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(Bug?) Technologies whose stats are WORSE than previous Technologies
So here are some observations that I think probably have just gone unnoticed with all the tech tree overhauls.

Xeno Adaptation gives you Colonial Hospital improvement (+30% growth)
Four technologies later you have Xeno Biology with awards Xeno Medical Center improvement which is an upgrade for Colonial Hospital, BUT upgrading the improvement is bad because the new Xeno Medical Center improvement gives +25% growth (-5% from what you just had!). Two technologies later you have Population Enhancement with will award the Fertility Center improvement, upgrading the Xeno Medical Center for a +50% growth bonus. So really your growth is punished for 6 tech tiers instead of being rewarded for getting to Xeno Biology. No bueno.

Weapon Systems technology unlocks Laser and Enhanced Laser ship components. Laser has one attack and costs no special resource. Enhanced Laser also gives 1 attack BUT costs 1 Elerium AND has a LARGER mass. The only GOOD difference is Enhanced laser has less construction costs so I guess the ship builds faster? I'm not sure that is a meaningful difference or worth the Elerium or if they were even meant to be so similar? I wonder if anyone would notice if Enhanced laser didn’t exist?

The Pulse Cannon Technology unlocks the Mass Driver and Prototype Durantium Driver ship components. These two components have all the EXCACT SAME stats except the Prototype Durantium Driver component COSTS 12 Durantium. The Prototype Durantium Driver component is, no doubt, a pointless component in all situations at the current place in the tech tree with the associated Durantium cost and stats, one would never knowingly choose to equip it over the Mass Driver.

Harpoons technology unlocks 3 different ship components, with two seemingly pointless. There is a construction cost difference but I’m not sure if the construction time difference is meaningful or noticeable. Also, again, I’m not sure if it was intended for so many components to be so similar and unlocked at the same time.
There are Harpoon and Phoenix ship components. They have the exact same stats except Harpoon costs 1 Antimatter and has less construction costs. Again, I’m not sure the build time difference is really meaningful when it costs a special resource, would anyone notice if it didn’t exist? Does anyone choose it over the Phoenix ship component?
Prototype Antimatter Missile ship component is also unlocked but it has the same stats as Stinger ship component which was unlocked three technologies earlier. Prototype Antimatter Missile has the least construction cost of the missile components mentioned here but it cost 2 Elerium and has half the attack of Harpoon and Phoenix components unlocked with it, which both cost less or no special resources.

I apologize if the construction costs differences mentioned are meaningful in small games or small maps in multiplayer, that I have not experienced for myself. For sure at least the Pulse Cannon Technology unlocks need to be changed for one is exactly the same. The growth stats also need to be changed for a worse upgrade does not make sense.

Thank you for the great game!
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Shaupat  [developer] Apr 1, 2019 @ 6:30am 
Thanks for the report. We'll look into it.
mormegil  [developer] Apr 1, 2019 @ 11:56am 
Thanks for the report, I have gone over these issues with a balance pass, hopefully, these will fix your problems. It should be in the next patch.
{4US} Dominatus Apr 1, 2019 @ 6:34pm 
I also noticed that extreme precursor worlds (prison world, experimental world, quarantine world) give +5 raw production. As you unlock the precursor study technologies it increases the % bonus to whatever stat that planet specializes in. The raw production is reduced to +3 though. That may be intended but thought I'd point it out just in case.
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