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Dark Ocean
Mariscal  [developer] Apr 28 @ 3:14pm
We need your feedback!
Hi all, we are currently trying to get a general idea of what people liked / didn't like about the game. If you played the game your input would be very valuable, and also, keep in mind that the link posted here is just a demo we did in our master degree, we would like to know ideas / suggestions from you!

So please, if you could take a moment to share with us what would you like to see improved/added to the game that would be highly appreciated.

Thanks for all your support!

- The Dev team
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BachBreaker May 24 @ 3:52pm 
I'll play the demo and give you all the pros and cons of the game. Just wait a little.
BachBreaker May 24 @ 8:36pm 
All right,it is good what I've seen so far, though I could not move much in the game as the third zombie that appears, jumping the stairs to the pool, has a bug where you can't kill it, I spent all my flares it and nothing.

There are some things I noticed, you took several ideas from Resident Evil 5, like the HUD, the third-person view, the character handling, etc. Actually I like seeing all that in the game, you took a good mold. There are also some other details that I liked like kinematic or the HUD appearing only when you aim or an enemy damages you, very good.

Now, the suggestions:

- I think the first is the most obvious, the graphics. I know they are not everything in a game but we are in 2014 and the truth is that the graphics can not be ignored.

- Modify the loading bar for a thinner.

- The dialogue at the beginning should be longer. I noticed that it was based on Resident Evil 3: Nemesis by the way in which images were displayed and the protagonist recounted the things. This scene has lots of potential, you just have to improve it a bit. One way would be telling how the protagonist went to that hall.

- Modify the HUD. It looks too similar to Resident Evil 5. I think that for a better immersion would be great to put the scrapped HUD from Resident Evil 3.5. When the player had full health the HUD didn't appear, but when the player lost health appeared yellow letters saying DANGER. But I do not know how you could count the ammunition.

- The character movement should be improved, it does not look too well. Maybe you could make animations with Ada from Resident Evil 4 as a template.

- The zombies are too fast. Maybe you could slow down them a bit?

- The stunning of the zombies by the camera should be a little more durable.

That's all I could suggest so far. As I said before, I managed to not move much in the game.

I really hope you to continue the development of this game. It really has great potential. Come on, guys! You can bring horror games back to their golden years.
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Mariscal  [developer] May 25 @ 3:07am 
Thanks a lot for your time, we have noted your suggestions :)
BachBreaker May 26 @ 1:52pm 
I would like to suggest some more. I've been thinking of more ways to make your game to look better and scarier.

- Change the laser to a crosshair. I do not think the laser look bad but it takes a bit of immersion to the game. It would be very good in my opinion that you put a crosshair. But not one of those big crosshair but a dot, a small white to aim, like that from GTA V.

- "A darker game is always better". This is a great truth because it is proven that the darkness gives you much more stress to the player. Failure to see all around us really add suspense to the game. Perhaps at some point in the story the protagonist could find a flashlight. However it should have an infinite battery but the game would become very monotonous.

Thanks for reading this.
Mariscal  [developer] May 28 @ 11:58am 
Thanks again for your suggestions, definitely making use of a darker environment is in our list!
Stuurminator Sep 4 @ 3:26pm 
Currently, you move very slowly in aiming mode. This is fine; however, it is difficult to leave aiming mode and break into a run when in a hectic fight. I suggest that the player automatically leave aiming mode whenever they press the "run" button. This will make fights less frustrating (especially when fighting monsters that continue to attack for a few seconds after being lit on fire).

Also, it is difficult to ignite oil puddles when a monster is standing on top of it. I had a lot of difficulty in the first hall, when I was fighting monsters that could not be lit on fire, but did not have the sprayer filled with oil yet. I think the hitbox of the enemies are too large, so the flare I was trying to ignite the oil puddle with was simply hitting the monsters and disappearing. I suggest making the flare bounce off of monsters when they can't be lit on fire, as if the flare had hit a wall. This will make it more likely that the flare drops into the oil puddle on the ground and lights it on fire.
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