegal goods
    Will be in the next major update 0.94
  • -Animal taming
    Again sadly another luxury feature that will have to be dropped. There are still animal companions that can be purchased though, so it's just the taming part that's missing.
  • -Blood
    Should be in final release, as this is more of an artist's job and won't take time from the rest.
  • -Weather
    As in weather that actually affects gameplay and characters. Right now we have cosmetic weather, and rain that affects crops. I'm hoping to have storms and things that harm characters in various ways and restrict visibility etc in the future map updates.
  • -Town Assaults
    To clarify, these are “scripted” events where a faction starts coming to your base and making threats or demands, which then branch into bigger assaults on your base depending on how you deal with them. They can potentially be triggered by anything: base proximity, angering an individual, being too wealthy etc. The functionality is there, but they’ll be added in at the end as they take a lot of testing and balancing.
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