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Age Of Darkness: Final Stand - FAQ
What type of game is Age of Darkness: Final Stand (AoD)?

Age of Darkness: Final Stand is a dark fantasy survival RTS, where you must illuminate, build and defend humanity’s last bastion against hordes of Nightmares.

Check out the AoD {LINK REMOVED} to learn more, or of course our Steam page.

Do you have a Discord server and socials for Age Of Darkness?

We do! We'd love for you to join our Discord server, where we are most active in responding to community questions. While we are sharing new insights and content about the game across a range of platforms.

Discord - {LINK REMOVED}
Twitter - Follow us at AOD_FinalStand
Facebook - {LINK REMOVED}
Reddit - r/Age of Darkness: Final Stand
YouTube - Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel

What platforms and storefronts is AoD releasing on?

AoD will be launching into early access (EA) on Windows PC, through Steam.

We’ll investigate other platforms and storefronts it could be a good fit for in the future.

When will the game be coming to early access?!

AoD will be launching into early access through Steam, on October 7th 2021 at 5PM BST/9AM PDT/6PM CEST/12PM ET/3AM AEST (Oct 8th)

How much will AoD cost when it is released in early access?

The price at early access launch will be £17.49 / $21.99 / EUR 21.99

What are the system requirements on PC?

You can view the minimum and recommended specs Steam store page here -

Will there be multiplayer?

At this time we’re focusing on the core game experience (Survival Mode) before adding more modes, which includes multiplayer. But it’s something we’re interested in exploring during early access, especially if there’s strong interest for it from our community.

Why early access? And what types of updates will you release during EA?

Age of Darkness: Final Stand is an ambitious project and as developers, we believe working closely with our players will help make this game the best that it can be.

We will be actively improving and adding to the game on a regular basis, so expect frequent updates including; gameplay balancing, bug fixes, more content and new modes!

Is there Steam Workshop support or a Map Editor planned?

Steam Workshop (mod support) is something we're interested in supporting in the future.

If there’s a lot of demand for a map editor (for example), we’ll look into exploring the possibility of it during EA.

What languages will AoD be available in at EA launch?

AoD will launch in Early Access with English only. We hope to support localizations for more languages in the future.

Is there ultra-wide screen support and advanced graphic settings?

There is support for ultra wide screens in AoD at early access launch. However, there are known issues and we’re working on adding future support to it.

While there are several graphical setting options in AoD right now that you can choose from. We plan to add more options in the future, during early access development.

I'm a content creator/streamer, how can I get a review code for the game?

Thanks for the interest! Just apply via our {LINK REMOVED} and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can - {LINK REMOVED}

What are some inspirations for AoD?

We're all gamers at PlaySide who've brought our individual tastes and loves to the game. DNA from games like Age of Empires (II), Warcraft 3, MOBA's, Northgard, Starcraft II is all throughout Age of Darkness.

Of course, the fantasy staples Lord of The Rings, Game of Thrones are constantly on repeat in the office and act as a huge inspiration too!

We'll revisit and edit our answers for these questions as we release more information about the game and the details surrounding its release!
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