Go Home Dinosaurs!

Go Home Dinosaurs!

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Dear Firehose...
After no response to this post.. as well as a few others I read seeing that others had the same issue..


(thank you Steam Community for your responses in thread, and PMs, but none were successful)

And several unanswered E-Mails inquiring about possible fixes to this problem:


I still managed to pull off completing the game, 100%. Having to deal with the BS of crashing mid-round, losing progress and having to restart multiple times.

http://imgur.com/eW09fLd :Gopher:

While this is a fun game, the crashing and lack of ANY type of response has turned me off completely from recommending this to others.

As much as I don't want to say it, you may as well just change your name to Hammerpoint. Same customer service.

(For those of you who dont know... Hammerpoint is the company "behind" War..errrrrr Infestation..)

While I know this isn't going to get a response from you, I just want anyone thinking about getting this game to know.. It may crash on you. Frequently..
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I am sincerely sorry about your issue here and to anyone else who has had the problem. I am actually just seeing this now. I will be more than happy to look into the issue for you. You can reach me at support@firehosegames.com or if you want to hit me up personally - sean@firehosegames.com. Again - I apologize for any problems and will be happy to look into this for you. I can understand entirely how frustrating that must be.
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