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Tabajara  [developer] Nov 26, 2018 @ 8:45am
v3.1 Beta Changelog
Current Changelog

  • Zombie Panic! Source now has Linux client support for Ubuntu and SteamOS machines. Check all the requirements and help us playtest it by checking this thread.
  • Added a new recoil system (similar to Day of Defeat). The camera no longer resets automatically to its original position when shooting.
  • Added 30 new Steam Achievements - currently hidden for users.
  • Fixed Steam Workshop mounting for Dedicated Servers. Now they won't force the player to download all the items from the collection.txt, they will download the current map running in the server instead.
  • Improved player hitbox registration synchronizing with the player's model animation.
  • Point gain has been modified for players. Players will now have separate scores for both zombie and survivor team. Survivor team no longer gains score for killing zombies. They now gain score by completing objectives in objective maps, and through kill assists and survival time in hardcore survival and survival maps.
  • Zombie Panic! Source Angelscript API documentation[betaapi.zombiepanicsource.com] has been updated for public beta playtesting. Be sure to check the latest changes to keep your AS plugin up and running.
  • Added an "Add-ons" menu section for your subscribed workshop items, available on "Extras". You can now enable/disable workshop items manually in-game. Be sure to restart your game after.
  • Added a "Tutorial" menu section containing videos and general information for newcomers.
  • Added new Game Instructor hints for survivors and zombies regarding basics such as reloading, breakable doors, and Roar.
  • Added multi support for crosshair customization and style, available in ZP Options.
  • Added new voice command menu wheel system.
  • Added unused "Keep Moving!" survivor voice lines.
  • Added a new spectator flashlight module - press F key while specting someone.
  • Fixed spectator camera freeze bug when joining servers.
  • Fixed "scooby-doo" survivor walking animations.
  • Updated loading screens of many maps to better represent the theme of the map.
  • Fixed a rare case of spawning with zombie claws at the start of a new round.
  • Fixed zombies randomly spawning in the human spawn at the start of a new round.
  • Fixed fake player ragdolls spawning in mid-air at the center position of the map.
  • Fixed lobby players spawning outside the lobby room.
  • Updated the entire ammo and weapon spawn game rules.
  • Updated spectator camera mode.
  • Fixed physics not operating at the correct tickrate when specifying non-standard -tickrate options on the command line
  • Fixed viewing demos recorded at a non-standard tickrate causing the next listen server hosted to be at that tickrate
  • Various security and stability improvements
  • zpo_aquatica
    • Added a new boat model.
    • Added armor rewards for doing the objectives.
    • Added a new shortcut for the zombie who spawns with a keycard.
    • Added many additional details and visual improvements.
    • Updated skybox texture.
    • Updated the ready/lobby room.
    • Updated ammo and weapon spawns (18c and pills)
    • Removed objective texts on the screens and replaced with phone messages (Thanks to JonnyBoy)
  • zpo_biotec
    • Added Biotec logo textures
    • Added a new Biotec logo model (Thanks to Ratboy)
    • Added a new bench model (Thanks to Darb Dude)
    • Added new soundscapes events.
    • Added beacons at Lab for new players.
    • Added three new Logic_Cases for key control.
    • Added recessed zombie cover to the helipad.
    • Added camper beans item spawns.
    • Added stair clipping everywhere
    • Added localization support
    • Added zombie-only ladder in the lab Z-spawn.
    • Added areaportals to the Red & Big Hall offices
    • Added notifications for zombies at Lab (to open side door, find a different way to lab, etc)
    • Added an AV Deliver box as a propper model for the anti-virus item_delivery
    • Added Widened windows at helipad for a better view of end-of-round
    • Added fountain particles (thanks to dr.Vodker)
    • Added Vphysics clipping to protect keys.
    • Compressed directional decals to custom single decals to optimize entdata
    • Changed brush-based columns to displacement-based columns
    • Changed surf glass to a normal glass in Big Hall
    • Fixed areaportal in the Big Hall.
    • Fixed side door gate.
    • Fixed yellow hall door texture
    • Improved skybox.
    • Improved lights in the Big Hall and the Lab.
    • Improved optimizations on func_detail by adding nodraw textures.
    • Improved lab's Z-spawn to make windows easier to traverse for new players
    • Improved Helicopter track/animations.
    • Tweaked the lab's Z-Spawn gate delay
    • Updated the lab's fountain.
    • Updated Basement's light.
    • Updated the Interior lab stairs to a ramp.
    • Updated the CRT monitors textures with mainframe boot.
    • Replaced the Anti-Virus to an item_deliver.
    • Removed Helipad "main hall" gate to allow zombies to watch the end of round through windows.
    • Removed the CPU towers from the desks (we're using a mainframe)
    • Removed most point_spot entities to optimize entdata
    • Removed pallets from beneath big box models in basement
    • Reduced basement generator sound range.
  • zpo_corpsington
    • Added missing details in the office room at second-floor z-spawn.
    • Updated last zombie spawn at the street.
    • Updated random spawns.
    • Updated entities to the newest 3.1 changes (barricades, glock18c, ladder, pills)
    • Fixed a rare case of players being alive above the falling container animation.
    • Reduced HP of the first barricade boards at human spawn.
  • zpo_frozenheart
    • Added more cover-fire on the rooftops.
    • Added zombie textures paths on the roof guiding them to the boss office's window.
    • Added a playerclip above the ambulance.
    • Updated garage's roof windows setting them as breakable.
    • Updated overall ammo and weapon spawns (balance around 12, 16 and 18+ players)
    • Improved optimization a little bit.
    • Fixed door not giving damage when blocked.
    • Reduced the zombie spawn timer to the roof.
    • Removed color correction.
  • zpo_harvest
    • Added a zombie beacon on breakable boards inside the barn.
    • Added a new zombie spawn closer to the barn after the second door is open.
    • Improved optimization outside area.
    • Updated ammo and weapon spawns via random_def
    • Updated Angelscript
    • Updated lobby room.
    • Reduced the open time of the door leading to the basement.
  • zpo_keretti
    • Added Angelscript support and updates.
    • Updated entities to the newest 3.1 changes (barricades, glock18c, ladder, pills)
    • Updated lobby room.
  • zpo_murksville
    • Added minor visual details on 3DSkyBox
    • Replaced objective items(func_button) to an item_deliver type.
    • Changed the water texture of the lake.
    • Extended the boat path.
    • Added Angelscript support and updates.
  • zpo_shreddingfield
    • Updated entities to the newest 3.1 changes (barricades, glock18c, ladder, pills)
  • zpo_subway
    • Added Angelscript support and updates.
    • Added many additional details and visual improvements.
    • Updated entities to the newest 3.1 changes (barricades, glock18c, ladder, pills)
    • Reworked the entire zombie spawns.
  • zpo_tanker
    • Added Angelscript support and updates.
    • Updated entities to the newest 3.1 changes (barricades, glock18c, ladder, pills)
  • zpo_zomboeing
    • Added Angelscript support and updates.
    • Updated entities to the newest 3.1 changes (barricades, glock18c, ladder, pills)
    • Removed all objective_zpo entities.
    • Re-added new biotec monitor skin and a new skin for slot number 10
  • zps_asylum
    • Added Angelscript support and updates.
    • Updated entities to the newest 3.1 changes (barricades, glock18c, ladder, pills)
  • zps_blackout
    • Added Angelscript support and updates.
    • Added many additional details on outside area only.
    • Made many motion disabled prop_physics into prop_static type
    • Updated entities to the newest 3.1 changes (barricades, glock18c, ladder, pills)
  • zps_cinema
    • Added a new z-spawn at the parking lot.
    • Added a new truck in the parking lot.
    • Added camper beans item spawns.
    • Added Angelscript support and updates.
    • Updated entities to the newest 3.1 changes (barricades, glock18c, ladder, pills)
  • zps_clubzombo
    • Added and updated current soundscapes
    • Added a music on/off button & logic controllers.
    • Added a breakable mixer board
    • Added a new route to the DJ booth from balcony and rooftop.
    • Added a new route to the outdoor balcony
    • Added a new zombie ladder to the rooftop.
    • Added a light sequencer via angelscript for more interesting light show
    • Added a balcony glass to mitigate camping w/ Vodker's modeling help
    • Added balcony frosted glass texture
    • Added a trigger push in DJ booth to mitigate camping
    • Added new poster slots on balcony
    • Added 6 new poster designs
    • Added a custom DJ badge for End Round
    • Added a new bloody cop car skin by Siggy
    • Made the bathroom trashcans multiplayer physics props
    • Updated entities to the newest 3.1 changes (barricades, glock18c, ladder, pills)
  • zps_deadend
    • Added Angelscript support and updates.
    • Updated entities to the newest 3.1 changes (barricades, glock18c, ladder, pills)
    • Removed unreachable zombie spawns (PVS spawns only)
  • zps_haunted
    • Added Angelscript support and updates.
    • Updated entities to the newest 3.1 changes (barricades, glock18c, ladder, pills)
  • zps_keretti
    • Added Angelscript support and updates.
    • Updated entities to the newest 3.1 changes (barricades, glock18c, ladder, pills)
  • zps_nightmare
    • Added Angelscript support and updates.
    • Updated entities to the newest 3.1 changes (barricades, glock18c, ladder, pills)
    • Updated lobby join team textures.
  • zps_policestation
    • Added a new exit in the main z-spawn.
    • Added Angelscript support and updates.
    • Added camper beans item spawns.
    • Updated entities to the newest 3.1 changes (barricades, glock18c, ladder, pills)
    • Updated lobby join team textures.
  • zps_ruralpanic
    • Added more decals around the map
    • Added a better zombie-only ladder up to the barn.
    • Added many additional details and visual improvements.
    • Added Angelscript support and updates.
    • Changed doors to ZP doors
    • Updated entities to the newest 3.1 changes (barricades, glock18c, ladder, pills)
    • Improved optimization inside the house.
  • zps_sapidcerebrum
    • Added a new zombie-only ladder at the balcony.
    • Added camper beans item spawns.
    • Added Angelscript support and updates.
    • Updated entities to the newest 3.1 changes (barricades, glock18c, ladder, pills)
  • zps_silence
    • Added Angelscript support and updates.
    • Updated entities to the newest 3.1 changes (barricades, glock18c, ladder, pills)
    • Reworked the entire zombie spawns
    • Blocked off a part of the outside area
  • zps_thrillvile
    • Added a new ready/lobby room.
    • Added Angelscript support and updates.
    • Updated entities to the newest 3.1 changes (barricades, glock18c, ladder, pills)
    • Reamer moved to the lake
    • Reamer turned into a propper model
  • zps_town
    • Added a vent out of the freezer
    • Added new models in the cafe
    • Added more decals to the outside areas
    • Added missing windows inside the school
    • Added Angelscript support and updates.
    • Updated entities to the newest 3.1 changes (barricades, glock18c, ladder, pills)
  • zps_underground
    • Added Angelscript support and updates.
    • Updated entities to the newest 3.1 changes (barricades, glock18c, ladder, pills)
  • Added a second prefix "_zps_" for all ZPS CVARs commands - now they will start by "cl_zps_" or "sv_zps_".
  • The file that defines which Angelscript server plugins are running on the server ("default_plugins.txt" if you haven't changed it) no longer uses "KeyValues" format for stability and performance reasons. The format has been changed to JSON, check the "default_plugins.json" file.
  • Updated game control binds - requires a reset to use the new set of default keys.
  • Updated dev, testers and donors borders.
  • Updated contributors list.
  • Updated intro logo.
  • Added new ammo and weapon inventory UI.
  • Added new kill icons for new melee weapons and when getting infected by the Carrier.
  • Added "Round End" results panel at the end of a round. This panel shows various feats of the round, such as highest survival time, kills as a zombie, and completing the most objectives.
  • Added a user warning box when opening the server browser for the first time.
  • Updated loading screen client box.
  • Updated player health UI.
  • Updated server browser.
  • Updated scoreboard layout.
  • Updated the main menu design.
  • Updated Phone screen UI.
  • Updated voice menu HUD.
  • Updated weapon_hammer barricade HUD.
  • Added new sound effects for pistols, rifles, and shotguns.
  • Added new phone ringtones.
  • Added new soundscapes.
  • Added the Broom as a new melee weapon.
  • Added the Cleaver Meat as a new melee weapon.
  • Added the Tennis Racket as a new melee weapon.
  • Added the Inoculator as a new carryable medicine item. There are three types, indicated by their color. Inoculators can also be used on teammates.
  • Added item_ammo_barricade and item_ammo_barricadepile entities as ammunition to barricade with the hammer (weapon_barricade)
  • Added the random_smg entity to randomly spawn between MP5 and Glock18.
  • Improved weapon_barricade hammer.
  • Updated Glock18c as an automatic pistol weapon. It has lower accuracy and a high spread as a tradeoff for being automatic.
  • Updated Phone with new functions and its model & textures.
  • Updated first-person and third-person animations for pistols (USP, Glocks, and PPK)
  • Updated first-person animations for rifles (M4 and AK47)
  • Updated first-person animations for shotguns (870, Super Shorty and Winchester)
  • Updated the explosive grenade model.
  • Updated the explosive IED's throw timing.
  • Updated random_any, random_def, random_firearm, random_pistol, and random_weapon entities.

