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***** BURNER changelog *****
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new intro sceen added to demo loop
new video filters in options

-new surf level
-new surfboard weapon
-new surf level music
-new surfboard demo video on store page

Buy the surfboard from the tunnel level store.
Buying the surf board unlocks the surf level. (added to the random mix of levels)
LeftStick up opens attack select menu. Select surfboard.

beta version surfboard:
-cannot ride waves on tunnel level
-unexpected results when hitting the blocks on the beach level
-other random surfboard issues


-story mode final ending part 2 (alternate ending 2)
-save the princess mission
-ice level music

-secret store added to tunnel level


-old water shader removed
-new voxel style cube water, with waves.


-demo loop

-new farm level
-new pig enemy
-new farm music
-show minimap during pick path
-new farm level demo video on steampage







-Optimize for better framerate (tunnel level - race level)

-Story mode final ending cut scene part 1
-race level improvement
-misc visual improvement

race level improvements (phase one):
-the car can jump now
-random ramps
-collision sparks
-misc visual improvements

new bodycount end game scene
new 4 level run, end game cut scene
new 10 level run, end game cut scene


The best tested and most optimized way to play this game is with the gamepad, using the d-pad to move the player while occasionally flicking the right analog stick (left/right) to rotate the camera 90 degrees in either direction (north,south,east,west), or.

Optional Mouse controls (+keyboard) can now be used with the original 90 degree rotating camera style or with the single locked in place "follow camera". The mouse controls and follow camera
***(((are bought from the store)))***
look inside the store catalog on the desk inside the store. The store appears after completing each level and does not use real money. You can switch styles to make different combinations by pressing the "equip" button found next to each item. each combination has a slightly different mouse control.

- mouse WheelLeft, mouse WheelRight - rotate camera (camstyle 1)
- hold middle mouse button - rotate camera (camstyle 2)
- mouse X1Button, mouse X2Button - rotate camera
- mouse WheelUp, mouse WheelDown - zoom (zooming uses batteries)
- mouse LeftButton - punch
- mouse RightButton - shoot

- move the mouse cursor to the outer screen edges to pan/rotate the camera, there is a 50% screen size dead zone in the center of the screen,the camera wont move when the cursor is inside the dead zone.

- use [w][a][s][d] on keyboard to move, [q][e] strafe, [arrow keys] rotate camera.
- keyboard [shift] and [control] buttons have been swapped, hold [shift] to run.
- full keyboard and gamepad controls displayed before starting each game, also listed in options/control.

New tunnel level
many changes to core functions

new - "NeverEnding ExtendoClip" added to the store catalog
Fall weight - moved from display case to store catalog
Fall weight - sets your falling speed and is now adjustable (-1.0 to +8.0)
Fall weight - anything over +4.5 is not stable, but will hopefully be fixed soon

8 new end of game death cut scenes
-Frog Death
-SpikeTrap death
-Burned up
-coconut fell on your head and you died
-died of mysterious causes
-crashed the whip <--------------------------BestOne
-killed yourself with your own rocket
There is a total of 22 different ways to die in this game,
each one having their own final cut scene.


New PickYourPath, Level Type option. (in options)
PickPath - pick the direction of the next level. (north,east,south,west)(default)
AutoPath - Next path is picked automatically in a random direction

-use the compass found on the HUD to know what direction you are facing
-press (select)gamepad or [end]keyboard to open over head direction map
-this option can only be set before starting the game

ice level
-neon level
-downtown level

v2.3 (jan13 2023)
- new sniper rifle *if camera is offset, you will always zoom into the direction the player is facing*
- new flame thrower
- new sledge hammer (smashes blocks)
All 3 new items are bought in the store.
* the store appears after each level
* the store does not use real money
* cash is found in the game world or awarded as bonuses

v2.2 (dec30 2022)
- intro story added to endless game mode

v2.1 (dec23 2022)
- scenery grass
- new melee item's: pipe, baseball bat, brick, brass knuckles.
melee items appear randomly in the game world and double your punching power
press punch to pick up
press punch to use
press punch + run to throw melee item (punch attack must be selected)

v2.07 (dec05 2022)
-NEW enemy "fighter"
-natural player movement during 360 degree camera level start intro's

v2.05 (nov19 2022)
-new map that shows distance and direction traveled
-each level in this game branches off into one of four directions (east,west,north,south)
added a new overhead map that shows the distance and direction traveled
-open map (select)gamepad, [end]keyboard
-first person mode button changed to (r3)gamepad, [Keypad 0]keyboard
-map is displayed at the end of each game showing the final route taken.
-changes to race level, race level now branches off into 4 different directions.
-start level now branches off into 4 different directions.

v2.02 (nov11 2022)
-changes to day/night cycle
-changes to dark level
-changes to beach level
-rumble option ( in options/control's )

v2.01 (OCT25 2022)
-smooth block transfer

v2.0 (oct18 2022)
-new block builder gun
converts power into blocks
hold trigger to spawn block
up/down to move spawn location
release trigger to place block

v1.999(oct 11 2022)
-new rocket launcher weapon

v1.99(sep 28 2022)
-new mountain level

v1.98(sep 21 2022)
-you can now beat up the cars in city level
-improved start menu, and options page

v1.95(aug28 2022)
-rotate camera in car
-shoot/change weapons and attacks in car
-race level improvements
-new sounds
-save for options settings

v1.9 (aug22 2022)
-new beta version race level
-new music
-new option for music and sound adjustment

v1.81 (aug17 2022)
-improvements to MOB level
-new volume adjustment option

v1.8 (aug16 2022)
-new frog enemy
-select button "fpsmode" now zoom back out when pressed a second time
-new MOB level (a flat bridge that spawns MOB's on either end when you reach the center)

v1.78 (aug11 2022)
-new city level
-new screenshot's added to store page

v1.75 (aug6 2022)
-new shark enemy for beach level
-added player(in water) physics
-enter water splash effect
-new SharkDeath endgame death animation scene
-level type description, during level start
-new option, select level type, play random levels or play specific level only

v1.7 (aug2 2022)
-new random beach level
-new field of view adjust in options

v1.6 (july20 2022)
new transitioning camera rotations for default fixed camera

v1.59 (july18 2022)
-new random fire level
-HUD improvements

v1.58 (july12 2022)
-new intro scene for game start and level start
-new timeout rotating camera

v1.55 (july10 2022)
new attack -Kick (Leftstick-Up to change attacks)
new attack -Spinkick (In store catalog at the bottom $1000)
new weapon -Uzi (In store display case $1000)
weapon select hud menu (change weapons) pistol - uzi - shotgun
current total of five different attacks and 3 weapons

v1.5 (july6 2022)
-timebomb explosion area is smaller but now deals -10 damage xlevel
-new object interactions and physics related to timebomb explosion
-4 level run gamemode
-10 level run gamemode
-boss attack gamemode
-circle thing in options
-random rain level
-random dark level
-sun attack (buy in store catalog for $1000 each)
-follow camera store item (buy in store catalog for $1000)
-no cost spread (buy in store catalog for $1000)
-attack select hud menu
-count days on hud
-spike pits
-improved wall collision

v1.1 (????? 2022)
-circle thing in options
-random rain level
-random dark level
-sun attack (buy in store catalog for $1000 each)
-follow camera store item (buy in store catalog for $1000)
* camera will automatically follow 360 degree behind character *
-no cost spread (buy in store catalog for $1000)
-attack select hud menu (change attacks)
-count days on hud
-spike pits
-improved wall collision
-10 level run gamemode
-new game launcher with openGL 2 or OpenGL 3 option
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