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Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils
Sol Arcana Sep 6, 2013 @ 11:10pm
Working with the Demo's controls
I'm trying really, really hard to like this demo, but these controls are not helping. Some of the things are just stuff I'm not used to it, like tapping a direction when you jump continues to move you that way even when you no longer hold that direction. Other things just don't seem to work well, like dashing.

Getting the dash to start up often feels unresponsive. I also still haven't figured out why I sometimes don't continue to dash after a jump but other times I will and, since it's a double tap motion, I'll often get it when I'm trying to slightly adjust my position. That coupled with the game kicking you to the title instead of your last save when you die is really frustrating.

Everything I've heard about the game from people that have already played it seems positive, and I haven't really seen anyone mention the controls as an issue. Is it all just something you get used to or do you end up having to work around it?
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Miraglyth Sep 7, 2013 @ 1:36pm 
I'd say for the most part it's something you get used to. I'd be lying to say there aren't control quirks (for instance if you dash kick and hold the buttons down, sometimes it'll continue to dash kick and others it won't, though that has no gameplay benefit anyway so it's not a problem).

I can't recall accidentally dashing off anywhere fatal in a long time, and the only deaths I can recall from unexpected controls are super early on or bumping a death-animation boss because of the midair can't-stop-moving-in-a-direction quirk you mentioned. For me the not-instant turning speed was a bigger problem when fights demanded precise movement.

I'm fussy enough that I can find control faults in pretty much every platformer there is. Modern Mario games are so floaty and slow to me that it ruins the games. The classic levels in Sonic Generations used the same physics engine as Modern which meant changing direction was a pain. Even the rightfully acclaimed Super Meat Boy, I can note a couple mistakes with wall grab detection and skidding.

So yeah there are a couple problems with Bunny Must Die, but I'd still say the controls are more good than bad overall.
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