  • Updated the following melee weapons:
    • weapon_sledgehammer
      Increased hit distance and knockback slightly better.
    • weapon_chair
      Decreased hit distance and knockback slightly.
    • weapon_machete
      Increased knockback slightly.
    • weapon_crowbar
      Decreased hit distance and knockback slightly.
    • weapon_pot
      Increased hit distance slightly.
    • weapon_pipe
      Decreased hit distance slightly.
    • weapon_pipewrench
      Increased damage, hit distance and knockback slightly better.
    • weapon_wrench
      Increased hit distance and knockback slightly.
    • weapon_tireiron
      Decreased hit distance slightly.
    • weapon_spanner
      Increased damage and hit distance slightly.
    • weapon_bat_aluminum
      Increased hit distances lightly and knockback moderately.
    • weapon_bat_wood
      Increased hit distance slightly and knockback moderately.
    • weapon_fryingpan
      Increased hit distance slightly and knockback moderately.
    • weapon_keyboard
      Decreased hit distance slightly.
  • Added a new zombie feature: teammate glow system. Teammates that are in proximity to the player and hidden behind walls or objects will be outlined in green.
  • Added a Berserk zombie bar, separating from the Feed-o-Meter usage.
  • Added new infected survivor models. Once a survivor is infected, their model will subtly change over time to indicate the effects of the infection.
  • Players that succumb to the infection no longer drop their items until they're killed.
  • Improved zombie spotting ability tracer usage.
  • Improved Feed-o-Meter's usability by adding very slow regeneration over time.
  • Updated zombie vision texture veins. (Thanks to Reborn)
  • Updated zombie vision shader.
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Tabajara  [developer] Dec 1, 2018 @ 12:50pm 
Beta 3.1 Update - Dec 01th, 2018
  • Limited max zombie increments (when zombie kills a survivor) to 32
  • Fixed an exploit with zombie lives (zombie joins and then leaves)
  • Fixed Admin System not reading adminsystem.json correctly and always returning false when it finds a player it can target
  • Added `cl_display_adminstatus` for those who want to hide if they are admins or moderators on their own servers
  • Fixed max rounds not working correctly
  • Fixed (hopefully) timelimit running out causing the round to abruptly end for no reason
Tabajara  [developer] Dec 10, 2018 @ 1:35pm 
Beta 3.1 Update - Dec 10th, 2018
  • Added a "message read" indicator for the phone.
  • Added more names for the phone (and fixed the long ones).
  • Decreased zombies' outline radius by 50%. It was far too strong to be able to see teammates across the entire map.
  • Increased cooldown for voice command and taunts to counter spamming.
  • Increased player movement speed for both teams by 10%.
  • Fixed Angelscript "GetMoveType" and "SetMoveType" functions.
  • Fixed Angelscript "OnEntityCreation" not being triggered.
  • Fixed server not waiting for the round to end before switching to the next map.
  • Fixed infected players keeping the level of fatigue.
  • Fixed infected players turning into Carriers not having the proper model (and Santa hat in December).
  • Fixed objective display on the phone.
  • Fixed the "Multiple Personalities" achievement not being earnable.
  • Fixed the pipe melee weapon not being spawned.
  • Fixed the weight issue with the I.E.D. and M69 Fragmentation Grenade.
  • Multiple Carriers can now roar in Hardcore.
  • Reworked the Angelscript algorithm on all official maps. This will fix the lack of ammunition and weaponry when playing with a high number of players. We also set a new rule to not spawn a specific type of ammo if the weapon isn't present in the map.
  • Reworked the "Create Listen Server" dialog.
  • Reworked the entire localization system; a translator application is available in the Mod Tools for volunteers that want to translate the game in their native language.
  • Reworked the spawn selection algorithm.
  • Reworked the starting zombie selection algorithm.
  • Reworked the Zombie HP regen algorithm to be more like early ZPS versions.
  • Reworked the Zombie Vision texture.
  • Swapped "I need a weapon!" and "I need ammo!" in the radial menu to be identical to previous ZPS versions.
  • Zombies lives are now capped to 32 max.
Tabajara  [developer] Jan 19, 2019 @ 11:21am 
Beta 3.1 Update - Jan 13th, 2019
  • Added a new console with better color support.
  • Added a "phone settings" tab in ZP Options.
  • Added an optional ability to drop your current firearm as soon as it's fully unloaded (à la Contagion).
  • Added a system's cross cursor when using voice commands.
  • Bullets now apply physics impulses to physical props.
  • Divided cooldown for weapons/ammo interactions (e.g. dropping) by 2.
  • Fixed being able to grab weapons while charging a 2 handed melee weapon.
  • Fixed "Create Listen Server" going haywire.
  • Fixed CVARs "crosshair" and "cl_crosshairobserver" being ignored.
  • Fixed last survivor(s) earning survivors related achievements if the round wasn't won by survivors.
  • Fixed missing spectator flashlight material.
  • Fixed Panic not scooting inventory in certain cases.
  • Fixed some official sprays.
  • Fixed spectators not getting updated info.
  • Fixed Steam Cloud bad configuration.
  • Fixed Steam overwritting user config. files for both client and dedicated server every update.
  • Fixed weight issue with delivery items and grenades.
  • HUD is now hidden during cutscenes.
  • Increased ladder climbing speed by x0.25.
  • [Linux Only] Forced missing "-secure -steam" parameters.
  • POTENTIAL fix for "bouncy crouching".
  • POTENTIAL fix for "ghost" ammo/ragdolls/items/weapons.
  • POTENTIAL fix for T-posing ragdolls when dying.
  • Migrated more strings to the new localization system.
  • Reduced panic duration from 5.5 to 3.5 sec.
  • Removed lag compensation for melee weapons.
  • Reworked the entire melee weapon system (should be more easy to hit your targets now).
  • Reworked the green inoculator effect.
  • Reworked the "look closer at the phone" code (zooming should no longer block other functions).
  • Reworked the generic Source's options menu/tabs to fit more with ZPS's.
  • Reworked the voice system.
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Tabajara  [developer] Jan 19, 2019 @ 11:22am 
Beta 3.1 Update (Hotfix) - Jan 19th, 2019
  • Added a new sound when using green inoculator.
  • Added a visual cue when using green inoculator.
  • Added "time is gonna be over" sound cue for Objective game mode.
  • Fixed Angelscript's "OnPlayerSpawn" not working for spectators.
  • Fixed charging heavy melee damage calculations.
  • Fixed fatigue not being reset properly in certain cases.
  • Fixed issues with explosive props and damage.
  • Fixed prop pushing exploit.
  • Fixed more issues related to glowing.
  • Fixed team killing exploit with explosive props.

