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SLS_Ruth  [developer] Nov 17, 2023 @ 7:16am
Steam Forums Code of Conduct
Users are expected to treat each other with respect. These rules are not meant to be an exhaustive list of prohibited behavior. We reserve the right to amend and add to it to preserve the integrity of our users' experiences.

Player moderation on the Steam Forums functions on the system of 'strikes.'

Strikes are assigned according to the severity of the committed infraction. There are three levels of severity.

1st Strike [Warning]:
- Insulting others without being abusive, including Stunlock representatives
- Using foul language not directed at anyone in particular

2nd Strike [Temporary Ban + Warning]:
- Making posts and comments on the forum generally considered to be toxic
- Using slurs or other racist, derogatory terms or engaging in verbal abuse. (Homophobia, Racism, Discrimination, Attacking Religious Beliefs, Encouraging Suicide)
- Making threats against other users, including Stunlock representatives

3rd Strike [Permanent Ban]:
- Acting in an extremely abusive manner
- Sexually harassing other users
- Making threats against other users’ lives, including Stunlock representatives

A player who commits an infraction with the severity of 1 strike will be warned in the forum that continuing that behavior will lead to a penalty. If the user repeats the infraction, they will be temporarily banned. If they repeat it a third time, they will get permanently banned.

A player who commits a first infraction with a severity of 2 strikes will be temporarily banned and issued a warning that continuing that behavior will lead to a permanent ban. The warning will be included within the custom ban message the player will get along with the ban notice from Steam.

A player who commits a severe infraction that merits 3 strikes, will be permanently banned immediately.

A Temporary Ban can last from one day to one month and is decided by the agent on a case-by-case basis.

Example - A player is using foul language that isn't directed at anyone in particular. They will receive a warning and a 1st Strike. After the warning, if they keep using foul language, they will be temporarily banned and receive a 2nd Strike. If they ignore the 1st and 2nd Strike and continue to use foul language on the forums, they will get a 3rd Strike and be permanently banned.

Example - A player is being racist on the Steam forums. They receive a Temporary Ban and a 2nd strike, indicated by the severity of their infraction, and a warning. They will receive a Permanent Ban and a 3rd Strike if they continue the abusive behavior.

Example - A player is sending death threats to other forum users. The particularly nasty nature of the infraction means that we go straight to the 3rd Strike and receive a Permanent Ban without warning.