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tenttle Nov 11, 2013 @ 3:27am
My two cents.
First off, I will say that I rather enjoyed this game, but I will also admit that it has its faults. I had a bit of trouble at the start (the textures weren't loading [simple fix]) but once I got through that, it was an interesting game.

Some Problems:
The controls (I used a keyboard and mouse) were slightly clunky. I would sometimes have difficulty navigating while climbing where I would either climb in a direction that I didn't mean to go or I would just not be able to climb towards a specific direction for some odd reason.
Since I decided to play on the easiest setting first (I like to do this so I can focus more on the story than trying to stay alive) I didn't have to worry about the limited retries, so I won't comment about them.
The panic music got kind of annoying when I was in no particular danger. Though, I can understand if it would be too much to figure out what would particularly qualify as a "dangerous" situation.
Lastly, I didn't like how quickly the stamina bar drained when you were in the dust before the gas mask, it made it feel pointless to walk. It seemed that you would lose the same amount of stamina as walking, so I found myself just running whenever I got into the dust.

What I Liked:
Even though the setting was sort of cliché, I felt that it was an interesting take of a post-apocalyptic-like city. The sandstorms were a new twist to me in my experience.
The stamina bar aspect was interesting to me. It forced me to, at times, take a second to collect myself and figure out which pipes I should take to get to the top of an office building or which part of gravel to cling on to get across a fallen-over apartment complex.
Though most people may complain about the way you sprint (either holding or pressing the left mouse button) I felt that it was the best bind that they could possibly set it to. If it were to be set to the shift key, then my hand would most likely have slipped from its positioning when I would press it several times to sprint. The only other key that I think would be close to as comfortable as the left mouse button would be the space bar.
Helping any survivors that I could resulted in learning more background story of what happened just after the start of the incident. Helping some would require some important items, and sometimes the items could be extremely rare.

Now, time for the ending and my thoughts on it.
**** SPOILERS****
You've been warned.

The ending felt abrupt. It felt like a set up for a sequel game. When the camera pulled away to reveal who I assume to be the protagonist's wife(?), I was left to assume that he had died or suffered an even worse fate than that.
I had also forgotten WHY the protagonist was originally in the city since the mission where you and Mei's mother return to the home base. I don't think this was necessarily a bad thing, because my mind was more focused on helping Mei and her mother. I also like that the motive wasn't shoved back in my face several times throughout the story
I'm honestly curious if there was ever a sequel planned for this game, I could easily see it happening.


After all of this, I have to say that this game is worth a try.
I don't feel, however, that it should be bought for $20. You should wait until it goes on sale before you get it.

And that was just my two cents.
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husky Nov 11, 2013 @ 6:55am 
The 1st time I played this game was on my old xbox 360, I wont lie to you they look exactly the same xbox version vs pc (lol). Its an ok game in my opinion altough I still havent finished the game I told myself this time around iam gonna beat it,I like the idea of being in that kind of atmosphere its not a must play but its got some potential. Maybe if bigger names were behind this game it could of been alot better? But for $5 bucks I paid for it iam not complaining haha.
husky Nov 11, 2013 @ 6:58am 
Does anyone else have the bug of your guys Hair being White??? Its so annoying,I noticed it happend alot with my old Radeon 6870 cf, but now it dosent happen as much on my 6970s.Maybe my cards were just bugged?
tangojamo Jan 8, 2014 @ 6:44pm 
I'm using a Radeon HD6950 2Gb. Everything looks alright except for hair and cracks in some of the pavement. Looks like shiny glitter effect mostly in hair of main character. Not sure what's up with that.
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