  • [Club Zombo] Added a secondary escape from the road zombie spawn.
  • [Club Zombo] Visual fixes.
  • [Corpsington (Objective)] Changed fuse box health calculations method.
  • [Corpsington (Objective)] Changed zombies respawn delay.
  • [Sapidcerebrum] Visual fixes.
  • [Subway (Objective)] Changed zombies respawn delay.
Tabajara  [developer] Jun 1, 2019 @ 10:01am 
Beta 3.1 Update - Jun 1st, 2019

  • Updated Model Viewer. (now uses an updated and cleaned up code)
  • Updated Steam Workshop Download for Dedicated Servers.

  • Added 31 new achievements.
  • Fixed exploit with Melee Master achievement
  • Fixed Survivor's map achievements.

Admin. system
  • Added a RCON command and permission to control the server from in-game
    • Server operators might know this already but we would like to remind them that RCON is basically the "master key" for servers total control. Be REALLY careful to who you grant this privilege.
  • Added Beacon and Teleport admin commands
  • Kick now actually sends the proper dialog message.

  • Added a "CASSQL" class for MariaDB/MySQL database manipulation
  • Added a "Color" constructor with an extra parameter for alpha
  • Added a "PluginData" namespace with "SetAuthor", "SetName" and "SetVersion" functions
  • Added a Rock The Vote plugin
  • Added a "ScreenFade" method in "Utils" class
  • Added an "EntityCreator" class to create/spawn entities
  • Added "ConsoleCommand", "GrabIP", "GrabPing", "GrabConvar", "GrabTeamSpawn", "IsInPhoneTrigger", "Kick", "PlayCoughSound" and "SetVoice" methods for players
  • Added "GetParent", "GetParentAttachment", "IsInAir", "IsGrounded", "SetParent" and "SetParentAttachment" methods for entities
  • Added "AddZombieLives", "GetZombieLives", "IsHardCore" and "SetZombieLives" methods for round manager
  • Added "OnPlayerInfected" hook for players
  • Added plugin interface
  • Fixed a typo in the "Utils" class ("void DestroyTracer()" -> "void DestroyTextParams()")
  • Fixed crashes related to JSON manipulation
  • Fixed issue related to "func_breakable"'s "targetname" property
  • Fixed issue related to origin, angles and velocity for entities
  • Fixed "Rounds::RoundTimer" returning the wrong value
  • Updated "SetName" and "SetTargetName" for "CBaseEntity"
  • Updated RTV to support language override
  • Fixed prop_door_rotating ignoring the health values from CBaseEntity via AS
  • 'status' command via dedicated server doesn't try to show color values.

  • Buffed most firearms and melee weapons (Zombies arms included) damage multipliers (everywhere except the head)
  • Changed the amount of points given every 30 seconds to Survivors in Hardcore (1 -> 2)
  • Changed Survivor's flashlight field of view (45 -> 65)
  • Changed Survivor's flashlight distance (750 -> 1000)
  • Decreased inventory sorting cooldown (0.5 -> 0.25 sec)
  • Reduced amount of starting Zombies in Hardcore
  • Removed infected collisions upon turning inside a Survivor
  • Reworked random infection to infect Survivors until starting amount of Zombies is reached
  • Updated fatigue and jumping penalty for a smooth transition.
  • Increased initial Zombie HP regeneration (4 -> 5 seconds)
  • Speeded up Feed-O-Meter regeneration
  • Speeded up I.E.D. detonation time by x1.5

Bots (debugging)
  • Added client mimic feature
  • Added debugging features related to voting

  • Added a "DestroyDoor" input for level designers
  • Fixed a crash related to the "AcceptInput" input
  • Fixed some crashes scenarios and issues related to doors
  • Fixed triggers touching behaviours to prevent issues with infected players
  • Fixed observer mode not working as intended.
  • Fixed func_door not using wood_door and metal_door for surfaceprop override
  • Fixed 'health' on prop_rotating_door going wonky when set to 0 or less.
  • Fixed OnEntityDropped not firing correctly

  • Fixed some issues where SpdLog wouldn't log at all

  • Added a new boat model
  • Major visual improvements to the overall map (elevators, offices, kitchen, park).
  • Support to AS phone messages.
  • Added an antidote view model and updated the world one
  • Updated antidote container to match the new model
The objective version of Corpsington was very unfair for Survivors due to it's Zombies spawns placement and triggers. Thanks to dR. Vodker's rework, this should no longer be the case. During playtests sessions, the map's balance completely shifted towards Survivors wins hence the other minor changes to make it balanced again.
  • Added the ability for Zombies to block the generator
  • Decreased generator moving speed
  • Fixed a Zombie spawn inside of a door
  • Rebalanced health distribution on breakable objects (fuse box, wooden boards, windows)
  • Removed some Zombie spawns (especially the ones in the fuse box room)
  • Relocated some Zombie spawns
  • Added clipping of a hole between a fence and a flooded boat near the workshop building
  • Added clipping of a roof lip to prevent the cart from being blocked
  • Added new view model of the keycard.
  • Added more clips for item_deliver.
  • Fixed missing env_sprites.
  • Fixed bad puddles
  • Fixed Zombie ladder at light booth.
  • Fixed broken zombie spawns in the basement
  • Added cheat console command "impulse 102" to self-infect yourself (debugging purposes)
  • Changed default drop amount mode from "half clip/magazine" to "full clip/magazine"
  • Fixed exploits related to panicking and dropping weapons
  • Fixed Feed-O-Meter draining automatically after dying as a Survivor underwater
  • Fixed FMOD (musics) not respecting the "mute on focus lost"
  • Fixed stamina bar/fatigue HUD not being hidden upon player death
  • Fixed where fatigue wasn't reset upon respawning under certain scenarios
  • Removed a lot of unused TF2 CVARs (Console VARiables)
  • Reworked glowing system to fix it's issues (fake/ghost ammo/items/players/weapons)
  • Reworked how Survivors take barricade planks from barricade piles (one plank at a time rather than max. inventory)
  • Reduced voice commands cooldowns from 5 to 3 seconds

Rounds system
  • Added a warmup round (server CVAR is "sv_zps_warmup_time", default is 45 seconds) to wait for slow Internet connections/PCs to join the game
  • Fixed supplies distribution spawning barricades when there is no hammer.

  • Fixed some plaster hospital related textures not having the plaster material
  • Updated Paul's model texture (Special Thanks to NoNeoTor)

  • Added a new pump sound for the Remington 870.
  • Fixed some broken sound scripts.
  • Fixed some issues related to weapons sounds.

  • Updated english and french translation

  • Added more skins to the taxi and police car vehicle models.
  • Added new models:
    • models\props_uk
    • materials\models\props_uk
  • Fixed town desk LOD
  • Improvements to UK fluorescent lights.

