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Tips and Strategies
Jin Conception Youtube channel containing guides/tutorials/walkthroughs: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UComTWJ-ooNwUmarvqv3_Qkw/videos

Jin Conception Combat Guide:

Below I have included some tips and strategies that may be helpful to people who are confused, stuck or don't know what to do. If one wants to go in 100 percent blind and is not afraid of challenges or being frustrated then reading this guide is not necessary.

1. Interact/talk with as many objects or NPC in order to get clues on what to do. There are a lot of secret items that can be found by doing this as well.

2. If a monster is too strong or too hard to beat one should avoid it or try to run away during battle.

3. If a monster is too strong that may be a clue that one is going in the wrong direction.

4. During boss battles focus on searching for a good strategy. One can beat the entire game with almost no grinding whatsoever as long as the strategy is good.

5. Save the game often.

6. Stock up on as many items that can heal health and jin points. Jin feathers are not easy to obtain, collect and save as many of those as possible.

7. In battle one can wait for strategic purposes. For example one can wait by pressing the Z key on PC and right after an enemy does an attack one can use "Obliterate" on that enemy. This will guarantee the enemy's balance bar is less then half and will cause double damage on the victim.

8. Some enemies may have stronger defense or stronger resistance/Jin Defense. So spamming attack only or Jin techs only all the time may not be a good strategy. It is worth it to try different things during combat.

9. All Jin techs are useful. If one is stuck on beating a boss try to figure out if there are any Jin techs one has not used yet and try to think of what kind of strategy can be used with that Jin tech to get an advantage against that boss.

10. When thinking of strategies in combat try to think about stacking different combinations of afflictions/buffs with certain attacks. For example sensitive affliction causes the victim to get double damage. Combine that with waiting to use obliterate just right after an enemy attacks can cause quadruple damage on the enemy.

11. Some Jin techs can stack damage based on number of afflictions on the victim. It may be a good strategy to try and stack as many afflictions on the enemy to take advantage of this.

12. All overpowered Jin techs have a weakness or counter. If one notices a boss or enemy using an overpowered Jin tech try to think of a strategy or a way to counter it.

13. High defense and/or high resistance can be countered with poison.

14. To use a double or triple tech all participating party members need to have their balance recovered. To do this one needs to wait in battle by pressing Z which will unpause the balance bars and cause everyone to start recovering balance. Every time a player recovers balance all balance bars will be paused. A double or triple tech may not be worth using in certain situations.

15. If one is playing on Switch instead of PC one can look at the steam achievements here: https://steamcommunity.com/stats/1520090/achievements to figure out if they are missing any secrets or alternative endings. The Switch does not have an in game achievement system so one will need to keep track of what secrets have been discovered. For beginners it is wiser to play on PC first before trying Jin Conception on the Switch. Not all steam achievements are important and the icons may or may not be relevant.

16. Every required puzzle/quest has at least one clue and hint.

17. If one is still having trouble after following all these tips/strategies one can ask me for help at the Jin Conception discord server at https://discord.gg/9fEeSFP6mj. My handle is jonc#8854.
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