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LuckyCatAlex  [developer] Feb 22, 2022 @ 3:05am
Clarification on the Cloud Save feature
Greetings to all players! Otherworld Legends, an action roguelike dungeon crawler developed by ChillyRoom will be available on Steam starting from April 28th 2022. For now, you can download the Otherworld Legends Demo on our store page to experience the game.

Differ from the mobile version, your game progress on Steam is automatically uploaded and linked with your Steam account. So even if you switch machines, your save files will be shared among any machine that you have logged into your Steam account. No need to worry about data loss!
P.s. This auto-sync feature is not available for the Demo.

We have also received feedback and concerns from the community, wondering if it is possible to synchronize progress across Steam and mobile platforms. Nice to hear that you enjoy the game! We have seriously considered implementing this feature but unfortunately the answer to this question is no.

Implementing this cross-save feature is not possible and here is the explanation:

Otherworld Legends was launched on a lot of different mobile platforms previously(Apple, GooglePlay, many Chinese Android app stores), each with its own policies regarding data transfer across platforms. Some simply don't allow it, and there is simply no way around that. So even in-between mobile platforms, player data is not synced, and Steam is no exception.

Also, the complexity around implementing and keeping compatible of the different in-app purchase systems across Steam and many mobile platforms is just too high for the development team.

We are aware that cross save is a highly expected feature, and it's indeed due to hard constraints that we are unable to implement it. Our sincere apologies and please be aware before the purchase.
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Date Posted: Feb 22, 2022 @ 3:05am
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