User Interface
  • Added round countdown
  • Added Steam avatars on the voice status (can be toggled off from ZP Options)
  • Fixed console not being hidden when resuming game
  • Fixed DemoUI
  • Fixed radial menus being able to be opened when the player is dead
  • Fixed some overlapping in the ammo bank HUD
  • Fixed major overlapping issues with low and medium resolutions with Round End screen.
  • Fixed major overlapping issues with Vote Menu panel (callvote)
  • Removed cycling on empty ammo completely (before it was just if the "Show empty ammo on HUD" option was disabled)
  • Reworked crosshair's rendering, this fixes spectators not able to see a crosshair in free roaming and FPS camera modes (reminder: this feature must be enabled in ZP options)
  • Reworked keybinds menus
  • Updated Steam Workshops loading background.
  • Updated debugging overlay
  • Updated "status" command

Vote system
  • Added the ability to vote
  • Added vote cooldowns and delays functionalities

  • Added a "blend animation" for firearms that have a slide/bolt (when they are empty)
  • Added a punch attack for survivors
  • Added a damage multiplier against barricades
  • Added a new anti-virus viewmodel.
  • Fixed props pushing exploit
  • Fixed some issues with explosives and suicide
  • Fixed world model of grenade having a bad origin
  • Updated shrapnel behaviour when it comes to breakable objects
  • Updated melee behaviour (arc swing)
  • Updated Biotec's keycard view model.
  • Updated M4's view model.
Last edited by Tabajara; Jun 1, 2019 @ 10:18am
Tabajara  [developer] Jun 15, 2019 @ 3:03pm 
Beta 3.1 Update - Jun 15th, 2019
  • Added "bot_zps_setmodel" CVAR command.
  • Added "hold RELOAD to switch barricade's size" feature
  • Added a delay for spawn PVS thinking (0,2 sec) for performance reasons
  • Added an "Explode" input to I.E.Ds as NPCs (mappers can setup traps now)
  • Added highlights on objectives for Corpsington, Murksvile and Tanker
  • Added 2 new tunes for the phone by Reborn (vibration variants)
  • Added better third-person 870/AK-47's animations
  • Added third-person gestures
  • Added `weapon_snowball` and `weapon_tennisball`
  • Another fix attempt for wrong viewmodel arms as spectators
  • Fixed 870/SS playing reload instead of unloading in some cases
  • Fixed a lot of invalid pointers in physics code
  • Fixed being able to earn points for TKing
  • Fixed flashlights beams not being wiped out upon death
  • Fixed gibs having dynamic lights
  • Fixed issues with vote UI
  • Fixed badly executed core AS commands without admin privileges
  • Fixed some envmap issues on some textures
  • Fixed some issues with self/radius damage
  • Fixed headshot T-posing issue
  • Fixed vote UI not being reset upon map change
  • Fixes error related to bad ragdolls
  • Fixes to beacon following stuff
  • Optimized how FMOD retrieves the music volume and "mute on focus lost" CVARs (a tiny performance boost should be there)
  • Potential fixes for invisible weapons
  • Recompiled every Zombie gib models
  • Updated debug overlay (the speed counter works and Steam ID/Steam ID 64 are merged)
  • Updated Haunted's AS (coding style)
  • Updated HLMV with some neat features
  • Updated how gibbing/ragdolls are handled
  • Updated impact particles
  • Updated translations
  • [Admin System] Bots can be targeted for some commands
  • [Angelscript] Can now hook to Source's I/O system (RegisterOutput/RemoveOutput)
  • [Angelscript] Fixed Globals.AllowNPCs taking a ♥♥♥♥
  • [AS] Added "SetOutline"
  • [AS] Added Get/SetMaxSpeed (requires custom)
  • [Cinema] Added player clips in parking lot
  • [Create Server Dialog] Password is now hidden
  • [Haunted] Added hole in a fence
  • [HLMV] Fixed floor/background when pressing UP
  • [Survivors] Always make sure there is a valid ammo type selected
  • [Zomboeing] Fixed drop triggers at doors
  • [Zomboeing] Fixed lower terminal door left of cafe being breakable
  • [Zomboeing] Migrated objective system to Angelscript
  • [Zomboeing] Turn off physics teleport in elevator shaft
  • Added OBJ phone messages.
  • Added some clips in the lobby to prevent seeing the entire map.
  • Migrated the objective system and logic to Angelscript.
  • Removed a lot of unused stuff.
  • Removed duplicated entities.
  • Removed the "disable escape truck" thing (survivors still have a final chance to catch the truck when it goes).
  • Reworked how fuse random location chooser is handled.
  • Reworked the entire fuse location chooser logic
Last edited by Tabajara; Jun 16, 2019 @ 7:14am
Tabajara  [developer] Jan 25 @ 1:26pm 
Beta 3.1 Update - Jan 25th, 2020

