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Mozai Aug 12 @ 4:20pm
[Linux] Game won't start, black screen. (SOLUTION)
Steam overlay still works, so I doubt it's my own machine.
I looked in LocalLow/SunheadGames/Carto/output_log.txt and this is what it said

WindowsVideoMedia error 0x80004005 while reading Z:/Steam/steamapps/common/Carto/Carto_Data/sharedassets0.resource Context: CreateObjectFromByteStream Error details: Call failed. Track types: (Filename: Line: 2847) VideoPlayer cannot play clip : Assets/ui/game state/logo/HumbleGames_Logo_Anim.mp4 Cannot read file.
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loki  [developer] Aug 12 @ 6:50pm 

Although people mention that the game runs excellent on Linux with Steam Proton,
We don't support Linux version officially.

It seems the problem could be caused by video codec, try disable/update/install codec.
Let us know if you manage to run successfully!
No tux, no bux! :DSTpoop:
Use one of the Proton builds by Glorious Eggroll. The game runs great on my Linux system using Proton 6.15-GE-2.
Mozai Aug 24 @ 4:42pm 
That did the trick, and the game looks lovely.

* Shutdown Steam
* Go to , copy the link to the latest *.tar.gz "tarball"
* mkdir -p ~/.steam/root/compatibilitytools.d
* cd ~/.steam/root/compatibilitytools.d && curl -L "$tarball_link" |tar xz
* Start Steam, rightclick on "Carto" to summon the properties
* choose Compatibility, click "[X] Force the use of a specific..." and choose the -GE- option
* Start the game
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