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ant.karlov  [developer] Feb 13 @ 12:53am 
  • Shovels will be!
  • Grenade Launchers will be and just grenades will be! (that can be thrown by hand)
  • Vehicles will be have weapons too! (just not implemented yet)
  • I don't know what guns will be best because not all weapons is implemented. But I think that you will determine what weapons are best!
  • Release date is unknown yet, but we plan release the game in 2018!
ant.karlov  [developer] Feb 18 @ 12:45am 
I already wrote earlier that the final amount of levels is difficult to determine yet, but there will be many.
ant.karlov  [developer] Feb 26 @ 12:29am 
Originally posted by Blaze Rush:
Are there going to be training levels

I don't know about training levels. We will test the game, and if during the tests it becomes clear that the training levels are needed, then I will do them.

Originally posted by Blaze Rush:
Are there going to be Zombies that can come out of no where


Originally posted by Blaze Rush:
Is the game going to have DLC

Currently I have no plans for the DLC but it will be possible.

Originally posted by Blaze Rush:
What is your favourite armour in the game

I have not finish to adding all armours into the game, so I can't say what is my favorite :)
How many types of guns are there going to be
Is the jet going to be able to shoot bullets
Are there going to be rocket launchers
ant.karlov  [developer] Mar 13 @ 1:17am 
I answer your questions, but then you delete your posts and my answers look silly. Why are you deleting everything?
Because my PC goes funny
So sry my friend
Ant Karlov can you please answer my other questions
<Are the going to be skeletons
<Machine guns
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