  • Added a new playable character: Larry the Chef.
  • Custom servers (SourceMod + Angelscript with custom mode enabled) are now able to earn achievements as long as the current map is official.
  • Reworked player movement code.
  • Reworked recoil system code.
  • Reworked weapon weights code.
  • Added "OnPlayerDamagedCustom" hook (works only on custom servers).
  • Added warnings if you try to use a function requiring "Custom" mode but you don't have "Custom" mode enabled.
  • Added item_deliver to overridelimits array list. So that level designers can balance it with AS weapons_limit override, if they wish.
  • Added operators support for QAngle and Vector class (+=, -=, *=)
  • Added GetMass and SetMass for CBaseEntity.
  • Added SetClassname.
  • Exposed `CTakeDamageInfo.SetDamageType`
  • Fixed a bug during map changelevel through RTV/admin command.
  • Tweaked AS entity & player damage hooks.
  • Updated "CBaseEntity.Ignite"
  • Major fixes within the code.
  • Added weight for "item_barricades".
  • Added 25 shrapnel to IED bomb.
  • Add 'smoothing' to movement for speed increasing/decreasing. (gradual increase/decrease of speed)
  • Adjusted recoil decay time on weapons.
  • Adjusted fatigue rates for Survivors (they should run for longer now)
  • Adjusted fatigue rates for Zombies (moving, jumping and charge)
  • Adjusted arm swipe speed for Zombies (normal and berzerk swipe speed)
  • ALL weapons had their draw animaton speed slightly increased. (0.1 sec)
  • AK-47 and M4 rifles had their accurancy slightly buffed.
  • Berserk mode drain increased to 15 (lasts about 7 sec)
  • Flashlight drain rate slightly reduced. (0.75 sec)
  • Panic max speed slightly adjusted (202).
  • Panic cooldown slightly tweaked (32 sec).
  • Panic duration adjusted (last for 4 seconds)
  • Overall pistols (except PPK) had their base damage slightly increased.
  • Overall shotguns had their base damange slightly reduced.
  • Overall melee weapons had their base damange, damage multipliers and attack range slightly tweaked.
  • Overall explosives had their range damage tweaked. (grenade range 450 -- IED range 500)
  • Made arms, chest, and stomach damage modifiers the same for most weapons.
  • Spotting as a Carrier cost more Feed-O-Meter to prevent abuse (25 > 50)
  • Grenade damage slightly increased (325) and IED damage slightly decreased (400)
  • Zombie's leg slowdown duration feature slightly decreased (1,5 > 1)
  • Zombie damage scale slightly increased for Hardcore mode only (reduced zombie's damage resistance)
  • Regular zombie and Whitey's movement speed slightly tweaked (regular 160 - carrier 162)
  • Removed head damage modifiers from explosives.
  • Added more filters options for doors.
  • Added new bot CVAR commands.
  • Added a Cheat Report on player list.
  • Added custom animations activities for "item_deliver".
  • Added a delay (0.5) for panic if switching between weapons, to try and prevent a glitch where you can be forced to switch back to a weapon you just unequipped.
  • "ambient_generic" now support multiple sources instead of a single one.
  • Fixed a crash related to gibs being spawned from a model with a broken .phy attached to it (a warning will be printed on the console).
  • Fixed Create Server choosing < Random Map > as an valid map if trying to pick a random map.
  • Added item_ammo_barricadepile to overridelimits items array.
  • Fixed damage multipliers below 1 not working.
  • Fixed a client crash at start up.
  • Fixed a client crash regarding Zombie vision and server crash related to the chat.
  • Fixed flashlight/zombie vision's off sound being played upon death and infection.
  • Fixed special achievements variables being reset before giving them.
  • Fixed an issue with Angelscript and rotating entities.
  • Fixed 'shoot through' and distance based damage not working properly.
  • Fixed randomly infected Survivor not turning into a Carrier if needed (rage quit situation)
  • Fixed brush based breakables not running the scale damage by material code.
  • Fixed damage multiplies below 1 not working for breakable doors, brushes and props.
  • Fixed Panic not ignoring inventory weight.
  • Fixed TATS RAVE achievement.
  • Fixed Silence's achievement.
  • Fixed shovel's infection achievement on kills.
  • Fixed revolver using wrong act jump table.
  • Fixed info beacon issues.
  • Fixed where human survivors could not damage infected survivors.
  • Reworked the 'escape win' formula for objective maps using them.
  • Updated the proxies and fixed some memory leakage.
  • Updated gib spawn locations (for client).
  • Major code clean up.
  • zph_pithole
    • Removed the trigger_hurt for Zombies in the beginning of the level.
  • zpo_aquatica
    • Added a new boat model.
    • Addded more cover inside and outside the boat.
    • Adjusted item balance scripts for zpo_aquatica.
    • Fixed humans from getting mission commander all the time.
    • Fixed some cabinets from fading away too nearby.
    • Moved objective list texts (when you press O) to Angel Script.
    • Updated the ready room fountain.
    • Major fixes and optimization.
  • zpo_biotec
    • Rebalanced amount of items for 'random_def' and 'weapons_limit'.
    • Updated AS.
  • zpo_corpsington
    • Added more random spawns for barricades.
    • Added new zombie spawns (beginning, container area, etc)
    • Changed ZM spawn delay to 5 seconds
    • Fixed missing texture at window of the new ZM spawn.
    • Reduced boards HP at first ZM spawn.
    • Replaced some static supplies spawns by random ones.
  • zpo_harvest
    • Added some easter eggs.
    • Added "players count" based supplies limiter.
    • Added an extra minute to survive the house.
    • Added an extra pile of crates inside the barn as cover fire.
    • Added some extra props inside the house to barricade.
    • Added a beacon for the zombie breakable on the highway.
    • Added a wall on the top floor of the barn with a window.
    • Added a secondary route to the top floor of the barn.
    • Added some props to the top floor of the barn.
    • Adjusted mass values for some props in the map.
    • Fuse and keys are now items to be delivered as objective.
    • Fixed collision with barn's stairs.
    • Initial supplies rebalance pass.
    • Migrated dynamic barricade HP assignment, "logic_auto" entity and police car sirens to AS.
    • Made the back/front/house to basement doors and barricades HP scaled by Angelscript.
    • Made the Winchester in the house always spawn regardless of player count.
    • "Hit the lights" message has been moved to beginning of "hit the lights" objective to delay it.
    • Survivors should be able to break the door in the house.
    • Removed the magic link between barn doors (and reworked the front one).
    • Removed back walkway inside the barn.
    • Removed some beams in the barn.
    • Rescaled barricades and doors health in the house.
    • Replaced the old truck below the bridge by a new truck thus building a shortcut
    • Reworked zombie spawns overall (outside, basement, barn).
    • Turned some static props into prop_physics.
  • zpo_murksville
    • Added a new balancing algorithm.
    • Added highlight/outline effect for dropped item_delivers.
    • Changed distance of pump's outline
    • Decreased speed of the cart with the pump.
    • Increased base volume of the cart sounds.
    • Increased all prop doors speed.
    • Fixed objective scoring script.
    • Replaced some static supplies spawns by random ones.
