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WolfETPlayer  [developer] Aug 12, 2020 @ 1:31pm
FAQ - please read before posting
Is RealRTCW available only on Steam?
No.You can download the latest nosteam version of the mod on ModDB

Will RealRTCW be available in Germany?
Untill original RTCW will be unbanned from DE Steam Store RealRTCW cant be released in German Steam Store. This matter was already discussed with Steamworks Support.

What's the difference between Steam and non Steam version?
Apart from the Steam specific features like Workshop, Cloud, Rich Presence and Achievements - there's none. Steam and ModDB versions are equal in terms of content.

Do I need to own a Steam copy of Return to Castle Wolfenstein to play RealRTCW?
Yes. You need to have it installed as well.

Game crashes on startup
For RealRTCW:
Delete realrtcwconfig.cfg located in My documents/RealRTCW 4.0/main.
This will reset your config file.
For RealRTCWCoop:
Delete located in My Documents/RealRTCWCoop/coopmain

Crashes for no reason
1) Start the game

2) Open the console with SHIFT+ESC

3) Enter: "/developer 1" and "/logfile 2" commands
Game should now open in developer mode with logging to file enabled. This should print some more messages which could help identify the issue + saves them to file.

4)Try to reproduce the crash.
After crash a new file should appear inside "%userprofile%\Documents\RealRTCW 4.0\main" named "rtcwconsole.log".

5)Post crashlog somewhere (for example on or send it to me personally so I could take a look.

Low FPS issues on laptops
Make sure that game uses discrete GPU instead of integrated. You can check the GPU game is using by opening the console with SHIFT+ESC and finding the line GPU_RENDERER.

How to activate cheats?
Activate console with SHIFT+ESC and then type:
/spdevmap *mapname* (e.g /spdevmap escape1)
This will load map of your choice with activated developer mode.
You can use cheats now.

Is source code available somewhere?

Is Cursed Sands campaign from console versions included in RealRTCW?
No. It's WIP by one of the community members.

My in-game sound is weird - delays, strange clicks, lipsync is broken.
You need to lower your playback device hz quality.
Set it to 2 channels, 24 bit and 48000 hz

My antivirus says that launcher.exe is infected!
So far only BitDefender users reported that. Its a false positive. Launcher code is open sourced and you can investigate it here:
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