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Interstellar Marines
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Bozar  [developer] Mar 15, 2013 @ 8:10am
Hello Community
My name is Carsten and I am the new Community Manager(CM) & PR Manager for Interstellar Marines. Before I start introducing myself I like to say that I am proud of being part of such an ambitious Danish project, that Interstellar Marines is and I would like to thank the guys from Zero point Software for this opportunity.

So who am I, what is my gaming experience and what are my ambitions for the (already) awesome community that Interstellar Marines has.

I have always been a fan of PC 1st person multiplayer shooters. My first Multiplayer game was Counter-strike that I think was fun and competitive. But I first really fell in love with the 1st person multiplayer shooter when I started playing Battlefield 2. I enjoyed it so much that I started playing the game competitively and ended playing for some of the top teams in Europe and got on the Danish national team that was also in the top of Europe. I also loved the Aliens franchise and used to play in total darkness and turn the volume to the max on my dads Surround sound system. I actually own a Ps3 that I enjoy playing 3rd person games and sports games on, but my heart lies with PC gaming.

The first time I heard about Zero point Software and Interstellar Marines was through Kickstarter. I was so impressed by what I saw and instantly pledge whatever money I could spare at the time to support ZPS. At the time I was CM at 2Dawn Games who developed the game Ravaged. But I could not help wanting to share my ideas and try help promote the Marines Kickstarter campaign. So I contacted Kim & Mikael and went to their office for a short visit. We got along very well and they liked my ideas.

Sadly the Kickstarter campaign was unsuccessful. I feared that “with good reason” that ZPS would back down from the game. But I learned about a month after that Mikael & Kim was still working on the game. I was extremely happy about that and asked my boss at 2Dawn Games if I could be the CM at ZPS if they wanted me, even though I was and still am, the CM for 2Dawn Games. I got the thumbs up and contacted ZPS. I know that Mikael & Kim wants to be involved with the Community and develop the game at the same time, so I spammed them with ideas on how to build-on the already existing Interstellar Marines community and still be involved in the Community and develop the game. Mikael and Kim liked my ideas and now here I am :)

So my goals and ambitions for the Interstellar Marines Community is to make it the coolest online gaming community in the galaxy;-).. so that Mikael & Kim can focus more on developing the game and still be involved with the Community. The way I am going to do this is to involve you guys in as much of our work as humanly possible. I am convinced that involving the Community in the development early on is, if not the best way, to really show appreciation to the community which is the most important element. So I will do everything I can to take on your feedback, interpret it and present it to Mikael & Kim. I want to be active part of the development, testing of game and gather as many community players I can to help us test the game for not just gameplay, but also for bugs & other issues. I am convinced that if we are to make a awesome and successful game then we need the all the support you guys can give us!

So that is what I am asking of you guys, for your support to make this game the most awesome game on in the galaxy. You will also be seeing me hosting events, competitions and developer/community sessions where you as a community member can join us on teamspeak and express your concerns or submit your feedback & ideas for Interstellar Marines. I will be actively following the forums not just on but also other gaming communties around the world.

I am looking forward to be your Community Manager and can’t wait to listen and talk with you guys

You can follow me on twitter @ZPSBozar and ask me questions & get updates on what is going on with Interstellar Marines.

For the love of the Game!


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chaosmarster779 Aug 14, 2013 @ 10:10am 
this game looks bsd♥♥♥♥♥
chaosmarster779 Aug 14, 2013 @ 10:11am 
i cant wait to play this game
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