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D'Avekki Studios  [developer] Apr 6, 2023 @ 3:31am
Support & Bug Reporting
If you think you've found a bug...

1. Try restarting the game
2. Make sure you have the latest operating system updates.
3. Update your graphics card and audio drivers.
4. For performance / lip sync issues:
> Stop other background applications.
> Turn off VSYNC, Chromatics, Bloom, Occlusion
> Choose a lower screen resolution
5. Check the known issues below - we may already be working on it.
6. If it's still not resolved, email with details of the problem, steps to reproduce if possible, your OS version and option settings. If we need anything else we'll be in touch.

Can't play video / hang on launch (Windows)?
Some N versions of Windows are missing media codecs so try installing a media pack:
Windows Media Packs[]

Stuck or too hard? Try these:
Clobberella's Tips & Hints thread
Xotu's guide

KNOWN ISSUES and what we're working on...
Investigating - Mac (M1) crash on load
Investigating - Mac (Intel) hang on accusation screen
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