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Time for Supra Vandal
We already got many Prime and Wraith weapons and I think it`s now time for the Vandal. But why Supra? Because it is the classy Corpus weapon which rips warframes into pieces in no time (by Corpus Tech hands). And also the counterpart, Gorgon, already got upgraded into Wraith.

The main problem I noticed is that Supra is aging. Every next rifle that comes out is better than the Supra in almost every way (Soma, Boltor Prime, for example). Supra is supposed to be big badass heavy caliber machinegun. And now it is losing its prestige.

So, back to Vandal.
My recommended changes:
  • Reload 4,2 sec --> 3 sec (naturally)
  • Status 2,5% --> 12,5% (2,5% is just way too less)
  • Projectile speed 40 --> 70 (for nervous grineers who always move)
  • Accuracy 8,3 ---> 10,5 (same as Gorgon Wraith)
  • Damage 35 --> 45 (less impact, more slash and puncture)

I think crit is fine already ( just 2,5% ), laser rifles shouldn`t crit much and even more shouldn`t do impact damage (pushing light lol). Dont want to make Supra too OP, but it deserves to be more viable (not only with Volts shield) , not just inaccurate bullet spamming machine which misses more than half of lazy ass slow projectiles. It is pretty strong on focus fire up close on single targets like bosses or high level heavy gunners though.

If anyone thinks that these changes are too OP, just check other Primes / Wraiths
Especially Boltor vs Boltor Prime (25 vs 54 damage + even more firerate... lol)

Well, the moment has past...

Thank you for reading this.
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:) 4. čvn. 2014 v 14.07 
My post is the only one with no replies at all :(
At least I tried :(
Sounds interesting, hope DE will make this as event weapon.
I agree that there should be a Vandel weapon, we've gotten enough Wraith and Primes already. This would be a refreshing weapon to get in an event.
Alad V's event should have a reward such as this one :3
MadKirby původně napsal:
My post is the only one with no replies at all :(
At least I tried :(

Maybe you should try posting this on the actual warframe forum instead of steam.
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