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Megabyte Punch
JcFerggy Aug 31, 2013 @ 12:20pm
I love the game, but there are a few things that bother me.
This is a copy post from the Megabyte Punch Steam Group. I don't know what one you check more, so I thought I'd post it here as well.

I recently just got the game, and I love it. The combination of Smash Bros styled fighting with customization of Custom Robo. Though in playings, there were a few things that got to me enough to not consider the game perfect. To save time and formatting, I'll just number them in no particular order.

1. When attaching new parts, I wish there was a way to compare the item that you are adding to the item that is already attached.

2. Along with that, I wish I could see what the part was/what it did when I am breaking them up for bits.

3. When I die in a level, there is no option to just resume the level instead of going back to the start. I'd like it to be to resume the current stage, but starting from the first stage again would be better than nothing.

4. I would like a difficulty option if all possible. Towards the end of the game in levels 5 and 6, it gets really hard to complete the levels by my self. I had to get a friend in to help, and even more so for the final boss. I can only imagine the poor souls trying to beat the game solo.

5. The major thing this game is really missing is a more fleshed out multiplayer mode. I think the biggest flaw is in the characters themselves. Sure if I want to go through the story mode and unlock stuff to build my character, its all fine, but if I have a friend over to play, it takes ages to sort through the parts to make a character for him to play. Even worse if the parts he picks are not to his liking, it takes forever to get into a proper match.

What I see to fix this is unlockable presets. As you go along in single player, beating a level unlocks a preset or two related to that level. Assuming there was 2 presets from the start, 6 more for each level, one for the final boss, and maybe a bonus one for collecting all the colors, thats 10 presets for players to use to mess around in multiplayer to speed up the process of getting players from the menu into the fight.

6. A smaller one, but it still kinda bugged me. I'd like it if the parts and colors were organised a bit better. Currently the parts are sorted in pages, roughly to each section, but some are out of place.

It would be nice if the parts were separated into tabs for each body part, then in there sorted by the ability it offered. As for colors, either sort them by the levels you get them from making getting them easier, or maybe rainbow coded.

7. Versus levels. The current levels are not bad, but the theming of the levels could be more fleshed out past the standard story mode style. Even if it was just different colored backgrounds.

Also with that, a better way to make custom levels. I know it would mean remaking a whole lot of ingame menus for it, but it would be nice to have more than 3, and have the ability to make them ingame.

8. Online multiplayer. I know this would be the largest hurdle to pass, but having the ability to play with friends over steam would be awesome.

I know the list is long and has a lot of suggestions, but it is stuff like this that would bring your game up to the next level. Having a true competitor to Smash Bros is an amazing thing to have. You should look into trying to get the game on the PS3/PS4, knowing their own Smash Bros clone failed on them.

You should also consider the idea of continual updates or even DLC. Adding more story levels with new parts/abilities could be a fantastic thing. You could always look to Smash Bros or similar games for ideas of new moves. I would be willing to pay for more of this game, even if there was no plot.

So I guess I'll just end this on saying congratulations on getting on Greenlight. I look forward to seeing what comes next from you guys.