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Xurrias Jun 15 @ 8:16am
(Pls Archive) Severe Game Graphics-Glitch after Nvidia-RTX Integration.
As the title says, JWE 2 just gained unplayable status after the newest Nvidia Graphics-Driver update which integrated RayTracing Functionallity.

Nvidia has messed up badly on this Driver update.

Video link:

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Originally posted by Al_Paka:
The new Nvidia driver is broken.

Device Manager -> Click on Graphics Card -> Right click on "Graphics Card Label" -> Properties -> Drivers -> Use Previous Driver.

This sets the driver to the previous version and the game works properly again

Alternatively, you must manually download the previous driver (512.95) from the Nvidia site, uninstall the current driver, and install the downloaded driver.
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martin77 Jun 15 @ 8:48am 
New Nvidia graphic drivers 516.40 messed up my graphics
Someone else has problems?
i have colour problems and artifacts and the lightning is flashing Oo
yesterday all was okay :/
Same for me
martin77 Jun 15 @ 8:49am 
same here!
makes me almost blind and hurt my eyes
Same for me! it's awful! just black lines flickering everywhere :(
Xurrias Jun 15 @ 9:03am 
Welcome to the Club
nimlen Jun 15 @ 9:06am 
I am having this same problem. It's happening to me when trying to play Chaos Theory - Jurassic Park.
Cormoran Jun 15 @ 9:09am 
I'm getting this too, happened right after i updated to the current 516.40 drivers
me too :(
Yes. Yesterday i play game all day fine. Today after GPU Nvidia update. A lot of problem happening.... Blue box, Shadow box every where, zoom in all detail dissapear,.... etc.
No matter what setting is. Full screen, Windows screen, Low setting, hight setting, vsyn on or off, DSLL on or off.

Conclusion unplayable. Any update ?
Cormoran Jun 15 @ 9:13am 
Al_Paka Jun 15 @ 9:15am 
For me too, playing new dlc and all flick and black lines after nvidia drivers
Tryed low graphics settings to low but nothing changes and game is UNPLAYABLE.
Advice for who can downgrade your graphic drivers, i will play it on my laptop with a 1060
same here, downgrade your drivers
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