DaylightDemon May 21, 2020 @ 12:58am
what i would like this game to be like
give me:

- some oompf in the abilites and most importantly shooting.
visual and audio feedback feels very lackluster, when you kill stuff or hit with your abilities

- a minimap. and make the objectives pop out more, add some animations when objectives become available. add a countdown for important objectives. add more voice announcements

- a mount to make rotating or regrouping way less tedious

- a text and voice chat

- less time to kill. i dont think every game needs to be as fast as csgo, but maaan those fights are sluggish
to compensate for less time to kill, maybe make the healthpacks faster to use as exchange and maybe even set the respawn timers lower

right now the game lacks what makes or breaks most multiplayer experiences. the action, the urgency, the epicness. it feels like it doesnt even want to be pvp, you get thrown onto this lush jungle map with monsters that look way too good and then you expect me to get excited about the super boring pvp.
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