    • Removed some sound entities.
  • zpo_tanker
    • Added more prop_physics.
    • Added a new balancing algorithm.
    • Migrated final cutscene logic to Angelscript.
    • Replaced some static supplies spawns by random ones
  • zpo_subway
    • Added a new balancing algorithm.
    • Added more random supplies spawns.
    • Replaced some static supplies spawns by random ones
    • Fixed control room's beacon.
  • zpo_zomboeing
    • Increased all prop doors speed.
    • Fixed MP5 spawns.
    • Fixed broken starting music.
    • Fixed hangar soundscripts.
    • Fixed a rare case of ZM spawn bug with 'info_player_start'.
    • Fixed wrong skin on security door booth.
  • zps_blackout
    • Fixed broken main scripts to use the supplies limiter.
  • zps_cinema
    • Added a func_humanclip around the vent ladder in Cinema 3.
    • Added new starting Zombie spawns in Cinema 1 and in the hallway by Cinema 3.
    • Added barricade boards over basement door in the outside alley, made the doors destructable.
    • Added more spawns for the Zombies down in the basement areas, to try and prevent Zombies from being spawned at "info_player_start" due to spawns being unavailable for some reason.
    • Added trigger_barricade over fenced in areas around the map.
    • Added more areaportals for optimization.
    • Added some puddles outside for better detail.
    • Added walls, an extra room, and more props in the Cinema 2 Projector Room.
    • Adjusted various props and their materials used.
    • Adjusted the Candy Bar.
    • Changed some props from static to physics.
    • Clipped off the corner of a box in basement where you could get wedged mid-air between it and the wall.
    • Changed the health on some doors.
    • Completely reworked most lighting.
    • Lowered number of items spawned.
    • Lowered brightness of light_environment.
    • Expanded arcade and changed most props to physics.
    • Extended size of func_precipitation so that rain is hitting in all noticeable spots outside
    • Made sure the Zombie spawns near the parking lot stay disabled for the first 120 seconds.
    • Replaced func_detail podiums in Lobby with physics props.
    • Rebalanced amount of items for 'random_def' and 'weapons_limit'.
    • Removed the steam trap in the fenced in area in the basement.
    • Removed some lights in the parking lot.
    • Removed old useless keyvalues from the random entities.
  • zps_deadend
    • Added a new balancing algorithm.
    • Turned off some Zombie spawns near the Survivor spawn.
    • Increased a timer to turn Zombie spawns on near the Survivor spawn (from 5 sec to 30).
    • Reworked the easter egg
  • zps_haunted
    • Added a new balancing algorithm.
    • Fixed a floating PPK.
    • Reduced amount of sledgehammer spawns.
  • zps_nightmare
    • Adjusted balance of item amounts to spawn.
  • zps_ruralpanic
    • Fixed broken main scripts to use the supplies limiter.
  • zps_sapidcerebrum
    • Adjusted balance of item amounts to spawn.
    • Added a hint that hanging out in the prop room isn't wise.
    • Added a "Spawn limit" of 1, and "Respawn Timer" of 5 to the Survivor spawns.
    • Changed some of the "item_ammo" entities into "random_ammo" instead.
    • Darkened the upstairs hall near prop room.
    • Enabled PVS mode on the Zombie spawn in the closet upstairs by Survivor spawn. Also set a "Spawn limit" of 1, and "Respawn Timer" of 4.
    • Enabledcollision on some debris on the floor in one of the hallways upstairs. So items do not fall down inside of it and become hidden.
    • Set "Minimum Survivors" to 0 on the Revolver in the wall, and added the player count limit for it in sapid's weapons_limit script. So the Revolver should no longer spawn at low player count.
    • Made the revolver a little easier to spot with a spark hint.
    • Increased all prop doors speed.
    • Fixed an obsolete entity.
    • Fixed some zombie spawns being able to get stuck on the ground.
    • Turned PVS on for all zombie spawns.
  • zps_silence
    • Added more "random_ammo" entities.
    • Added barricades at basement's entrace.
    • Converted "item_ammo_barricade" entities to fake entities "random_boards".
    • Coverted some static props into "prop_physics".
    • Changed HP of metal doors at low player count.
    • Increased all prop doors speed.
    • Removed a damage filter from the secret button.
    • Reworked overall balacing of the map via AS.
    • The basement section is now only available if the player count is equals or higher than 8.
  • zps_thrillvile
    • Adjusted balance of item amounts to spawn.
  • zps_town
    • Adjusted AS item balance.
    • Added more "item_ammo_barricade" spawns.
    • Added a new Zombie spawn in the 2nd floor of the building beside the front of Larry's Diner
    • Added trigger_barricade in different areas to prevent barricades being placed in certain spots. Such as on the fridges, tables, and stoves in the kitchen, most stairs, and some railings.
    • Added "weapon_barricade" spawns.
    • Added camper beans throughout the level.
    • Completely clipped off the fridges in the kitchen.
    • Changed staircase into the Apartment from outside in the Park.
    • Changed layout of the Apartment building, added a bathroom, and an open window (Zombie only access)
    • Converted some unnecessary prop_physics into prop_static, and even removed some completely.
    • Made the freezer door destructable, the freezer door button only usable by Survivors, and added another button on the inside of the freezer.
    • Put the freezer damage on a logic_timer. So that it fires properly, and won't fire when the door is still open.
    • Improved overall optimization and lighting of the map.
    • Increased all doors speed to 150.
    • Restricted map size for low player count (8 players).
  • zps_underground
    • Added and fixed existing cubemaps.
    • Adjusted balance of item amounts to spawn.
    • Added some blood on the vents where Zombies spawn at.
    • Added some camper beans items (usable).
    • Added some debris at one of the Zombie spawns in the train tunnel, for cover.
    • Added some props in Ticket Booth.
    • Added more physics props throughout the level.
    • Added half vent covers over the central Zombie spawn in the vent.
    • Added destructible boards on the fences in Survivors spawn, to help block LOS.
    • Clipped off the back of a set of boxes which could make items unreachable.
    • Set the fire extinguishers to not explode anymore.
    • Changed all foldingtable.mdl to prop_physics_multiplayer.
    • Changed the skins on the pillars in the Plaza, and changed the texture on the floors.
    • Converted some brushes into models for optimization.
    • Converted some unnecessary light_spot to light.
    • Converted fire extinguishers to phys_cannisters.
    • Cleaned and fixed security camera code via AS.
    • Improved overall optimtization of the map (VIS and lighting)
    • Made the metal shutter door near Survivor spawn breakable, and only them can open it with the button.
    • Made some adjustments to the Security Room.
    • Slightly increased amount of barricade hammers spawned.
    • Replaced stack of boxes in Cafe with a planter and plants instead.
    • Removed some items spawning on boards on top of the vents in the rafters.
    • Replaced the tilefoor013a materials with a copy of it that has a lower envmaptint. So the floor does not look as shiny.
    • Removed fog.
Tabajara  [developer] Jan 25 @ 1:27pm 
  • Added snow balls on Christmas event.
