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Stability and Crashing Issues? This may help.
I figured I'd share my findings since I was having some massive stability problems and have seemingly "resolved" them. I had gotten the GPU memory error and also the game would crash 100% of the time when going through a portal to a new realm. This also included some random crashing here and there. The older system would straight up blue screen or turn off when launching the game or trying to load into a new realm. First one is running i9-13900K, 4090, and 64GB DDR5. Second machine is running i9-9900K, 3080, 32GB DDR3. Both machines had the CPU overclocked.

TLDR: This game absolutely hates overclocked CPUs.

Here is what I did to resolve the crashing:

1. Update GPU drivers to latest version.
2. Make sure Windows 10/11 is fully updated.
3. Install the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (If the Performance Core Ratio is greyed out, you will need to change the OC settings in your BIOS.)
4. Lower the Performance Core Ratio to the default core speed of the processor. (The settings that worked for me were 53x for the 13900K and 36x for the 9900K).

I played for several hours after doing these steps and had ZERO crashes.

I really hope there is a better solution to the stability issues, as this is the only game I've ever played with a problem like this. If anyone has a similar experience using a different gen processor please share your findings, as it may help someone else.

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I had a hunch I was just turning off my oc when I stumbled on this post I will try it now , my game was hard crashing when I was changing realms (amd 6900 xt Intel I7 12700k 32gb ddr4)

Edit:OK it worked for me no crash after traversing to new realm
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what fixed my crashing was turning off frame generation
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