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Issues that can be fixed by users
  • [Compatibility][Win 8.1] Title fails to launch on Win 8.1 until Windows Update is run. This issue is resolved by the player running Windows Update
  • [Compatibility] Out of date drivers can cause the map zoom to ‘lock’ and only zoom in/out on Coat of Arms. This issue is resolved by the player updating their drivers
  • [Mac] Paradox launcher not opening when playing from Steam on macOS Catalina. Resolution: Verifying game files (send crash files via our bug reports)

Issues under investigation
  • [Plaza] [Linux] No Achievements available on PDX Plaza on Linux
  • [Engine] [Map Editor] [CTD] - Repacking a heightmap leads to constant crashes (affects modders)
  • [Achievements] Saves are not compatible with any achievement that requires Players to start as specific Character
  • [Camera] Camera can turn black and rotate entirely out of view if you have a controller plugged in

New issues and directions to solve themDisabling antivirus
A lot of users have experienced issues due to their antivirus blocking the game or files associated with the game. We’ve seen some users be able to bypass a lot of issues by allowing the CK3 app and Launcher to not be flagged by your antivirus.

Disabling ransomware protection on Windows 10
From the start menu, type “Ransomware” and go to the Ransomware Protection settings.
If Ransomware Protection is on, add ck3.exe and paradoxlauncher.exe to the allowed apps.

Unplugging controllers, gamepads and other gaming peripherals
A lot of players have noticed a wide array of issues that have been resolved by unplugging controllers, gamepads and various other gaming peripherals.

Verifying game files (Steam)
  • Right click the game in your libraries on Steam
  • Select “Properties”
  • Select “Local Files”
  • Press “Verify integrity of the game files”

Minimum specs
Please also be aware of the minimum specs for running CK3, should your machine be below these requirements it may impact your ability to run the game.

Allow the game access to read and write to disk (MacOS only)
Go to the system settings, under Software make sure that ck3 is allowed access to edit and read files on your computer.

OpenGL version (Linux only)
Make sure that your version of OpenGL is at least 3.3. You can check this with “glxinfo | grep OpenGL”. We do not support any version below 3.3.
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