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Kingdom Rush
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bolin  [developer] Dec 17, 2013 @ 6:53am
Patch 1.06b is out
Here's the changelog:

1.06b - 17/12/2013


-Greenmuck's bomb flying off the screen.
-Bug with Ranger's Hideout range display seen through quickmenu.
-Several typos on stage's campaign text.
-Noxious Creeper's gui bottom info.
-Tainted Treant's gui bottom info.
-Mutated Hatchling's gui bottom info.
-Typos in game tips.
-Ulguk-Hai's attack point (it wasn't damaging certain soldiers).
-Glitch with the overlay on the main map.
-Rock Elemental's respawn time.
-Rock Elemental's gui bottom info.
-Stage 14's ruins layering.
-Problems with hero animations when unpausing the game.
-Boss battle music for stage 9 after unpausing the game.
-Bug where the melee fighting sound effect would play after unpausing the game under certain conditions with no fighting going on.