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DLC Seems To Be Lacking
Don't get me wrong. I enjoy almost every aspect of the game, and I understand its still in development (which maskes me wonder even more about the DLC) So, in most of the DLC's, you get 3 or 4 new items. But for those items, it's 99 cents. For a few dollars I've seen whole new level packs, and pletheras of new items added to other games. It just smeems a little too steep of a cost, for the content thats even additional. Not to mention its theemed content, yet it's not adding much to a 'theme' if its a chair, a rug and a painting. Now, some might think I'm hating, or being just plain greedy/ cheap. I have no prblem paying 99 cents. I just feel like they could give more band for my buck. I don't think I will be buying any more DLC for a while. I'll keep playing the game. Just after a while, even custom gets kinda old. Maybe some new skins or a bonus campain ota new type of map or something.

So, the discussion question is this: Compared to other games on steam (please be sure to let each game retain its individuality), do you think the 99 cent DLC for 3 or 4 furniture items is comparitavely decent? Or Would you rather see a little more out of the DLC. Please answer and give a reason to back your answer up. This is not a hate thread. I just want to see if others share in my concern for the DLC. I also understand I can simply just NOT buy DLC, and thats what I am doing from now on since the release of the last pack, containing 3 chairs I will never use in-game
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Xerkis 2012年12月21日 7時49分 
Well, I think you might be overlooking something. That about every other DLC is also free. So therefore, it really is only 50 cents per DLC or twice as much content for your 99 cents. Depending on how you want to do the math.
So yeah, I think the price is about right.
Even so, it still only consists of things that would normally cost 99 cents. 3 or 4 'vanity' items really isn't justified by the price. Why come out with things that don't add anything to the game, when they could develop full expansions, or fix some of the problems with the game instead? The whole idea of DLC for this game in general just seems a little silly. Especially since most of it's again, vanity and adds nothing to the value of the game. take the price of the game, and add the DLC to the price. If you realized the only difference between the price now, and an additional 5 or 6 dollars was 18 items (average) would you pay for it in a bundle? My point is, the game was released with very little content to begin with, and then charging for items that probably should have been in it, just weren't, seems wrong. A few tile sets, a few beds, a few paintings. Everything was a 'few'. Especially through the campaign. Beating it was just tiresome becasuse of the lack of content that opened up as you progressed. Fact is, hardly anything changed between the first few missions and the last.

So, lets release a game with littlle content, and charge a dollar for a few extrra pieces. That adds up quickly.
lifescontradict の投稿を引用:
"Why come out with things that don't add anything to the game, when they could develop full expansions, or fix some of the problems with the game instead?"
They probably have different people working on different parts of the game. The artists creating the vanity items can not fix the problems in the game. This has to be done by the coders.

As to the original question, you can see this from different angles.

1.) Is the DLC worth what it offers for that price?
There may be people who want to decorate their dwarven home with these vanity items and think that it is worth 1 EUR. But for me it is clearly not the case. I can get whole games for 2,50 EUR. (I can wait for a discount.)

I may buy the DLC with a discount > 50%... or when they are offered in a discounted bundle. But then again there is the Steam wallet hurdle. I'm not even sure where to find my wallet and how to fill it. And do I want to put money in the wallet where it sleeps for maybe months before I can spend it? Probably not.

2.) Is the game that good that I want to support the developer?
This may sound strange if you come from the "is it worth it" side. But there are lots of people who like to help small indie developers they like. This is not one sided... the developer has to earn this. For example by offering a great game, listening to the community, addressing problems fast, giving out free holiday gifts, etc.

A Game of Dwarves does not yet fall in this category for me. There are still too many issues that prevent me from having a great game experience. e.g. when you dig into a monster lair and you are not yet ready for the monster level then it is game over. You simply can't do anything to prevent loosing. You can't block the path, you can't sell ladders/stairs. The monsters simply bash anything in their way or teleports to you.

But the developers are on the right track. Look at dark mode for example. If they keep up their good work and make the game better I may buy some DLC eventually. (But probably those available through the Steam store and not the in game ones... because of the wallet hurdle.)

3.) What does it cost to make the DLC and how many can they sell?
This isn't really a concern for me. But if they sell less DLC than what it costs them to make it... then they have a problem. I won't pay high prices for a few vanity items just because they were expensive to make and don't sell well.

4.) How much enjoyment have you gotten out of the game and what did you pay for it? How long will the DLC keep you playing?

I played Orcs Must Die! 2 for over 90 hours. I got all DLC at the full price. The DLC did not contribute that much to the total fun time I had. If you compare the levels and weapons from the DLC to the base game then the DLC looks expensive. But I do not feel cheated. It is one of my favorite games for 2012. Every cent spent was well spent.

I played A Game of Dwarves for 24 hours. Some of this time was just waiting for researchers to finish researching, waiting to get some resources, waiting for the warriors to train up to a certain level. Cursing when enemies far stronger than my warriors teleport to me. Judging by the hours I played the DLC would be worth it... but the game is not there yet. The 24 hours were not as fun as they could have been. I hope the developer continue on this game and make it really great so that I can buy the DLC and feel good about it.
retrox 2012年12月22日 12時28分 
Wow, yeah, tutamun nailed it. Nothing much to add to that.

I always have a monetary worth figure in my head when I'm considering DLC purchases, as in, do I feel like I'm having enough fun with a game to justify spending more money on it even if that additional money isn't necessarily going to provide me with additional "fun."

Considering the low price for the core game, I was very comfortable buying every DLC that came out up until the Star Dwarves one. At that point, I was hesitant because I wasn't seeing any significant progress being made with patching the core game, so I didn't buy it. Shortly after, we got the most recent patch, and I purchased the most recent DLC in response.

So it's important for me to see progress on the core game being made in what I consider a fair proportion to the amount of DLC being provided at a cost to keep me buying it. Once I feel I've reached my internal "worth" threshold, I'll generally stop buying DLC until a new update raises that threshold again. If that makes sense. :D

In summary, the fact that the DLC consists of vanity items that the art team works on doesn't matter to me in the least, as long as the coding team is still hammering away at the core game. And I do like my dwarves to live in comfort and splendor, you know? :D
Dudler  [開発者] 2013年1月3日 9時05分 
Even if it might be a small diffirance ZEAL is not responsible for how DLC is sold neather priced or what is part of it. This is Paradox "publisher" so if you feel that it is too much you should talk to Paradox : ). We are how ever to blame if quality in content is subpar. Cheers! : )
Yeah, I have to agree - the DLCs are rather poor value. I was quite excited to get this game and bought all dlcs at the same time without checking what's in them. Now that I know I regret ever getting them, they're just not worth it. I'm also hugely disappointed that there are IAPs in the game. Might be just my ingrained hatred for IAPs though. And given my disappointment with the store DLCs I certainly won't be buying anything else for this game.

Just so we're on the same page -- I do enjoy the game itself, despite some of its issues and quirks.
I tend to agree with everything you just said.
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