  • Added Get and Set for ent description.
  • Added max_carry for ammo bank.
  • Added "off" skin to walllight001a and zp_light.
  • Added an "ignore list" feature to supplies distribution (this is useful for maps with "closed areas based on player count" to prevent unreachable supplies being spawned in those areas)
  • Added the ZombieVisionBreakable material proxy to barricade boards, and some other props that are used as physics objects.
  • Increased weight of Survivor generic gibs so they don't fly so far.
  • Expanded Random Entities on FGD files (added more options).
  • Moved game data files outside of the VPKs to prevent breaking the Linux client/SRCDS
  • Paul will no longer say '♥♥♥♥♥♥' in his taunt line.
  • Updated HLMV to show more stuff about sequences.
  • Updated a lot of materials to support BIK background.
  • Updated "env_sprite" to hide the sprite if the local player is the parent (will draw if not in firstperson mode).
  • Upgraded FMOD Studio Low Level API from 1.10.05 to FMOD Studio Core 2.00.05 (this upgrade officially kills WinXP and Vista support for ZPS, Windows 7 is now the minimum requirement).
  • The client will now attempt to wipe out all sound caches at every game start.
  • Fixed an error in "counter_paint.vmt".
  • Fixed cubemaps on traincar_bars001, traincar_bars002, and traincar_rack001.
  • Fixed materials on props that were glowing fullbright white with Zombie Vision.
  • Fixed "trigger_barricade" so that when a board is placed on a prop_static within the trigger it will cause the board to drop and turn into ammo, chat displays a message for the client when this happens.
  • Fixed random_ and weapon_ on older VMF files (if ignorerules keyvalue is not found, it will force it to be false, and not true).
  • Recompiled many of the recently modified models to have more gibs, and to make some flammable.
  • Removed old colorize.as file (obsolete file from 3.0.9)
  • Zombie vision proxy algorithm has been changed, you start glowing when fatigued a little then fully half fatigued
  • Added new skin options for arcade.mdl.
  • Changed $color_breakable on physics props to orangish.
  • Fixed collision for popcorn_machine.mdl, microwave.mdl, and some corpsington's props.
  • Fixed broken env_cubemap from the hl2 cabinet models.
  • Fixed a lot of materials that uses "$envmap" within.
  • Fixed "damage scaling by material" code not being executed for props with hardcoded health in their MDL/QC.
  • Fixed "damage scaling by material" debugger not telling the truth in certain situations.
  • Recompiled some props to have physics, and added Zombie Vision proxy to their materials.
  • Recompiled "models/props_combine/breendesk.mdl" to have physics.
  • Recompiled "models/zp_props/filecabinet.mdl" to have physics.
  • Recompiled "models/zp_props/pccase.mdl" to have physics.
  • Recompiled "models/props_wasteland/controlroom_filecabinet001a.mdl" to increase mass to 275.
  • Recompiled "models/props_wasteland/controlroom_storagecloset001a.mdl" and "models/props_wasteland/controlroom_storagecloset001b.mdl" to decrease mass to 525.
  • Recompiled "models/ill_hanger/props/trashcan.mdl" to have $surfaceprop of plastic, and to have physics.
  • Recompiled "models/ill_hanger/props/cratelat.mdl" to have physics.
  • Recompiled "models/zpprops/picture1.mdl" to have physics, also made a larger version called "picture1_large".
  • Recompiled "models/zpprops/couchchair.mdl" to have physics.
  • Recompiled "models/custom/bar_stool.mdl" to have physics.
  • Recompiled "models/zp_props/sofa/diningtable.mdl" to have physics.
  • Recompiled "models/zp_props/sofa/leathersofa_single.mdl", "models/zp_props/sofa/leathersofa_double.mdl", and "models/zp_props/sofa/leathersofa_triple.mdl" to have physics.
  • Recompiled "models/props_frozenheart/trash_bin.mdl" to have physics.
  • Recompiled "models/zp_props/cinema/poster_muertos.mdl" to have physics.
  • Recompiled "models/props_c17/furniturefridge001a.mdl" and "../filecabinet02.mdl" to increase mass to 450 and 275.
  • Recompiled "../foldingtable.mdl" to have physics.
  • Reversed the "AMBULANCE" text on the hood of the ambulance model.
  • Updated "models/props_c17/oildrum001.mdl" gibs.
  • Update "../door_zps_wood.mdl", fixed UV maps of giblet models.
  • Updated collisions models for some props.
  • Added "cl_togglebikbackground" to turn on/off BIK background videos in shader panel.
  • Added "sv_zps_warmup" into creation server panel.
  • Fixed AmmoIndicator on steam builds and the missing particle file.
  • Fixed vote not being reset upon map start.
  • Fixed wrong fatigue bar calculation.
  • Moved console from VGUI to GameUI.
  • Updated GameUI (loading screen, workshop downloader, game/VAC ban).
  • Updated server browser.
  • Updated ui.json.
  • Updated translations.
  • Updated the chat box to always render on top of everything when opened.
  • Reworked player list dialog.
  • Removed "I need barricade ammo" string.
  • Added footsteps sounds for Survivors.
  • Added new pull pin sound for the grenade
  • Added Zombie's specific footsteps sound scripts and sound themselves.
  • Changed various values about footsteps (volume, radius...)
  • Changed pitch, sound level and volume of shell bouncing sounds.
  • Fixed Miles Sound System codecs being wiped out from engine binaries.
  • Stop last character voice upon respawning.
  • Fixed melee, panic, pain, berserk and lunge VO not being played underwater.
  • Fixed missing sand footsteps for Zombies.
  • Fixed Zombie Vision muting music.
  • Fixed Paul and Lea berserk sounds.
  • Added new first-person and third person animations for some weapons (Pistols, Shotguns, Rifles, Explosives etc)
  • Added inoculator's third person animations for survivors.
  • Added "press UNLOAD to rotate the board counter-clockwise" feature for "weapon_hammer".
  • Fixed a glitch with weapon switching that would cause the viewmodel to flicker.
  • Fixed inoculator act tables.
  • Updated weapon_inoculator FGD.
  • Updated I.E.D bomb.
  • Added back the ability to drop armor/kevlar.
  • Survivors are now able to punch zombies or anything with their empty hands (currently 25 dmg)
  • Increased the wood_barricade damage modifier for "melee_zombie" to 2.0, and increased wood_barricade damage modifier for weapon_carrierarms to 1.9. This now makes the barricades take 7 hits to destroy for the Carrier, and 9 hits to destroy for normal Zombies, like it was before.
  • Added a cooldown for Feed-O-Meter recharge after Carrier spotting.
  • Added Zombies randomly moaning (Between 45 and 75 seconds, a moaning chance is calculated based on various factors (standing up/crouching for now), if a RnG is below or equals that moaning chance, your character will play the no action voice line. Performing actions (jumping, attacking...) reset the cooldown).
  • Added a new client setting about lunge and berserk. If enabled (default value), pressing SPRINT/LUNGE while having Berserk ready will trigger the Berserk. If disabled, you will just lunge instead.
  • Added the ability to customize the Zombie Vision breakables highlight proxy through ZP Options (state and color)
  • Zombies can "panic" to trigger their berserk.
  • Updated Feed-O-Meter, now it does not drain when berzerking.
  • Updated ZombieVisionBreakable proxy to automatically disable envmap and its alphamapmask when enabled (and pust them back when disabled).
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Tabajara  [developer] Feb 2 @ 9:48am 
Beta 3.1 Update: Hotfix 1 -Feb 2nd, 2020

