Summer with Mia Season 1
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Summer with Mia Season 1

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zirize Nov 14, 2023 @ 5:48am
Galley fix.
If you open the directory where the game is installed, you will see "game" directory.

Inside the directory, create a new file called galley_patch.rpy using a text editor, paste the following content, and run the game. This will prevent any problems when using galley.

If you encounter any problems with the gameplay, delete the two files galley_patch.rpy and galley_patch.rpyc. This will solve the problem.

init 999 python: b_r = persistent.b_rt c_r = persistent.c_rt k_r = persistent.k_rt mc = persistent.mct m_r = persistent.m_rt sn = persistent.snt s_r = persistent.s_rt

beware renpy doesn't allow "tab".
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Zoltan Redbeard Nov 17, 2023 @ 5:39am 
Interesting, until a moment ago I didn't know that Ren'py parses every script file regardless of whether it was compiled or not.
Thank you very much, everything seems to work fine with this script 😉

Edit: Sorry if I get carried away, but I think this information should be highlighted before this thread gets eventually lost among the forum pages, I'll write a little guide on the matter and I'll credit it to you 👍

Edit 2: Here's the link Summer with Mia Gallery Replay Room fix
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