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The Tank Game
ttgdev  [developer] Nov 17, 2012 @ 11:49am
Reply to feedback and ideas
Reply to Meow from comments section
1----Rounds system.
Nice idea I will definitely put a system in so you can play stuff like best of 3 rounds or first to 3 wins etc.

2----Better weapon system:
****Cool downs on weapons.
The weapons already have cooldowns from firing but they are very short which makes the game quite fast paced and lets you execute quick combinations of weapons and abilities (teleport towards enemy, put up shield and fire rocket etc). If you made them quite a bit longer you may have to represent the cooldowns visually so you can check all the different cooldowns on yourself and other players and decide on what action to take, but this might be too much to keep track of and would slow the game down quite a bit.

****Limit weapon pick up
I am not sure what you mean with this one?

****Better ammo system
The current numbers for how much ammo each item contains have been changed over quite a lot of playtesting so I will probably leave the default values where they are for now. However I can make it so you can alter these numbers yourself from a menu when setting up a game.

3---- a light upgrade system:
****Pick up based upgrades:
I actually tried doing something like this but the problem is one player or team can then become far more powerful than the others. This can already happen to some extent when a player or team is able to control all the items on the map and prevent the other team getting any ammo but putting in the upgrades as well meant games could become very one sided.

****Round based upgrades:
This sounds like it could be very interesting. You would have to give everyone the same number of "upgrade" points regardless of their performance to stop one team / player pulling too far ahead similar to the previous point above. But as you say it would mean that matches could play out very differently depending on what upgrades people took and add a meta element which is very nice.

4---- Bigger menus, they look horrible on TV.
Ah I overlooked this since I have always played on monitors. I will add an option to alter the scale of the menus so hopefully you will be able to resize them to what's good for your setup.

5---- Variety of weapons and tanks.
I might add one or two more weapons but I don't want them to overlap too much with the current ones so I am not currently sure what function they would take.
After that you begin to run of of buttons on the gamepad and having to switch between weapons can be very awkward compared to having them all bound to different buttons so I would try and avoid it.

The game play revolves largely around using / controlling the different items that you pick up off the map so I don't think I would have different tank types limited to certain items / weapons. I was thinking however about having a system where a player can construct their tank out of a few different base components ( turrets , chassis etc) and different components could provide slightly differing stats (speed , health , ammo capacity etc).

Thanks again for the feedback :)
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Meowish Nov 17, 2012 @ 12:27pm 
*Limit weapon pick up:
I mean hording weapons, gives a major disadvantage to players with no weapons, especially from the build I played I thought cool downs were short. I think that weapons that can be carried should be limited to 2 weapons.

*Pick up based upgrades:
The upgraded weapon should be a 1 time use only, with higher difficulty to use etc.
In my teleportation example, lvl2 teleportation is much easier to use than lvl3, and lvl3 teleport should be short range etc..

*Round based upgrades:
I kinda took that idea from a game called grand class melee, if you have XBLA go and try it out! Its the best local 4 players indie game I played in AGES, if you are interested check out their site:

Variety of weapons and tanks:
This could work perfectly with the round based upgrades!

Over all, I should the game should have a "classic" mode where it is how it is right now and a new mode. in the "New mode" you start with weapons and only your upgrading and strategies will help you out.

Wish you all the best and I hope my advice helped you out into making this a better game!
ttgdev  [developer] Nov 17, 2012 @ 2:22pm 
*Limit weapon pick up:
Yeah the hoarding advantage can be tweaked in a number of ways by changing the weapons player respawn with or changing the respawn time of weapons on the map (is that what you meant by weapon cool downs? I might have got mixed up by thinking you meant the time you have to wait to use a weapon again after firing). I don't want to completely get rid of the hoarding as a strategy however. Some games like quake 3 revolve largely around hoarding the armors on the map and having to remember the times at which each of the armors respawn.

*Pick up based upgrades:
Oh yeah they would need to be limited use not permanently upgrade that weapon for your tank (until you die). You could also try having specific items on the map that when picked up can be used to upgrade on of your weapons for its next shot or something similar. It would be quite difficult to come up with 2 upgrade lvls for every item while keeping them all viable however.

*Round based upgrades:
Thanks I will go check this game out soon. The idea of round based upgrades could work really nicely!

Yeah I agree I will split this stuff into different game modes.

Thanks Yes this feedback was very helpful!
°Bonk° Jun 1, 2013 @ 3:23am 
ttgdev  [developer] Jun 3, 2013 @ 1:35pm 
@°Bonk° Word.
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