  • Added a small cooldown before stamina starts to regenerate after you start walking in order to prevent the "infinite stamina" exploit.
  • Reduced the time to wait for panicking after switching to a weapon from 0,5 seconds to 0,25 seconds.
  • Fixed SourceMod (1.10 - build 6460) menus not showing up.
  • Fixed "sv_zps_afk_time" and "sv_zps_afk_time_lobby" not working properly.
  • Moved the characters data parsing code from the player class to the game rules class in order to optimize the code.
  • (Windows only) Removed SDK 2013's QuickTime video provider, we're using Bink instead and might fix some startup issues for some players.
Game rules
  • Clients are no longer able to join teams when the round is ending or ended.
  • Clients are no longer able to respawn when the round is ending or ended.
  • Fixed dead infected Survivors delaying round end.
  • Fixed delivery items not adding weight.
  • Fixed infection not being removed on dead players.
  • Fixed "mp_timelimit" live changes not being taken into account.
  • Reduced the maximum amount of phone messages to transmit between client/server in order to optimize the network code and reduce bandwidth usage.
  • Reworked how round end time is networked in order to reduce bandwidth usage.
  • Keretti (Objective)
    • Radio prop can no longer be destroyed.
  • Harvest
    • Disabled collisions on the fuse and the bomb in the basement causing players to get stuck when arming it.
    • Reworked outside ladder near house's kitchen door so that crouched players are able to climb it instead of being forced to drop down and climb it again while standing.
Score system
  • Fixed team killing granting kill points to the attacker.
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