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Dead Island Riptide co-op partner thread!
Looking for a co-op player when Riptide unlocks on Steam? Or a group of players?

Leave a message in this thread with 1) your timezone and 2) which character you think you'll be playing with.

Prefer players of your own language? Mention your language of choice in that case!

Join these groups to find even more people:
最近の変更はProfessor Pewが行いました; 2013年4月20日 12時48分
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i'll be looking to co-op riptide
east coast australia (AEST) weeknights afterwork and weekends
i'll probably stick with Xian-li

looking for co-op partners to explore palanoi and it's missions. not just steamroll every mission asap
Chaz 2013年4月19日 15時23分 
I'm down



East Coast (EST)
I already have plans to play it with a friend, but there's room for 2 more in our lobby. If anyone EU-based playing evenings wants to join up just add me on Steam. Also looking for gamers willing to pace themselves and explore and not rush through the content.
I will be playing a fresh char with the new guy and alternate with a level 50 import of Xian.
deltuh 2013年4月19日 17時24分 
I'm thinking about trying John Morgan out... If I don't like than I will stick with Xian.

(UTC) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

I have pretty crappy internet so I might have to stick with people near the west side of the border.
Voodur 2013年4月19日 20時33分 
me plz
West Coast
Tonez 2013年4月20日 3時59分 
Australia NSW here.
I got a group I just started (actually inspired by the priginal DI) to find co-op players. Friend Seek:
Chaz 2013年4月20日 8時05分 
Yes, there are a lot of groups people join to add Co-Op players.
If you have a group, leave it in here and I'll update the original post with that extra info for newer players to find.
Krank 2013年4月20日 10時17分 
Im From UK, GMT + 1 - Add Me If you got a Mic :D
Chaz 2013年4月20日 11時23分 
Okay Professor, thanks. Mine can be found here:

i live in EST zone. im going to go with Sam B
CHEEKl 2013年4月20日 13時53分 
Looking for someone to play riptide with.
Central US time, will be playing in evenings.
Sam B
Might do a fist weapons only run for giggles.
+3 GMT add me even if we couldn't play together :)
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1-15 / 824 のコメントを表示
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