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Enshrouded Game FAQ
1) What is Enshrouded?
Enshrouded is a cooperative survival crafting action RPG. Survive in the fallen kingdom consumed by an evil fog, the Shroud. Fight wild beasts and fearsome bosses. Construct grand halls and shape your homestead's terrain. Forge your warrior with diverse equipment and a huge, open skill tree. Venture alone — or with allies — into the mist to uncover the secrets of the kingdom's downfall.

2) What is the story?
The fools of the old world ruthlessly mined the earth for a magical elixir, and unleashed a ruinous fog — and corrupted creatures — from the depths. The kingdom was lost, but not before a few remaining warriors were placed in a long, dreamless sleep, until such time they could fight anew... that time has come.

3) Will it be multiplayer?
Yes. Enshrouded is a co-op online multiplayer game. Although the game can be played in co-op, one can also play solo and offline, but we strongly encourage players to grab a friend or three (and up to 16!) before setting out into the Shroud. It is just more fun.

4) What platforms will it be released on?
The game will be released in Steam Early Access first. We will eventually bring the game to other platforms (namely, PlayStation 5 and Xbox X|S) and storefronts, after completion.

5) What engine is Enshrouded built on?
We use the Holistic engine, which is an engine we created ourselves, specifically designed and optimized to build Enshrouded.

6) How can I help with development?
Share your feedback with us on Discord! We will periodically ask you for your thoughts on specific parts of the game, either already in the game or in development. Let us know what you like, what you think you'd like, or conversely, what you've tried and thought wasn't good. We're making a game for you! Well, all of you...

7) How can I support the project?
Buy the game! Tell a friend! Tell your neighbors! Invite them to play! Development will benefit directly from more people knowing about Enshrouded and we have specifically made a game that can be played in single player, but truly shines when played with friends.

8) I’m a content creator and I’m interested in the game. How do I get in touch?
You can get in touch by writing an e-mail to creators@keengames.com. Please link your social channels and use the email that is associated with your creator account to make it easier to verify it's really you. We look forward to hearing from you!

9) What are the game's minimum specs?
Please refer to this article[enshrouded.zendesk.com] for information about current system requirements.

10) Will Enshrouded be available on GeForce Now?
Yes, Enshrouded will be available on GeForce Now. See this link[nvidia.custhelp.com] for which countries the service is available in.

11) How will online multiplayer server hosting work?
It will be possible to set up dedicated servers, if you don't want to always have to be online for your friends to be able to play. The Multiplayer & Server Hosting[enshrouded.zendesk.com] category on our knowledge base should provide you with all the information you need to get started.

We have also partnered with GPortal to offer dedicated servers you can rent directly from within the game, but it will also be possible to rent servers through your favorite providers! Better check in with them.

12) What languages will the game support?
When Enshrouded releases in Early Access, it will support English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Polish, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Ukrainian.

13) Is there PvP in the game?
As of yet there is not PvP mode in the game or any PvP mode planned. The game itself will stay as it is as a co-op game, as we think experiencing the game together is more fun compared to fighting against each other. Maybe, but only maybe, we are adding some modes in the future just to have some fun on the side.

14) Is the map in Enshrouded generated procedurally?
When we are creating the world, we use procedural tools to create the map, but then we use the old-fashioned way, by hand, by free range game designer to create an immersive hand-crafted experience, just to make it as exciting and beautiful as it can be.

15) Will the game support mods?
There are no questions that mods are what makes a game truly great, but at this stage, we cannot make promises that the game will be moddable, but it is something we would love to implement in the future.

16) Do enemies attack my base? Do I need to build defenses?
At the moment, enemies are only interested in attacking the players, not their bases or dwellings. This might change after Early Access, based upon player feedback.

17) Can I use my old saves from the demo or beta builds of the game?
As we made many improvements to our save system throughout development, older saves from the Alpha, Beta and Demo versions are incompatible with the Early Access version of Enshrouded.

18) Will there be another beta / demo / public test for Enshrouded?
At this stage, there is no other public testing planned of any kind. Should this change, we will make sure to let you know on Discord and our newsletter[enshrouded.com], so make sure you're subscribed!\

19) Can I use my character on another server? If so, what will I transfer with me?
You can absolutely take your favorite character with you and swap between servers. They will retain their entire equipment and inventory, as well as levels / skills unlocked.
In addition, they will also maintain:

Map memory (locations and fog of war removed)
Personal crafting recipes (crafting that does not require a workbench)
Previously collected Shroud roots (you cannot farm Shroud roots by making new worlds)
Previously found lore texts and tutorials
Towers you found by yourself
They will not maintain:

The majority of crafting recipes (they are dependent on NPCs and crafting stations unlocked in the world)
Available NPCs for summon (gotta liberate them in the new world, too!)
Towers that were found by others and shared with the group

20) Do you track personal data in Enshrouded?
We only track anonymized game-play data. In §4 of our Privacy Policy for Enshrouded you can find here[enshrouded.com]. It reads:

Use of your ID: When you start our game, your game authenticates with an ID assigned to you by the respective platform through which you obtain our game. We do not store this ID and only use it in anonymized form. The legal basis for the authentication and anonymization of your ID is the provision of and our legitimate interest in a privacy-friendly evaluation of our game, Art. 6 para. 1 p. 1 lit. b and lit. f GDPR.
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