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Satoru Jun 25 @ 6:06am
[Update] Denuvo to be removed for release
An update from Romain studio head of Amplitude

Hi everyone,

Thank you for all your feedback on this, we have been following along and having internal discussions before getting back to you. Based on data from our trial during the Closed Beta, we have decided not to include Denuvo in Humankind at launch.

First, let me explain the reasoning behind our initial decision including Denuvo – We work really hard and pour our hearts into these games we make, and pirating really does affect our ability to keep creating games with you guys.

We’ve been working on this game for more than 4 years now and personally it’s been my dream project for 25 years. We’ve been one of the most wishlisted games on Steam this year, so we know we’re going to be targeted by pirates, more so than any of our previous games. If Denuvo can hold off a cracked version, even just for a few days, that can already really help us to protect our launch.

That being said, our priority is always the best possible experience for the players who buy our games and support us. Denuvo should never impact player performance, and we don’t want to sacrifice quality for you guys.

We believe that it’s possible with the right integration, which is what we wanted to test during the Closed Beta. However, we found that the way it was currently integrated was not good enough, and it’s not something we can fix before release. So, we are taking it out.

I hope this answers your questions. Thank you as always for your support, and we can’t wait to see you all at launch (and beyond!)

- Romain, CCO & Studio Head

The sticky will be here for awhile but will eventually be unstickied

The references on the store page have also been removed

Hello Everyone

There have been discussions about Denuvo and we are going to consolidate all such threads here. The same rules apply here as anywhere else

1. Be respectful of each other
2. Do not flamebait or antagonize other users
3. Keep comments relevant

Violations of the above will result in warnings and/or bans
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pandariuskairos Jun 24 @ 7:43pm 
I Won't Play With Denuvo
It's that simple - as long as Denuvo remains, there is zero chance I will buy this game.

Is the lost revenue from thousands of players who will turn their backs on the game worth it?
savoir10 Jun 24 @ 8:29pm 
I've had this game on my wishlist all year. However, Denuvo is a no-go for me as well. It's very disappointing, as this was to be my only game purchase this year.
Mr_Thursday Jun 25 @ 3:56am 
Off my wishlist, this is an insult to customers.
Utheran Jun 25 @ 8:14am 
Decided to refund my pre-order and wait and see. It just adds too much risk in my mind that it could degrade performance or have development effort wasted by paying for and integrating it.
lukaself Jun 25 @ 10:48am 
Originally posted by Purforme:
Can someone explain what Denuvo is and why it's so upsetting for so many of you?
You may refer to for an unbiased answer. Obviously, everyone's expectations are different and it's up to you to decide if it's an issue or not.

My personal opinion on the middleware may be found there, if anyone cares about that. :happyotus:
edd Jun 25 @ 3:20pm 
After playing OpenDev, Closed Beta I was 100% pre-ordering it - I was going to do it right now - then I saw Denuvo there. TBH this is a bit strange coming from this dev, always so pro-customer - Denuvo was proven time after time to be only damaging to performance and user experience.

I'll have to wait, sorry to the devs (and thank you for the wonderful work so far) - this is probably another greedy decision from the publisher managers or something like that - at least I hope so.
I was about to buy but denuvo means I'll keep my money.
Kedo Jun 25 @ 8:45pm 
I own ES, ES2, EL and DotE. I won't own Humankind unless it's without Denuvo. It's as simple as that.
Satoru Jun 25 @ 9:30pm 
Originally posted by Purforme:
Am I understanding correctly that this means I won't be able to start the game more than 5 times in a 24 hour period?

That is false
I feel that it is just a huge waste of money, that could be spent on something far more important, like optimization. I played Lucy OpenDev and the game was extremely laggy towards the last turns. I watched Spiffing Brit last lets play and after turn 170 the game lagged extremelly hard. Thats not a great sign when a youtuber, who probably has the strongest PC configuration possible has problems with lag. And you want to add Denuvo on top of that, which will make the game lag even further. I mean all that money that you are planning to spend on Denuvo wont give you more customers, it will do quite the opposite actually.

So I really hope that you will reconsider to waste you money on Denuvo and that you are planning to fix optimization problems, because it is unacceptable for a 4x game.
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Razgriz Jun 26 @ 5:36am 
I've bought most of 'Endless' Amplitude games and really looked forward to a new historical X4, that's why I was until a few day ago a pre-orderer.

I know from playing the Lucy OpenDev to give you hopefully relevent feedbacks my computer will need to be upgraded to play the game (At least more RAM, even if I feel like everything is old and dying). But if I would have been ready to do it for playing the game, I'm not fond of doing it for some 'paranoid middleware'. I feel like this kind of choice have repercussion on the customer in term of finance, performance, and development :
- You pay the solution, the customer pays you to pay the solution
- It "can" hinder performances, while bringing nothing to the customer on faetures or optimization
- I feel it as 'disrectful' to do this kind of evolution on a game sold on pre-order which has already been delayed. If the game got out in April, <with it, un-bugged and balanced>, customers would have all elements to have a "relation of trust" and this last point would not exist. But the cumulative effect of "game delayed, still in development" make me feel as disrespected. I would have expected money and energy to go on features and optimizations. Just to be clear, my problem is by no mean the delay, we all agree a finished, unbugged, and balanced game is better, do we ?

That's for those reasons I decided to leave the boat. I still trust the development teams to give a great game and make it even better later, and I hope the other gamers will have the great experience they are waiting for.

Also, thanks lukaself for respectfully pointing it out on the forum, since I do not go to the main page everyday.

I also thank the moderation team for allowing expression/discussion around polemic topic
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--Nico-- Jun 26 @ 5:59am 
If this means i cant play the game offline, its a big NO.

I heard humankind will have Denuvo, is that confirmed?
Ravoc Jun 26 @ 4:16pm 
A 5 daily activation limit means they track each install and probably each play session across multiple devices (unsure what entails an "activation" exactly). More importantly, it means your game is bound to a remote server you have no control or knowledge about. Offline tokens only alleviate a problem that shouldn't exist in the first place.
Most piracy for games is very small over all. You will mostly have it where the game is too expensive. But for most people they put it on a wishlist and wait for it to match what they think its worth.

I have pirated more games with Denuvo in the last 20 years than all the other games combined. To me that is a sign that they do not want my money and many developers never remove it.
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